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  Saturday, 10 February 2024
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Hi Gagan and the team,

My Query

Apologies for a long query here. Let me give an overview first.

About me and family
Me : I am 34 years old. I am a working professional in global MNC in the sports industry, Gurgaon, currently working on a hybrid model where I need to travel 15 km/day 3 times a week for work. I drive myself. My height is 6 feet 2 inches. Total driving experience: approx 60000km
Wife: My wife is also a working professional. She has learned to drive but she doesn't drive as we have one car and her office complex has limited parking space and she doesn't have any parking space available. Mon-Fri daily office. Daily travel by cab/auto 20 km. Height - 5 feet 2 inches. Total driving experience: 500 km
Parents: My parents don't drive. My father is a retired senior govt official and my mother is a housewife. My mother has trouble with knee pain and flat foot issues. Father's height is 5 feet 11 inches. Mother's height: 5 feet 2 inches

We are currently living in a housing complex on a rental basis.

In two years, we will move to our own house flat in a housing society that is being constructed, our travel will increase to about
My travel: 36km/ day 3 times a week. May get 5times/day
My wife : 50km/ day 5 times a week


Tata Punch Accompliced MT -2021 purchased at the time of launch
Had previously driven Baleno (sigma petrol - modified in the showroom to add all the features) for 5 years. Sold out. Had an accident caused due other driver led to increased concerned about safety and that i might not get another chance.

Things we don't like about Punch

1. With a punch, had space issues in the cabin as I needed to pull back seats for me to fit in the driving seat. The rear passenger felt cramped especially, after having Baleno which was very spacious.Under thigh support rear passengers is also an issue.
2. Underpowered, when fully loaded on hills. Had an unpleasant experience when the vehicle was losing traction and was rolling back on the way to hotel on hill station as i had to break for some other vehicle.

Things I like about Punch

1.5 star safety
2. Rear camera with guidelines and parking sensors -works great together
3. compact size - easy to drive, maneuver and park
4. Seating posture and visibility - Nice visibility and posture on front seats
5. The sound quality of the speakers is just amazing

My passion
I love to travel though I have traveled very little due to a corporate job, you get limited long leaves. But i would like to start exploring more. I have always been fascinated by automobiles. I love mountains. I watch videos of off-roading alot. I love 4x4 videos.

So that got me thinking as to whether should i buy a SUV that can do off-road. At the same time, I feel like if I buy an offroader - it would be so uncomfortable for my parents. I want them to come join in all my travels

Expectation from the new car (will like to keep Punch as wife insists that she will drive in future once she has parking space at her office)

- Safety
- comfortable for my tall height
- comfortable for my parents
- can do off-road (have 4x4) (how much off-roading can a corporate employee actually do in a year)
- if can have automatic, as Gurgaon traffic is getting terrible day by day and since my daily travel will increase.
- Sufficient reliability that as a middle class, i don't regret my decision whole life but open to slight inconvenience.
- Able to park in basement parking in housing society and malls as these have pillars and it becomes tight to park.


- I have booked multiple Mahindra SUVs over past 1.5 years. Initially was going all out to XUV 700 AX7L Petro AT then when i bought house I have reduced the budget
- Then booking Scorpio-N Z4 Petrol MT, Scorpio Z4 P AT, XUV700 P MX
- Then confusion crept in, it is manual - Scorpio-N Z4 Petrol MT, XUV700 P MX and also not 4x4 .
- Then canceled Scorpio Z4 P AT after the recent price increase, thinking price is too much
- Got offered Scorpio-n Z4 Diesel 4x4 - wife rejected it because it's manual, diesel (in ncr) and expensive
- Now, currently booked Thar LX diesel RWD. Logic - longer city travel- diesel would be beneficial. RWD with AT typres can do some offroading.

What should I do-
There is no urgent need for vehicle. it is only automobile and off-roading passion driving me

a. Should i wait for two years and get an EV (for long travel) once i move to new flat and fulfill my 4x4 desires via booking expeditions like Mahindra Adventure
b. Should i get xuv700 mx petrol and fulfill my 4x4 desires via booking expeditions like Mahindra Adventure
b. Try to stretch my budget and get Scorpio-n Z4 Diesel 4x4
c. Try to stretch my budget and get Scorpio Z4 P AT - My parents liked its comfort on test drive
d. Continue with Thar rwd Diesel My mother was not able to climb even on front seat - I didn't had a test drive but i know what i can expect from this
e. Go to Jimny get AT - My father had complaints about under thigh support in the rear seat and front passenger was tightly fit together
f. wait for Thar 5-door.

The budget is around 15 lacs.

Rohit Kumar Singh
One other option is thar p manual 4x4from spinny at 12.55 lakhs for 44k run car

You may add any other suggestion.

Should I leave the off-roading thing and get something city and highway friendly and safe or drop car buying plan for now.
1 week ago
Dear Rohit,

Appreciate sharing in exhaustive details of need, requirement and challenge areas - as will help to answer in one go

1. As you agree that Cars are no more a mobility solution but turning to be part of our lifestyle - once you are in stable job, family - its natural to move toward upgrades in terms of self owned house, a car which meet desire of man inner self of SUV, Off road, power, yet one which is comfortable for family

2. I appreciate that you decided to set a budget for need and look for a Value SUV without moving solely in temptation of 25 to 30 Lakh budget like XUV700 Ax7 L Auto

Coming to Need
1. Avoid cars like Jimny, Thar or upcoming 5 Door Thar - as rear seat will remain a challenge for family. Been - these are strict 4 seater and somone who will sit behind you will find driver seat to be pushed on extreme back limiting legroom

2, Challenge with Petrol SUV like Scorpio N, XUV700 means end mileage will drop to single digit. (8 to 8.5 Kmpl should be a decent expectation). While in diesel 10 to 11 KMpl can be expected in similar condition - means Rs 12 per Km running cost to Rs 8.5 per Km running cost.

Do note that Fuel efficiency in Petrol would definite be a challenge in these large size one like Scorpio N & xuv700
But Diesel is considered villain in Delhi / NCR Zone - where life limited to 10 yrs

3. in terms of off road dynamics, suspension - Scorpio N again has upper hand and is recommended over XUV700
Although 4x4 is ideal, but i can also assure you that most of owners wont need 4x4 as they essentially dont use the kind of off road dynamics for which these car built of.
Owning a 4x2 will still ensure that sufficient ground clearance, approach angle and departure angle and be assured for someone whos in corporate world will still find these 4x2 SUV like Harrier, scorpio doing job

4. But - Pricing if you opt for Automatic - Scorpio N Auto starts at 19 Lakh to 20 Lakh On Road in Delhi / NCR. While if you shift to Harrier then Harrier Auto starts from 20 Lakh Exshowroom, Scorpio N Auto

My Suggestion
Its like chicken - egg story
If you feel to opt for a Petrol SUV yet with off road capabilities - space
a. You will end up with single digit Mileage
b. Budget will go to 20 Lakh

If you opt for Diesel One then
a. Budget will go beyond 20 Lakh
b. Life of these cars restricted to 10 yrs in NCR - although can sell in other states in long term but still resale can be slight challenging

If you wait for 2 more years - EV Space although will get options like
a. XUV700 EV
b. Harrier EV
c. Maruti Upcoming EV
d. Hyundai EV
e. Sierra EV
f. Safari EV
with announcement of other cars too.
But by that time - existing ICE car prices with EV prices would be a challenge as Ev will command a price premium of 3 to 5 Lakh over ICE version. ALso, if government pulls subsidy on EV (like they did by decreasing Fame subsidy) - EV can actually turn expensive.

So - suggestion for you: Consider spending in 20 Lakh and opt for Scorpio N Z4 Petrol Auto
> 5 Star Build
> Very fun to drive
> AT is breeze
> Excellent Tuned suspension
> Road Presence
> Desite 4x2 will find car doing slight off road at ease
> Although basic model has all essential features
> Been Auto - your better half can also drive it at times

and initial niggles too been sorted by Mahindra
What you may not like is Single digit mileage - but thats something which just comes by default with this car - so take it as pill

So recommendation is Scorpio N 4x2 Z4 Automatic

Should help !!
Hi Gagan,

Thanks for detailed response.

Since we are talking about 19-20 lac budget I wanted to ask few questions

Wanted to know your thoughts on Grand Vitara AWD covering

-Safety. Expected safety. It has benefit with 6 airbags vs 2 in Scorpio-N Z4

- AWD - Overall feedback. can it be used for drive in snow in leh ladakh?

- Engine -will it feel underpowered. I don't like to overspeed. I like to accelerate fast to reach speed limits and cruise on highway and same to city. I was mostly fine with Baleno's engine performance.

-Seating comfort - In some videos, I have seen limited under thigh support for front and rear passenger and limited head support for rear passenger due to sunroof

- overall experience

Thus, can you sum up and recommend me among Scorpio-N Z4 P AT (Rwd, Automatic)/ Xuv700 mx esp (Lower cost but manual) /Grand Vitara (AWD but manual)
1 week ago
You can consider MG Astor which would fit in your budget.
1 week ago

Reason why Maruti Grand Vitara All Grip was not referred is
1. Is Manual Transmission - somehow i felt that you have a need for Auto Tranmsission been usage in city use is higher
2. Is not an enthusiastic car for drive - 1.5 Litre engine feels just too average at the price point of 20 Lakh at offered.
3. Indeed legroom space and headroom space feels too limited

But yes car can be capable for soft off road basis excellent tuned suspension and AWD
Be assured yes is signature car of Maruti Suzuki and offers fully loaded features, reliability, capabilties of soft off road experience and based on Brezza platform - can expect to be minimum 4 star or 5 star rated car with full suite of active and passive safety

But before choosing GV - you need to decide on 3 parts
a. Whether looking for Manual choice again
b. Even after spending in moolah of 20 Lakh - ok with 1.5 Litre NA Engune with under 105 PS Power
c. Ready for limited space on rear seat

My pick would still be Scorpio N Z4 Automatic - beautiful car with space, performance, convenience of Automatic, road presence and capabilities which despite of 4x2 can come closer to AWD of GV basis very mature suspension.
1 week ago
Hyundai exter is better than MG Astor.
Thank you Samirji 😊
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