Renault Captur Prices Slashed by Rs 81000. To hurt Nissan Kicks rather Impact Hyundai Creta

Date: January 8, 2019

Renault India Slashed Prices of Captur by Rs 81000 to take on Upcoming Kicks 


Renault Captur Prices Slashed by Rs 81000 

"Hum to dubenge sanam, tumhe bhi le dubenge"

Renault Captur just completed over a year in Indian Market and what a terrible start for the car, as  leaving aside the launch month where sales was just over 1000 units in November 2017, it fell to sub 500 units from December 2017 and turned to lows of double digit sales in November 2018 and December 2018

So much so was that  Renault was offering in Rs 2 Lakh Benefits to sell Captur in 2018. With Nissan Kicks scheduled for launch in January 2019 and an excitement build up - Renault turned the tables by slashing prices of Captur

Here is the Price Cut on Captur Top End Models

» Renault Captur Rxt Petrol Dual Tone - Price cut from Rs 11.87 Lakh to Rs 11.46 Lakh - Rs 41000 Price Reduction

» Renault Captur Rxt Diesel Dual Tone - Price cut from Rs 13.27 Lakh to Rs 12.67 Lakh - Rs 60000 Price Reduction. Interesting Price difference in between Captur Rxl Diesel and Rxt Diesel Dual Tone is only Rs 20000 with host of differences in features including Alloy Wheels, Rear View Camera, Navigation, Contrast Roof Wrap with lot other styling differences

» Renault Captur Pristine Diesel - Price cut from Rs 14.06 Lakh to Rs 13.25 Lakh - Rs 81000 Price Reduction

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With this the New Prices of Renault Captur in 2019 as

» Renault Captur Petrol - Rs 9.99 Lakh to Rs 11.46 Lakh

» Renault Captur Diesel - Rs 10.99 Lakh to Rs 13.25 Lakh

Also Renault India Offering in Rs 1.25 Lakh Benefits as Rs 60000 Cash Discount with Rs 60000 Exchange Bonus and Rs 5000 Corporate Discount on left over MY 2018 Stock. This can certainly impact the prospects of upcoming Nissan Kicks launching in India is made on same B0 Platform as used in Renault Captur having same ground clearance at 210 mm  and even Diesel Engines would be same in both Captur and Kicks.

Although Captur looks reasonably priced but it would be difficult to overcome after a bad start. But the end result would rather hurt Nissan Kicks chances of success rather than Hyundai Creta.

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