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  Saturday, 26 September 2015
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Xcent is 1 lakh cheaper then figo aspire because of hefty discounts. And if a buy any of these cars can I put 15 inch alloys with 185/65 R15. Will I lose my warranty.
1 year ago
I want to change tyre in my Hyundai xcent. In my car the tyre size is 175/60/15, and iwant to change it as 185/60/15, die to this my car will not given gooz mileage or mileage will increase?
What mean of Hyundai xcent Tyre 165/65R14 or 175/60R15 , can in replace R14 iron rim to R 15 alloy rim ?. If yes please give me alloy rim details.thanks
2 years ago
I have hyundai xcent 2019 model with tyre size of 165/65 R14 . I want to replace the tyre size with 185/65 R14.
What kind of loss I have face in term of average, running and balancing.

@admin: please suggest me.
5 years ago
I want to replace the steel rim with an silver cut alloy wheels for my xcent
5 years ago
Hai. I am Ram from Hyderabad and I have a x-cent 2018 model . I want to upgrade to alloy wheels. If I change what size I have to choose and it will influence any vechile warranty and maileage.
6 years ago
Want to replace my excent tyre 165/65 R14 with Kenda 175/65 R 14 82H is there any suggestion
6 years ago
I have Hyundai Xcent September 2014 model and after 40,000 Km has upgraded to 165/70/ R14 - Goodyear Duraplus.

Few Observation:
1. Ride Quality has improved. Pothole, rough roads and speed breaker bumps has smoothened out
2. Steering which was lifeless has now got some meat in it
3. Confidence on taking sharp turns in flyovers or twisting road in speed above 75 has increased. Previously with stock tyres never attempted doing it above 60
4. Initially felt the car has gained some height

This size seems to be an optimum mix so as not to damage the stock rack, pinion, pinion joints and tie-rods.

Completed 5000 kms post upgrade. No issue as of now
6 years ago
Hi, I have hyundai xcent 2015 model with tyre size of 165/65 R14 and want to replace the tyre size with R15. Please suggest me which size is good?
6 years ago
Hi, I have hyundai xcent 2015 model with tyre size of 165/65 R14 . I want to replace the tyre size with 185/65 R14 or 185/70 R14. Please suggest me which size is good and size?
7 years ago
@ Sp mathur,

Changing in only Front Tyres and that too with higher width with similar profile will increase in
> Tyre Circumference
> Tyre Height

Unless the suspension is designed in such way - such changes are Not recommended as it will create unevenness to car, been rear tyres are smaller than front tyres and will impact handling of car.

So - changing only the front tyres with higher up width is not recommended
7 years ago
I want to upgrade two front tyres of my Hyundai Xcent from 165/65/14R to 175/65/14R.Will two tyres of 175 in the front and two of 165 in the rear make any difference? Which tyres do you recommend?
7 years ago
@ Mayur,

Yes - at R14 175/65 Tyres in Xcent will
> Tyre Height will increase by almost 10 mm
> Tyre Circumference will increase by almost 40 mm

The overall impact yes will be marginal gain of couple of mm on ground clearance
Hope should help !!
7 years ago
Hi my car is hyundai xcent tyre size 165/65/14 . I want to replace the tyre 175/65/14 this is good for ground clearance?
8 years ago
@ Sushan

Generally Wheel replacement with Alloys does not void in warranty of Car as long as
> Steel Wheels are replaced with Similar Size Genuine Alloys
> Bought it from Authorized Genuine Workshop

However - as you considering option to
> upsize Wheels &
> upsize Tyres
and to a 15 Inch size R 185/65 as against stock size of 14 Inch R 165/65.

This is a gross mis-match size as it leads to much more distortion with higher than acceptable limit difference in circumference area - which will end up been
> Speed o meter error
> Suspension Lower arm & bushes worn out
> Body Roll and Braking Abilities

Hope would assist in !!
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