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Do you Know Why Should you take Car Loan Instead of Buying Car on Cash

» Car Finance - Interest is calculated on Reducing Balance Method.

» Fixed Deposit - Interest is calculated on Cumulative Basis. Compound Interest Calculator is used

Live Instance - Interest Calculation

Below is Interest Rate Calculation for Interest Earned of Fixed Deposits Vis a Vis Outflow through Car Loan

   Amount  3 yr 5 yr 7 yr Flate Rate (rounded off)
Fixed Deposit @ 8.5% Rs. 3 Lakh 83,000 1.51 Lakh 2.31 Lakh 9% after TDS for 5 yrs
Fixed Deposit @ 8.5% Rs. 5 Lakh 1.38 Lakh 2.51  Lakh 3.85 Lakh 9% after TDS for 5 yrs
Car Loan @ 11% Rs. 3 Lakh 53,500 91,000 1.31 Lakh Around 6%
Car Loan @ 11% Rs. 5 Lakh 89,000 1.52 Lakh 2.19 Lakh Around 6%


Dont be Surprised : Interest is Compounded on Recurring Month on Month Basis in Fixed Deposit, while under Loan Repayment - Interest calculated on diminishing reducing basis on Principal Outstanding

Thus your Effective Flat Rate for Auto Finance will be lower than Fixed Deposit

To know Latest Interest Rates of month - refer Car Loan Interest Rates

Its Wise Choice to take Car Finance even if you having your Own Funds

Compare Car Loan Interest Rates with Loan Documentation

Major Banks and NBFCs Financing Auto Loan in India are - HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, State Bank of India, Axis Bank, Kotak Mahindra Primus, PNB Car Finance

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Car Loan Best Rate Quotes in Delhi


Segment Car Loan Interest Rates in 2019
Luxury Cars Range 9%
Executive Segment / Mid SUV 9.25%
Mid Sedan Segment 9.5%
Premium Hatchback / Compact Segment 9.5% - 9.75%
Hatchback 10%

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