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  1. Rajesh Subramanian
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Tuesday, February 02 2021
Dear Mycar helpline,

I need your valuable support for choosing a new car to buy,

My requirements are as follows,

1. My On road budget is 8.5 lakhs and at max, I can extend upto 9.00 lakhs if it's worth to extend.
My buying city is Bangalore.

2.My usage will be on highway monthly once to my native place (270 up and 270 down) total around 550 km.
Weekly around 30 km usage in city in week ends.
In native local usage in state highways monthly around 60 km. So total monthly usage would be around 800 km max. The above usage will be with 4 members, but native usage will extend to 5 members. So looking for 5 members car.

3. My other priorities are,

If I buy this car, I am going to keep this car for another 10 years. So looking for reliable car for next 10 years.

Since my usage is in High ways, I think the car should be safe.

My queries are,
1. Which segment will fit for my requirement?
Premium hatchback or Compact sedan or Base variants of Compact SUVs?

2. I started with Compact sedans and test driven Tigor,Aspire,Aura. But not able to choose any one..
Thinking to test drive Altroz and Magnite , Glanza G.

Please suggest me which car will fit for my above requirements? It need not be in above list.Please Suggest me which is reliable car for my above usage.

(Also please provide your suggestions if it's good to go with base variants of Compact SUVs for above requirements. If its very much worth, I will try to extend my budget.)

Note : Currently I own Maruti 800 which I bought as second hand car. It is 2004 model. It is not convenient for my usage. So I am planning to change my car.
Admin Accepted Answer

Yes, if you follow in
> speed limit
> do controlled speed drive
> Major Usage within city condition

then absolute car is safe.
As you are aware that Airbags was only available as a premium feature in top of line model variants few years backs. Thankfully - improved emphasis on safety led OEM to make it standard.

Rear Headrest yes is a sad part in Honda Cars, but for someone whose average height is 5'3" may not find it uncofortable
Jazz definite feel more sturdy

Lastly if you are flexible with Budget and ready to increase then Brezza Vxi, Urban Cruiser has in all to appeal as
> Safe
> Reliable
> Spacious
> More Engaging to drive

and superior dynamics.
To my view leaving aside interior aesthetics and plastic quality - Brezza / Urban Cruiser can be an excellent choice,

Hope should help !!

I will take test drive of Glanza and Brezza and then will take decision.
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Admin Accepted Answer

50% Usage on highway is a substantial usage.
If Hatchback is what on your consideration due to lot of space, features then consider checking out Toyota Glanza / Maruti Baleno will offer
> Peace of Mind Ownership
> Space
> Features
> Reliability

and some how steering feedback although not the best but certainly feel better than Hyundai I20 in Premium Hatchback Segment
Alternative to Maruti Baleno is Honda Jazz too which has
> Rather better steering feedback on higher speed
> Feel More Stable

Can consider Honda Jazz V Variant. Downside however is that service cost would be relative higher as has service interval which is every 6 month and somehow Honda spare parts may cost slight different than otherwise what felt in Maruti ot Toyota

Alternatively - Brezza Lxi is an excellent choice, Jack of all

Hope should help !!
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Thanks for sharing the video about the differences btwn Aspire and freestyle. I got the clear difference. As I have mentioned I need to consider this car for 3 people in rear, I feel freestyle will not fit for me.

Thanks for sharing the details about important features in Brezza base variant and your detailes about afermarket rear headrest gives me some confidence to go for Brezza base model. I will try test drive.

Meanwhile I discussed with my family about going for compact SUV, one small correction in my usage requirement. Year by year (from coming year onwards due to my kids school) my highway usage will be reduced. I can say instead of monthly 550 km. It will be reduced to 550 km per 2 months and city usage may increase by weekly 30 km to 70 km. Also 2 month once in native state highway usage may increase from 60 km to 80 km. So total average 630 km usage per month. In that avg 260 km in highway and will be in 270. Considering this I am also thinking whether compact SUV will be convenient for city and state highway usage. Sorry for changing my usage priorities. Please suggest me if compact SUV will fit for this usage or can I consider any of the hatchback.

If I can consider hatchback which one can I choose?

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Thanks for your quick response. I will be taking test drive of Glanza and Breeza and then will take decision.
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Admin Accepted Answer

In between Aspire and Freestyle pls refer

Its a myth to consider that maintenance cost would be higher
To make it easy to understand, the car like Brezza, Venue, Sonet are not real SUV but are pseudo SUV which are having
> raised ground clearance
> slight firm suspension to take on raised ground clearance to control body roll

Dont worry maintenance cost are fairly competitive
Please check on Car Service Cost

Please check on features :- Maruti Brezza Lxi . Despite been base model - this car is fair decent loaded.

Hope should help !!
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Thanks for your response.

I test driven Aspire, Driving is good. Only concern is rear space in less for 3 people and less features compared to Aura. Also I have seen the freestyle in showroom. The rear leg room is fine compared to Aspire. But I think freestyle rear is not comfortable for 3 people. So I am reluctant to go for Freestyle.

Is there any specific reason not to consider Aspire compared to freestyle?

I will try to take test drive of Brezza.

(1) But before that I wanted to understand within hatchback and compact sedan which will be good for this requirement. May be I could increase my budget for another 25 thousand.

(Because, (1) I feel going for suv may increase maintenance cost, (2) I am thinking is it fine to comporamize features by going with base variant.
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Admin Accepted Answer
Greetings !!

Considering average monthly usage where
> Majority 70% of drive on highways
> Reliability with Peace of Mind Ownership as key criteria

Well - basis usage important to note that should buy a car which comes with
> Wider Tyres which aids in superior grip on highway
> Impressive Steering Feedback so that high speed ride and handling should be good
> If ESP is available then aids on superior highway safety dynamics in emergency situation

Now Karnataka somehow has highest road tax rates in India which limits number of car options as maximum ex-showroom price of car should be under 7.5 Lakh - so that On road should not cross beyond 9 Lakh

Best Buy from Cars Driven so far
Of the existing lot in between
> Aspire
> Aura
> Tigor

a) Well Aura comes with much light steering and although is an excellent pick for city use, but for highway - not the best
b) Tigor is better but somehow engine NVH is on higher side and if you ask me from reliability perspective - i can not vouch on same

Somehow Ford Aspire is better pick from the cars you have driven so far.

Proposed One you considering
Of the other proposed cars you considering
> Altroz
> Magnite
> Glanza G.

Well Tata Altroz offers impeccable handling but somehow in Naturally aspirated Petrol Engine Performance is average,
Nissan Magnite - Limited Service network and the way Nissan cars out of Indian Market do not offer long lasting confidence. Add on Steering feedback which is just average

Yes Glanza relative has stiffer suspension and somehow offers good steering, space, reliability but safety is a question

My recommendation is :-
1. Explore Maruti Vitara Brezza Lxi : Despite Base Model offers
> Excellent Safety
> Spacious Cabin
> All Standard Safety, Styling, Convenience, Infotainment Features
> 1.5 Litre 4 Cylinder Petrol Engine is engaging in Performance
> Proven with 4 Star Safety Rating

Only Con is misses on rear seat headrest, try to find out choice to explore fitment from after-market.
Also yes as is Maruti - expect Plastic quality, fit and finish very average.

2. Ford Freestyle Titanium Plus Petrol: Just next to Flair Edition, Freestyle offers
> Best in Class Safety with 6 Airbags, ESP or can opt for Titanium Petrol too which will cost around Rs 8.5 Lakh and available with ESP
> Suspension Dynanics are impressive
> Even superior steering feedback
> Yes highway dynamics are better too
> Ford Naturally aspirated petrol engine feels better to drive in Engine NVH as against Tata 3 cylinder Petrol Engine

Downside : Not the best in Interior Aesthetics. Somehow limited space on rear seat and yes not as powerful as Brezza

3. If you seek Sedan then opt for Aspire but to my view - Freestyle is a better choice than Aspire if you going with Ford Car

So best buy
> Vitara Brezza Lxi
> Ford Freestyle Titanium Plus

Suggest to have test drive and share experience
Am sure these 2 are possibly superior choice for need, requirement

Hope should help !!
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