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  Monday, 25 March 2024
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I’m a civil engineer and on a high managerial position in Punjab. My monthly drive is 2000 kms including 40% city and 60% highway driving. Also due to my work I have to travel to remote site locations which are often situated on kaccha road. The site visit can vary from once per month to daily for a month depending on project. I currently drive a 2015 model Swift VDI which I want to change for a bigger car with all the features to enjoy.

I have two options in Mind and can’t decide:
1. Buy a new car on loan( budget around 10-13 lacs) options are:
I) Maruti Fronx delta plus: I like the design and mileage but safety and same interior as Baleno is a downside. (We have the new Baleno at home)

Ii) Hyundai Venue S Petrol: Low mileage is an issue though I like the design and interior quality of the car. Also the car has to go for off roading and high maintenance of Hyundai is scary for off roading.

Iii) Brezza ZXi or Grand vitara Sigma or Hyryder E: I like all 3 of these cars. Mileage is good and exterior is fine but again the part sharing of Maruti and low quality interior is not making me feel to pay 13 lacs for these.

Or 2nd option is to buy used car :

i) Ford Ecosport titanium plus 2017: 50000 driven and it’s with my known person. Local number. Service record etc is available. The car is in very good shape. Ask 6 lacs (I think 5-5.5 should be more than sufficient)

ii) S-cross Zeta 2018: DL registered with NOC, 60000 driven. Good condition for 6 lacs

iii) Ford Ecosport 2019: DL registered 70000 driven, Titanium model ask 5.5 lacs

iv) Brezza diesel 2018: PB no., 1 lakh driven, ZDI+ for 8.5 lakh

I’m confused between these options kindly help.
Also I am 26 year old single person living alone in a small town of Punjab and this car is mostly a requirement for work should I buy a new car or go for old diesel one for better mileage and low maintenance and depriciation?
If new which car do you suggest preferably under 10 lakh and If old which car should I look for. Also buying Ford vehicle is sensible as Ford is returning to India?
4 weeks ago
Jain Sahab,

Gone through post.
See basis the fact that average monthly usage to be slight higher at 2000 Kms (or close to 25,000 Kms a year) - a Diesel car could be perfect fit for need.

But the way -
a. Car Prices increased in new Car Segment in last 2 yrs
b. Diesel cars out of market in budget segment

leaves you with very limited choices in new car market

Secondly - a good maintained Diesel car 4 to 5 yr old can be great pick for need as
a. Depreciation percent would be highest in initial year
b. Chances are that car is serviced at company authorized workshop / maintained and with replacement of wear & tear items can do wonders in value proposition

Basis the details as shared
I Stronly recommend to check out
1. Used S Cross Zeta Model
2. Used Ecosport Titanium Diesel 2019

Why not Ecosport 2017 - a major facelift was done to Ford Ecosport in 2017 end and if its pre facelift model - recommended to skip and consider in 2019 model

S Cross
Flagship model of Maruti Suzuki at that point of time with
a. Decent Build
b. All 4 Disc Brakes
c. Good Spacious Interiors with recline rear seats, 60:40 split
d. Evergreen Fiat Multi jet Diesel Engine with 90 PS Power yet fuel efficient
e. Near all necessary features including touchscreen, camera, Alloys, Cruise, Defogger, Live Android Auto / Apple car play along with essentials of power steering, power window, keyless entry etc

a Great all round reliable car and can prove decent if maintained well
Adding on if you decide to sell after 4 yrs can still recover 3 basis car condition - much lesser depreciation as against New Car

Alternative is Ecosport 2019 - but the biggest issue with Ford cars as of now
a. Lead time to procure spares
b. Limited Workshop Network
c. Asking price is higher - should negotiate in sub 5 Lakh zone
d. Dont count on Ford reentry - as its just at very initial stage and would be pitched towards Endeavour, Mustang and luxury rang - and still at very nascent stage.

To view: By Negotiating price of 5.5 Lakh (if can get it done) and if you are able to get in timely Serviced S Cross Diesel - a great choice as by spending more towards :-
a. New Tyre set - 18K to 20K
b .New Battery, Wiper blade, Brake Pads + Major service of Car including lubrication, brake clean and all oil / fluids change - 20K
c. Interior Dry clean - 3K
d. Adding on Dashcam, TPMS / Tyre Inflator accessory - 5K

and another Rs 50K to 60K for re-registration cost and Insurance
can give a mid Segment car with superior fuel efficiency and great build at just Rs 6.5 Lakh - a great proposition.

So - My recommendation
1. Used S Cross Zeta Diesel
2. Used Ecosport Titanium 2019
as best fit provided service records are available and you arrange to get car inspected at company workshops to rule out any major issues.
Additionally - Try to limit in loan need as interest rates on Used cars is higher.

Should help !!
3 weeks ago
Thanks for this insight. I’m definitely going to see the S-cross. I have one more doubt. I was thinking of looking into fronx twin of Toyota which is rumoured to be launched in 3-4 days. Is that a good option or should I just buy scross be happy?
3 weeks ago
For need as referred of 2000 Kms montly usage - Used S Cross Zeta looks much better provided
a. Service History is verified
b. Is non-accidental and car is thoroughly inspected to rule out surprise element
c. Able to negotiate price closer to 5.5 Lakh

Should help !!
2 weeks ago
I tried negotiating for 5.5 but the scross is costing 6.5 lakhs minimum. Also, I found a Brezza VDI 2017 for 6 lacs in my city, 50000 driven and first owner with service history.
Is it a good option?
I wanted to have all the features but can compromise if it’s a very good deal.
2 weeks ago

Too high price for 7 yr Old Used Brezza Vdi Diesel in Punjab
Somehow On road price in 2017 was under 9 Lakh (to be precise 8.6 to 8.7 Lakh range as on road)

It means that previous owner used the car for near 50% of life and selling at just 30% depreciation
Even there can be added expenditure in form of Tyres, Battery, Brake Pads & other wear & tear items

No way price should be more than 5 Lakh even if excellent maintained (ideal one is 4.6 to 4.75 Lakh).
So is an overpriced offering.
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