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  Saturday, 22 June 2024
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I am getting the same onroad price for both the cars i.e. i20 magna and Baleno Delta

I have very low running, my last diesel car did only 50k in 10 years. BTW I live in NCR so diesel is out of question.

I prefer to take Taxi for city commute, unless it’s an emergency or some family event like marriage, party etc where I have to stay for late night.

Maximum usage of my car will be on expressway/highways and on mountains. So ride quality, driving dynamics, safety(active and passive) and headlights throw is important for me. Sometimes I drive for straight 13-14 hours with only bio breaks, so I prefer car which can offer good comfort for long distance travel.

I test drove both and compared features of both the cars. Baleno offers some of the features I want but misses out on some and the same is true for i20 as well.

I don’t want to do any aftermarket installation except the reverse camera and that too only from agency.

Looking forward for your response.

Thank you,
3 weeks ago
Dear Ashwini ji,

Greetings !!
As i understand you have maximum usage on expressways, highways - let me tell you

1. Headlight throw is poor in both cars as both comes with basic halogen bulbs
So recommended to upgrade bulb with either - Osram Night Brekaer 200 or Philips Xtreme Vision Plus / Pro Bulbs to enhance visibility. Its easy plug and play and can be done in 2 minutes without need of any relay or separate wiring.

Check in bulb connector type in owner manual before buying (if doing online)

2. Maruti Baleno although excellent for city usage - but for highway use is what Hyundai I20 excels due to
> Slight more stiffer suspension
> Slight better steering feedback

Overall handling dynamics at higher speed are better of I20, however let me also disclaim that I20 pickup not as strong as Baleno - almost 1 to 1.5 second slower against Baleno - but that shouldnt be a deal breaker as car wont be used for racing sport

3. Stiff Suspension cars although not as comfy as soft suspension one (as in Baleno) but due to stiffened suspension - body roll is lesser, straight line stability is better and at same time I20 suspension is not excessive stiff too to be uncomfortable. Overall its a matured suspension and on highway / long distance you will find ride to be with lesser fatigue

4. Indeed Interiors of I20 feels more plush and upmarket and features like
> Highline TPMS infuses confidence to be aware of tyre pressure
> More fluid touchscreen system in I20 8 Inch one
> 6 Airbags infuses a bit of safety confidence if due to an unfortunate event of side impact
> You get Telescopic steering too for best of adjustment
> Foldable Key as against outdated key design of Baleno

5. Boot Space yes looks similar on papers but I20 boot space in real world conditions even feels smaller to carry luggage

6. Both are reliable, superior after sales - but if you are a long term owner can even take in 7 yr warranty in I20 (as against 5 yr one in Baleno) - again inspire more confidence

7. Lastly Styling, Bright interiors (as against Black claustrphobic interiors of Baleno) gives I20 an edge

To View: Should check out for I20 Magna as better pick for need of
> Highway drive
> More Styling
> Better Interiors
> More Practical Features
> Superior Handling aspect

Having said same - do upgrade in headlights, opt for 7 yr warranty (if long term user) to enhance in experience.
Should help !!
3 weeks ago
Thanks Gagan ji, Baleno has projector setup and after upgrade the headlight will be far superior in Baleno as compare to reflector based setup in i20.

I have ritz diesel and 3 things that bothers me the most is:

1. Poor headlights, even with high beam.
2. Rattling noise
3. Blind spot created by A pillar.

Will I be facing any of the above problems in i20 magna or Baleno Delta?? I am open to other cars under 8.5 lakhs, please let me know if you have any other suggestions.

Three things which are missing in i20 magna are rear seat headrest, defogger and projector headlights which is pushing more towards Baleno but at the same time Baleno doesn't have rear ac vent, driver armrest and 6 airbags.

Also, which car will be more comfortable on broken mountain roads??
3 weeks ago
Rai Sahab

Hi - i read your query and team inputs too
Let me add on some points to it

1. With beautiful expressways coming near NCR Zone - Cruise is a feature which should be there on essential list. Trust the convenience which will enjoy with cruise on these expressways will make the ride much more convenient

You selected in Baleno Delta and I20 Magna - somehow both variants miss it
Although Hyundai offering cruise in one variant up Sportz - but Maruti doing blunder by only restricting in in Alpha Trim
Cruise can add significant comfort while on the move on expressways

2. Indeed a big miss by Hyundai by restricting rear headrests only in top end trims - impractical decision by OEM

Still basis usage: I suggest to increase budget by 50K for I20 Sportz with reasons
a. You get Factory fitted camera with dynamic guidelines (you wont get guidelines in retro fitted camera making utility lot lesser) plus gets in driver rear view monitor too which can add convenience while taking turns to be aware of sudden high speed traffic coming.

b. Cruise Control - adds a signfiicant charm and convenience - trust its a big boon in present context in 2024 when expressways coming up - Delhi -Meerut, Delhi - Mumbai, Dwarka, Kundli one, Delhi - Dehradun, Yamuna one etc and lot more coming - simply dont ignore this feature when your primary usage on highways / expressway

c. Yes you get Rear Defogger with this variant - makes things lot convenient in December, Jan in Delhi or in hills to get rear windshield clean

d. Bigger 16 Inch Wheels with wider R16 195 section tyres which offers even more stable ride at higher speeds

e. Plus Auto Climate Control, Height Adjustable driver seat, Power Fold ORVM and other bits of styling elements with Gimmick of Cooled Glove box

Primarily for Cruise, Camera with Guidelines alonng with DRVM, Rear Defogger and wider tyres - this 50K deserves to be well spent over I20 Magna - be assured for same as once a car bought you going to spend in several years with it and on fraction of price - these features just cant be ignored for added safety and convenience.

Coming to Concerns
1. Headlights - Yes Baleno has projectors but again Halogen Projector, I20 Sportz will have reflector - still be assured Osram Night Breaker 200 is an excellent option as suggested and will enhance in night drive brightness

2. Somehow rear seat headrest - cant do anything from Hyundai end, but if you feel it a big issue then may check for after-market options & few videos - there are modifications which are possible to add in adjustable headrest on rear.

Having said same - Indeed I20 high speed handling, interiors and fit and finish feels superior to Baleno
So I20 is right pick for need.
3 weeks ago
Thank you Gagan ji, for your prompt response. Can Altroz XM+ be considered. I have heard lot of negative reviews about Tata cars and bit hesitant about buying them, as I am planning to keep my car for next 15 years.
3 weeks ago
Naah Ashwini ji
Altroz although an excellent car from handling, build but biggest con still lies in pickup
This 1.2 Litre, 3 cylinder engine although tuned well in BS6 phase2 for day to day drive in city usage - but for highway car
> Pickup feels sluggish post 60 kmph - overtaking is not inspiring unless downshift gear in which noise level will increase further
> Higher Engine Noise, vibrations at speed
> Cabin Insulation are Poor
and yes cant expect similar level of reliability and peace of mind as whats there in Maruti, Hyundai, Toyota range

Best regds
3 weeks ago
Thanks, Gagan ji for clarifying. Let me rephrase my question in a different way.

I really don't want to spend too much on a car, but at the same time, I want it to meet my needs. Here are my expectations for my future car in order of priority:

1. Reliability
2. Safety
3. Seat comfort + ride comfort  + good ac  (Comfort on terrains like: broken city roads, mountain roads, ghats and long drives on expressways)
4. Ownership experience. I have Maruti and SC guys always try to inflate the service bills, and sometimes the service experience is below par.
5. Occasional Ride by seniors family members. Which car will be more comfortable for senior members of family. I once shortlisted Ignis purely because of this criteria, but it looks ugly and rear seat is bit cramped.

I couldn't find any car within my budget(8.5 lakhs approx) that meets the above listed criteria especially the 5th one. Feel free to recommend any car that I may have have missed. I don't like looks and refinement of punch and Tata service experience is also poor. I heard Exter's suspension is not tuned for highway and they bottom out on heavy load.

Thank you,

P.S. I really don't want to stretch my budget of 8.5 lakhs(approx).
3 weeks ago
Ok, Pls find inputs

1. Avoid Ignis for need as specified.
Suspension is on stiffened note and although GC is raised to clear bad patch one, but will find ride firm on broken roads
Even if compared against Wagon R
> Yes space is limited
> Rear Looks are ugly

and the way Maruti improved Wagon R in fine tune up along with New Swift, Baleno - theres nothing for IGnis now

2. Understand in concern for Tata Punch

3. Hyundai Exter is a raised GC Car and although an excellent one for city use - but again dont expect too much on bad patch roads on fully loaded

Considering need for a car
> where comfort on bad patch roads
> Senior members to drive in with easy ingress, egress
> Reliable, Fuel Efficient
Closest match in 8.5 Lakh Price in Delhi - Maruti Fronx Sigma and add in Music System with Camera as dealer fitted accessory.

Why Fronx Sigma
> Much Better Tuned suspension - one of the best suspension in under 10 Lakh Price
can take on bad patch roads at ease without been too firm to pass in cabin, yet fair balanced one to soak and clear at ease

> 190 mm Ground clearance is sufficient for most of the roads

> 1.2 Litre, K12N 4 cylinder engine - sufficient for day to day usage (not exciting but yet not underpowered(. Refined engine with very low Engine Noise, Vibration

> Fair easy Ingress, Egress for Senior Members of family. Infact will love in all round experience in terms of light clutch, easy pickup, smooth gear shifts . Plus you get ESP, Hill Assist and Rear Defogger even in base model

> You get near every essential feature :- Auto Climate Control, Power Steering with Tilt, Remote Central Lock, All 4 Power Window, Projector Headlight, Wider 16 Inch Steel Wheel with R16 195/60 Tyre with Full Wheel Cover.
Simply add in MGA Touchscreen Music system with camera and 4 speakers - can be done in around 25K to 30K price (depending on infotainment). The consumer offer is 20K + 3000 Accessories on Fronx Sigma - can use same to get system, camera installed in

To view if would like to restrict budget and seek a best buy basis need for Senior Members, road conditons - Fronx Sigma is what should go ahead with (only big con is that Fronx Sigma comes with Manual ORVM as against Electric ORVM in Delta)
3 weeks ago
I forgot to mention that I am buying through CSD and Delta model of Fronx is falling within my Budget.

But deep down I feel i20 sportz is a better value for money at 8 lakhs. At the same time my wife is pushing me to buy Baleno Delta AGS
3 weeks ago
Jai Hind !!
I understand confusions are there while selecting best.
Hence referred in best - pls experience Fronx and Delta yes will come in 8.5 Lakh budget in CSD - else kind check out I20 Sportz as originally referred - selling at similar price of Fronx Delta (with high dealer discounts)

So - Pls experience Fronx Delta

Rest AGS is different - are you looking for a 2 pedal car ? as you specified max highway usage - AGS wont make much difference, still I20 Sportz with cruise is there which makes things lot easy.

So - suggestion is - Fronx Delta (basis bad patch roads, better tuned suspension) / I20 Sportz (for impressive Features)
Should help !!
3 weeks ago
I have scheduled test drive of Fronx. The reason for considering the AMT is because of my wife. When I am on some deputation she will be doing most of the driving and she is more comfortable with automatics(AGS). Although I don’t like the jerks of AGS.
2 weeks ago
Hello Gagan ji, I took test drive of Fronx, seemed pretty much like Baleno except the rear seat. The headroom is very limited in the rear seat and not suitable for anyone above 6 feet. I am 6 feet 2 inchs and can't keep my head straight in the rear seat. I have to exclude this from my list.

If I increase the budget to 10 Lakhs, do you have any recommendations that fits the need?

Also, another question should I take loan or pay upfront. Which one makes more financial sense?
2 weeks ago
Hello Ashwini ji,

Regret hear in experience. Unsure if you mentioned height earlier or overlooked my me.
Somehow from headroom perspective some of the best and brief comments listed
> Wagon R - has body roll at higher speed and would be like downgrade from Ritz
> Exter - Decent choice for city roads, but for bad roads and fully loaded cant recommend
> I20 - has low base seats but Asta Option will rear seat adjustable headrest can be near perfect for need
> Renault Kiger - after sales is challenging
> Nissan Magnite - after sales, poor handling at higher speeds is a big concern

Other cars
> Punch - again has limited space on rear and would like brushing head
> Baleno - do not feel as spacious on headroom as in I20 - reason is I20 seats placed slight low. Ingress and Egress in Baleno is better but headroom would still be a challenge
> Altroz - although a 6'2" one will just be sitting on rear by taking a slide position and excellent handling at higher speed, but 3 cylinder engine pickup, Tata After sales, peace of mind ownership can be bit challenging

So - there comes next segment cars
> Venue / Sonet - Will pick Venue over Sonet but again with the kind of budget will get Venue in 1.2 Lit Engine which do not justify in real potenntial of this car and to view I20 Asta Option feels better package over Venue
> XUV3x0 - not available in CSD as of now
> Nexon - again limited space due to sloping roof and ingress, egress issues for senior members
> Maruti Brezza Vxi Petrol - although will love in comfort, space but high speed dynamics are poor - poor steering feedback on higher speed

So End choice
Basis cars as listed if looking to exceed budget and looking for a car from
> Headroom perspective
> High Speed Dynamics been suspension on stiffened note
> Features
> Superior Reliability Factor

will pick I20 Asta Option, although N Line too there but rear seats are having fixed headrest and unsure if N line N6 available.

Also, another question should I take loan or pay upfront. Which one makes more financial sense?

Depends, if you are in business or has better stream to deploy funds for higher returns may consider loan
But do note that Interest rates are near all time highs, and likely to cool up in 2025

So not best time to take short term loan (3 yr) if having ready funds, unless having a better stream to deploy money.
2 weeks ago
Hi Gagan ji, I feel Fronx's suspension is better tuned than Baleno, is my understanding right?

Furthermore, will I be able to get discount on CSD pricing? Showrooms are offering huge discount on Baleno and i20 but they said can't offer any discount on CSD pricing.

Last, and most important thing, my wife is pushing me towards Automatics. I almost finalized i20 sportz manual, but as mentioned above my wife will also be driving the car and she wants me to purchase automatic.

Baleno Zeta AGS onroad costing me 8.60 lakhs: Not a proper automatic and also misses out on cruise control. But 70 thousand cheaper than i20 sportz ivt.

i20 sportz ivt onroad costing me 9.30 lakhs : Proper cvt transmission but heard that it gives poor fuel economy.
1 week ago
Gagan ji, still waiting for your response. I am going to book Baleno Zeta AGS. Please let me know if there is a better car under 9 lakhs.
1 week ago
Regret delay - so you decided to buy :- 2 Pedal Car
where in you specified in need that :Maximum usage of my car will be on expressway/highways and on mountains"

a. Baleno although an excellent buy for city usage but at higher speed - suspension and steering feedback do not inspire as much feel feedback as in I20

b. No Cruise is a deterrant

My Recommendation would still be I20 and in Sportz CVT offers
a. Cruise Control (a big miss from Maruti by not offering Cruise in Zeta even)
b. Better Tuned Firm suspension on higher speed
c. More Premium Interiors, Features
with only big con is lack of adjustable headrest on rear.

Yes - You wont enjoy as good fuel efficiency as in Baleno - but still if can manage cruise at speed of 80 to 90 can indeed touch in 17 Kmpl+ easily,

Rest - pls have test drive and experience - although I20 IVT to my view looks better suited for your all round need but still it ends down to you to take a final call basis your final drive and seating experience in both cars.

Best regds
1 week ago
Thanks Gagan ji, I already took the test drive of sportz ivt, It gets very loud when I give it gas, I guess it’s typical behaviour of CVT. Whereas when I drove Baleno in manual mode the jerks are minimal and acceleration is inline with engine noise/rpm.

Is Fronx’s suspension suitable for highway?
Will it be better choice in comparison to i20?
1 week ago

CVT as transmission is ideal when driven with relaxed foot and if you seek sudden response - best to override in manual mode to downshift gears in a tiptronic way

Having said same - unfortunately no paddle shifters and no sports mode in I20 IVT

Coming down to Queries
Is Fronx’s suspension suitable for highway? - not to enthusiast taste, but yes definite better than Baleno and overall handling dynamics of car is better on higher speed against Baleno. Let me tell you that Fronx in interior although looks like Baleno but difference is in driving dynamics

Will it be better choice in comparison to i20? -
Rather than better - pls understand what the need is.
a. If Headroom is a challenge as you referred in height
b, Budget Factor as specified where in you do not feel like getting overboard

then Fronx AMT will be out of context, before driving comes in fact about seating comfort and basis height as mentioned and if you to occupy rear seat or has taller members to sit on rear then Fronx wont meet in need.

So hopefully should help in shortlisting best car for need basis all inputs as shared about different cars to best of your discretion.
1 week ago
Yes Gagan ji, Fronx AMT is out of context based on the budget I mentioned. But if I am ready to further extend my Budget will Fronx AMT is better choice than i20 cvt?

P.S. Rear seat headroom won’t be a concern as I will be occupying the driver or co passenger seat.
6 days ago
But if I am ready to further extend my Budget will Fronx AMT is better choice than i20 cvt?

P.S. Rear seat headroom won’t be a concern as I will be occupying the driver or co passenger seat.

Indeed Fronx is recommended over Baleno basis
> Usage of Highway where suspension dynamics are better
> Slight Better Handling

But Baleno offers higher features at lesser price
So - depends on how flexible you are - to my view driving dynamics, suspension plays a higher role - thats why earlier recommended I20 / Fronx basis highway usage as specified (Baleno is excellent for city but for high speed handling - feels average against I20, Fronx)

Should help !!
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