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  Sunday, 09 June 2024
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Below are all the pointers and queries: Budget 10 lakh max 12 Lakh (On Road)

1) Mileage and safety highest priority
Twice a week travel of 45 km per day to Office,which may vary in future(90km in total,Taloja to Ghansoli location to be precise) I stay in Navi Mumbai.Maybe some weekend drives with family which would contain travel within Maharashtra , no inter state travels.

2)Need all necessary features wrt to:
Safety : Airbags/Build
Parking sensors and cameras
Arm Rest
All power Windows
Ample Boot space
Infotainment systems : Speakers and Infotainment screen
Start/Stop Button

3)Spacious enough for usually 4 but sometimes 5 ppl(Although Office travel would be alone)

4)Reliability is must as you can see that the location that I stay , service centers can be far.

5)Compact SUV preferrable

6)Although this will be a new car process ,in case the dealer gives a 2023 model with good discount , should I go ahead or ask for the fresh batch one's?

7)Recommend the NA or the Turbo versions please

Optional : AMT - I know AMT in this budget is difficuilt with my requirements
Can wait for a month or two for the car

No TATA products please.Seen many ppl complaining about it.
One of my family members have Kiger so dont want the same one

Its my first car, so not sure if above things would fit in the budget I gave or not. I cant give you much description of how much its city or highway travel but you can assume it with the office route that I have given.I may be wrong , but with that said , I think mileage should hold a good importance in the car buying process.

Cant go for second hand cars

Cant extend budget above 12 lakh.
1 week ago
Dear Aditya Sahab,

Sure, let me summarize in need to assist you best

a. Expected monthly usage of 500 to 600 Kms with primarily solo drive along with few weekend trips with famly in short vicinity

b. Need of
> Spacious and Comfortable car for atleast 4 members
> Safety goes simulaneously in hand with build along with active and passive features
> Reliability along with after sales basis location
> Compact SUV as design is what desired

c. Additonally acceptable Mileage along with no Tata, Renault and possibly no Magnite too (as is rebadged Kiger)

d. If can have AMT car would be excellent

all in budget of under 12 Lakh On Road in Maharashtra

Well - basis all : Best buy for need - Maruti Fronx Delta Plus O AMT

Why Fronx Delta Plus O AMT
a. Its a 2 Pedal Car with absolute convenience for drive in
b. Highly Reliable as proven by Maruti Suzuki in there 1.2 Litre Engines and even fuel efficient too with expected mileage of 14 to 15 kmpl in city and near around 19 to 20 kmpl on highway (can expect same after 5000 km)
c. Pretty Spacious Car for 4 Adults and 1 Kid - you will be pleasantly surprised by the kind of legroom and shoulder room as offered in it (headroom space is slight restricted yes for tall members)
d. Now Fronx Delta Plus Option AMT is introduced few weeks back and this model is what equipped with 6 Airbags (as against Delta Plus with just dual airbags) along with ABS EBD, ESP and Hill Hold Assist too
e. Gets all essential features including - Auto Climate Control, Power Steering with Tilt, Remote Central Lock, All 4 Power Window Power Fold ORVM, LED Headlight with LED DRL,16 Inch Alloy Wheel (Painted Alloys) 7 Inch Smart Play Pro PLus Touchscreen with Android Auto, Apple Car Play with 4 Speakers having USB, Bluetooth
f. Can add Rear View Camera as Nexa Genuine Accessory for Rs 6000 with display in infotainment system. Amrest can be addeed as aftermarket accessory
g. Boot Space although not very large still practical at 308 Litres and with 60:40 Split seat can even enhance same
h. Road Presence, Styling, Interiors, Suspension are all great for this crossover.

a. No Spare tyre with this variant (as comes with Tyre Repair Kit, but can buy same as accessory at dealer end)

Rest - at the price point at which Maruti Fronx Delta Plus O AMT Comes at 11 Lakh on Road with 5 yr Warranty and Zero Dep Insurance (post dealer end discounts) would be a great deal.

Suggest to check it out and test drive.
1 week ago
Thank you for the response Sir.
I agree its a good car , but isnt the build quality of Fronx an issue?
Also, does it have a Power start / stop button?

I saw that there is XUV 3XO AX5 Manual Transmission at some 12.7 Lakh.
Will it be worth to extend it till 13 Lakh to buy 3XO if I dont buy Fronx.
I am a little skeptical about the build of Fronx
Please advise
1 week ago
Sure, let me answer that.

If you are apprehensive of Safety due to build quality - let me tell you safety of a car is determined (in descending order of highest preference)
> Speed of Car
> Seat Belt
> Driver Skills by following speed limit, distance, lane drive approach
> Active Safety as ABS, ESP, Braking, Wider Tyres
> Passive Safety as Airbags,
> Then comes the Build Quality

For cars which comes with 5 star by Global / ASEAN NCAP - are what tested at 64 Kmph
Higher the speed - steeper the risk to accident. So, the same car if crash tested at 80 Kmph speed can falter to 1 star or 2 star rating and no car can survive if done at 100 Kmph speed

Having said same - in no way am saying that build is tertiary but not to be too much obsessed with build alone.
At same time - Maruti Suzuki revamped structural integrity of car - when they launched new baleno in 2022 and car with improved safety of 6 Airbags, ESP, Wider Tyres feels to be as safe if follows in speed limits with seat belt worn in front and rear.

Rest - Mahindra XUV3x0 - feels definite superior in performance, safety and feature factor but Mileage, reliability and after sales - cant expect the same level as in Suzuki. Also availability is slight a concern of lower variant trims.

Still - be assured XUV3xo is a fantastic buy from performance, fun to drive, features, lifestyle experience.

Hope should help !!
1 week ago
Thats great, probably my last question.

Ohkay , final verdict, if you were in my place.

Your choice and final choice as per the requirements stated :
Fronx Delta Plus Optional AMT
Mahindra XUV 3XO AX5 Manual Transmission(1 month waiting as per the dealer)
1 week ago
What will be your final verdict , if you were in my place with the above requirements:

Fronx Delta Plus Optional Automatic
Mahindra Xuv 3xo AX5 Manual
1 week ago
Is the boot of Mahindra really very small?
1 week ago
My question is not getting posted you writing again:

What would be your final verdict as per my stated requirements:
Xuv 3XO AX5 Manual
Fronx Delta Plus Optional AMT
1 week ago
So if you are in my place , with all the mentioned requirements, you would go for:
XUV 3XO AX5 Manual
Fronx Delta Plus Optional
1 week ago
Aditya ji,

Pls test drive and experience

Fronx Delta O AMT: is a 2 pedal car with convenience of drive and ideal for those who seek convenience with relaxed drive, reliability, after sales, better mileage and end price after discounts will be like 1.5 Lakh lower than XUV3xo Ax5 Manual with almost immediate availability.

XUV3xo Ax5: Beast in Performance, lot more fun to drive, SUV feel to it, Higher Features, Better Build and SUV Dynamics to it. Dream car for performance enthusiasts who seek fun to drive with Unmatched Build. However to get same - have to pay higher price and is ofcourse a Manual Transmission with waiting period ranging from 4 month to 6 months

Its individual preference to experience on what one seek.

Should help !!
1 week ago
My family and myself loved XUV 3XO , finally booked it (AX5).I have attached the cost sheet.Is the insurance too high? Its 1 + 3 years.











1 week ago
Congrats !!
Pls check on Insurance part - in no way should be more than 4% of price of car even after Zero Dep Policy

Do take Online quotes and compare in to negotiate with dealer on same or take in Online Policy
Secondly - do take in writing about tentative delivery date

Best regds
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