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  Saturday, 05 September 2015
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I have a Chevrolet beat that is 6 years old and run 69000 kms , 50000kms OK cng that I fitted from an authorised dealer in Mumbai. The kit is conventional and not sequential.

I have as of now decided to remove the kit from the car and run it on petrol for a couple of years before I sell it. The car is registered in thane rto with the cng endorsement on rc book. Please let me know the formalities and approximate expense around it.

Please help me a person also if possible who does the same.

8 years ago

You need to contact in any Authorized Vendor or the original fitment center or even your Car Workshop
They will remove / uninstall CNG Kit, connections from Air Box & Fuel System of the car. Its a pretty straight - forward process and may even buy back the Kit too.

In terms of charges - depends - generally around rs 500 to 600 is been charged for around 40 mins to 1 hour of work in removing CNG Fitment. RC Endorsement Official Fees is quiet less - but if going through agent - will charge in rs 1500 - 2000.

If you intend to sell Kit to direct customer then - Then the kit removed has to be stated and RC needs to be endorsed again - without CNG. For documents the retro fit center can assist you on it.
7 years ago
I went for purchase of Wagon R car
seeing the advertisement as Petrol
Car. However,when I saw the car
it had CNG. When I was not interested he removed CNG and
disconnected. He gave me Old RC
which states CNG Petrol.
Now, I want RC in my name
showing only Petrol and whether RTA will do this.
Kindly clarify.

6 years ago
I have vento car i have runned my car 68530 kms on cng so i want to remove cng kit from my car so what will be the disadvantages or bad efdects on the car
I am having a company fitted wagon r cng lxi version in Pune.i am planning to relocate my self to Bengal where cng is not available.can cng kit be removed? Can my car run fine after this?
4 years ago
V. Suri,

Get in touch with the owner and get the RC changed ASAP, else I tell you it will really be a pain in the ass. I am struggling for it for months.
The owner lost the CNG certificate, and had only the Plate which is of no use. If going through agent, it will create a hole in your pocket.
For transferring the car from Mumbai to Pune RTO, I had to pay 3500 extra because there was no CNG certificate (I could either cancel the CNG before getting NOC from Mumbai RTO or after registration gets transferred to Pune RTO, and the guy from Mumbai dint cancel it even after I told him to, plus I dint know it could cause such a big issue).

Now, after getting the name and RTO transferred (RC is still on the way), I came to know that you have to show your car with CNG 1st and then without CNG to the RTO. Now, the agent is demanding 10k for getting the CNG removed from registration. I had expected max Rs. 2500, but 10k is hell lot of money for this task. It doesnt matter if you dont get CNG cancelled from RC, no one usually asks. But you will have to get that done if you want to sell the car later or before renewal which comes in 15 yrs of car age. Plus in case of any other issue like accident or for claiming insurance, it will cause problems.
3 years ago

CNG Removal from ETIOS Model 2011 is good or not because Toyota Dealer told me for repair the engine head due to missing problem and remove the CNG for future Engine life.

Actully i dont want to sell my car for next 3-4 year, so can i use CNG after repair the head or remove it .

Please guide.
8 months ago
Replying to all those who want to remove CNG kit from the car:

"Please don't remove the cylinder from the car. Just use the gas available in the cylinder. Afterwards don't refill the gas and run on petrol entirely. This process will save you from all the statutory requirements. Also engine will remain in good condition. When you want to sell the car you are safe. If the purchaser of your car doesn't want CNG he will do the procedure.":)
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