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  1. Deep
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  3. Sunday, November 23 2014
I bought a used chevrolet spark and this warning indicator light all time and never gone away. I look at the user manual and it says
" CAUTION: • Do not drive with the malfunction
indicator lamp on.
The indicator lamp signals that your
vehicle has a problem that requires at-
tention. Driving with the malfunction
indicator lamp on can damage the
emissions control system and can af-
fect the fuel economy and driveability
of your vehicle.
Consult your CHEVROLET retailer to
repair the problem as soon as possible."

also this is written on it.
"The Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL)
will illuminate if a fault exists in the emis-
sion related components or related sub
It will stay on as long as the Electronic
Control Module (ECM) detects the fault.
If a severe misfire level is detected, the MIL
will blink continuously. Severe misfire can
cause catalytic converter damage.
Your vehicle’s electronic system will switch
to an emergency running program so you
may continue to drive."

Is it dangerous to continue driving like this. and is it expensive or give me an idea of repairing this? I have attached a picture of the indicator
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  New Delhi, Delhi, India
Admin Accepted Answer
@ Deep

The Warning Light on is : Check Engine Light

Is the Engine Light Blinking or is remaining Idle. If its Idle in that case -

a) Check for Fuel Cap - is it Tightly been closed or is loose to be opened. After closing it Tightly check again the Engine Light

b) Clogged Air Filter and Dirty Spark Plug - Did you checked on service history at time of buying car

c) Faulty O2 Sensor or EGR Valve Issue to Expensive Converter Issue in that case Car Dealer Workshop using its diagnostic tools can identify the issue

Note: If Engine Light is blinking - it indicates a serious Flaw in Transmission System - get Car Towed to Nearest Workshop without driving Car on Own - Engine Can get Permanently damaged - if car is driven on yourself

For More Information on Problems Faced in Cars - refer this Article covering Matrix & Solutions Prepared on:- Car Technical Problems

Hope should help in !!

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Manpreet Singh Accepted Answer
Engine warning light should not be there because it could be for any sensor & needs to be taken care of.
If you live in delhi, we can help you with this issue on your car.
you can call on 9555833302

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