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  Wednesday, 15 October 2014
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Actually I own a volkswagen Vento Highline diesel car 1600cc (MT). My car has only run 28000 kms and there was knocking problem in the engine after inspection of which they changed the injectors as they were covered in the warranty.

But now also the problem persists ANd there's an added problem A lot of smoke is coming from the tappet cover & oil gauge. One of my known mechanic has told that it is showing Back Compressor that are bad signs showing the inability of engine. Also from starting the noise from engine is excessive like a truck.

A mechanic from the company has said that the engine has to be opened to check the piston But I don't wan't to get it done as it has run only a small distance and you know it indicates some default in the engine.

So please tell me the Problem or if there is a manufacturing defect ?
9 years ago
Issue - 1
Are there any Engine Warning Lights also switch on in the speed o meter ?
Are you also experiencing some kind of Power Loss to the Car
Has Fuel Efficiency has also come down offlate

If answer is yes - Potential Issue could be a issue in Turbocharger - Even Power Loss coupled Excess Noise and Excessive Smoke (despite no Engine Warning Light) can be a potential issue to Turbocharger - Its an expensive affair to get Turbo repaired / changed

Issue - 2
Also - do check for Engine Mounts too - broken Mounts can cause an issue for heavy noise from Engine while starting the same. Though No Smoke as such comes - but still may check mounts

Issue - 3
Other Potential Issue could be Blocked EGR Valve - Blocked EGR can cause the same issue of Smoke, Noise and Deteriorating Engine Performance of car dips in - Cleaning of EGR Valve can help in reducing smoke, noise and enhancing car performance.

Turbo repair is a costly affair and the bill changing turbo Assembly run to Lakhs
Though Turbo do not fail as such -- unless a very rash drive done again and again else probability could be a manufacturing defect too.

Do Note for a Turbo Car :- Idling is most important thing
> After starting the car - one should not increase speed within the first minute and let the Engine Idled up
> After reaching your destination - one should wait for atleast 30 secs - so that Engine can be idled up and then to turn off the ignition
Refer to owner manual

Do Note: Sitting here and writing a reply - can only give estimates - basis our gathered info on common problems. These could be one of the reasons - or a car could have developed other issue. Still - may speak to service advisor on getting:-
> EGR Valve cleaned - to see if issue still remain
> and then for Turbo to be checked.

Also, get your car checked at alternate VW workshop too - for a getting a cause reason. Sometimes - having a 2nd opinion from another workshop too helps !!
9 years ago
Yes there is excessive noise coupled with power loss. The rpm is not rising above 3000. And in the starting engine warning light also appeared. So is there a manufaturing defect
9 years ago
Probability seems to be an issue with Turbo unit then
Cant comment whether a manufacturing defect or not, may be can check with warranty booklet - if it comes under warranty - to our view - it definitely is not a wear & tear item and should be covered under warranty.

Turbo can be caused a damage - due to x number of reasons - suggest to search Google for 'reasons for Turbo Failure'
You will get many articles with reasons for it

Still excerpt from one such article for reasons mentioned for Turbo failure (if thats the cause)

There are several main causes of turbocharger damage:


To work effectively, a turbo needs a constant flow of clean oil, and to keep your turbo in top condition, you need to ensure that you change the oil and oil filter regularly.

This helps to prevent the build up of carbon deposits and contaminants that can cause abrasive damage to the inside of your turbocharger, reducing its efficiency and causing irreparable damage over time. Fully synthetic oil produces the least amount of carbon.

Foreign objects

Sometimes, foreign objects like broken engine components, dust particles, small stones, dirt and leaves can enter your turbocharger, either via the compressor inlet or the turbine inlet.

These can then cause impact damage and abrasion to the compressor wheels and turbine blades, which will start to reduce the efficiency of the turbo. To prevent this happening, you need to ensure that your air filter is serviced regularly, and that you check your turbo for loose connections or debris.


If there are any leaks, cracks or poor seals between the compressor and the engine, the turbo will have to work much harder than it should have to increase this pressure. This will reduce the efficiency and boost delivered by the turbo.
7 years ago
You will be given a heavy estimate of 2.5 lakh before opening the engine and later a bigger amount the vehicle has been damaged as it was made to run with unusual engine noise this could be due to faulty injectors the VW people are always in denial mode either they are told not to rectify the fault in time knowing the problem or are experimenting at your cost they are fooling Indian customers for their financial gains I am filing a cases against them you can contact me at my mail id or call +919820289425
6 years ago
I have 1.5 vento tdi dsg
Having problem of fast downshift and also giving a heavy breaking jerk when shifting to 2nd gear
Please help me what to do
3 years ago
Dear Friends,
Can anyone help me to get contact details of Volkswagen Mumbai Area manager, I am facing huge problem with My volkswagen Vento with Authorized Service team From Nashik.
1 year ago
I have vento Tdi 2012 model my car has only run 39000 km there are problems like After washing the car engine the performance of the vehicle is increases. And if there is an engine full of dust, then the performance of the car goes down, why?
Can u help me
No engine light blinking or after scanning there are no problem detecting
1 year ago
I have Vento 2011 Highline model.
While driving there is warning sounds (3 Beeps) wih no warning lights. Anyone knows what is those warning alaram for and how to disable it?
1 month ago
2011 model vento 1.6 ltr tdi I am facing lot of pure white smoke coming from th exhaust pipe and pulling is too low 1.25 lak km driven and the engine is facing decomposition when I press acltr pedal lot of white smoke came out and engine makes vibration and a knocking noise but engine is ok in idIe One day I drive my car suddenly a knoking noise heard from hood after the noise pulling suddenly low after I went home smoking from exhaust i think head gasket is ok the coolent level is fine if injector or high pressure pump or turbo failure causes these problem ?
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