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  Saturday, 10 February 2024
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Hello Team,

My Name is Vishal Chandra, I have query related to purchase of 1st car, Below is my query:

- I am planning to buy my 1st car in Bangalore, I know driving and used to drive hyundai i20 (family car) from past more than 10 years. I am confused between Skoda Kushaq 1.0 auto Style vs Skoda Kushaq 1.5 DSG Style. Below are some details about my driving needs:

Daily running by car : <10 Km
Majority Driving in : City (Occasionally highways and hills)
Person travelling in car : 2 or 3
Budget : 20 L (can extend for 1.5 L Kushaq)
My Preference in car : Refinement, features, safety, driving experience

Based on above details, it is worth buying and putting almost 3 L extra for 1.5 L Kushaq. I have also check Ambition variant of Kushaq but somehow I am not liking interiors instrument Clusture (anlalog- which look old style).

Also I am trying to take 2023 model so that I get more discount, but Dealer is saying that as you are purchasing in 2024 so at govt site we need to show 2024 pricing only so need to invoice car at 2024 ex-showroom rate . Is this correct ?

Please help me with your suggestion here ?

5 months ago
Dear Vishal Sahab,

Sure, let me assist in

1. Theres no doubt that Skoda Kushaq 1.5 feels
> 1.5 Litre engine feels much more peppy on highway
> More refined in 4 cylinder engine in NVH
> DSG is quick in terms of lightning
> Even aircon performance & suspension has slight changes to it

2. But, As your expected usage to be very low at just 10 Kms and that too within city usage :-
> By opting for 1.5 - you wont be able to unleash the real potential fun of 1.5 Litre engine which is what on highway drive
> Opting for DSG in City usage - again limit the ability of DSG which shines when driven on open clear roads with ability to fun. You wont enjoy DSG to core.
> You wont get higher mileage too (as 1.5 DSG is considered more fuel efficient as against 1.0 Tc Auto) - as Active cylinder technology wont be engaged in day to day city usage - but due to bigger engine will end with lower mileage in city use

So - will be prudent to save money and opt for 1.0 TSI Engine with Torque converter Auto or get higher features of Luxury Lifestyle and Safety in Kushaq Style 1.0 Variant in similar price as thats in 1.5 Engine

3. Yes - dealer is correct, although MY 2024 prices would be applicable as in Auto sector - price remains in force as latest one (and latest updated price would be what applicable for all cars), but yes discount offers at dealer end should be negotiated by buyer to offset the price hike of MY 2024 over MY 2023.
So like if you plan for Skoda Kushaq 1.0 Style - price in December 2023 was 17.71 Lakh as against 17.89 Lakh - so should negotiate for this extra Rs 18,000 discount over and above the regular offer to offset price hike

Should help !!
5 months ago
Hello Sir,
I heard that in 1.0 L Kushaq and Taigun used to have issues with AC, how is issue related to 1.0 L kushaq ?

5 months ago

Indeed there were issues related to AC Cooling Effectiveness - but were resolved long back from September 2022 and later batch cars
EPC issues too were there - but resolved again in 2022

Having said same - in present cars
a. Aircon is slight Noisier - keep Auto climate control at 22 to get the best to avoid at full fan
b. Some rattles are there

But - no mechanical issues in Skoda, VW Cars is present.
Should help.
5 months ago
Since your priorities are Refinement, features, safety, driving experience, MG Astor would be the best choice. It's a value for money car with 5 star safety ratings, fun to drive and comes with all necessary features.
5 months ago
Hi Gagan Ji,
I am finalizing the Skoda Kushaq 1.0 L Style (as per your recommendation). Thank You for your suggestion :)

Dealer has informed me that the Car he is giving me is a "Build Car". when I asked what it mean by Build then he informed that this car was booked by other Customer and they updated this car to his name in their portal.
Dealer is confirming me that this car is not yet registered at RTO to anyone and I will be the 1st owner. Dealer is also offering me 5th & 6th year warranty complimentary with this car (as this is a "build car" ).

My question: Is takin this type of Car ok ? Is this normal for Dealer to sell this type of car ? Is it ok to take this type of car ?

Hello Abbas ji,
Indeed, MG Astor is a very good car, but I am not selecting this Car because of below reason:
1) Insufficient under thigh support at back seat
2) USP of MG Astor is "ADAS" feature. In India we can not rely on ADAS yet , also I feel that I am not confident enough to use Dynamic Cruise Control in real life.
3) Fuel Economy in City is 7-9 KMPL. I own Hyundai i20 which given mileage of 8-9 kmpl in city. I want car should give at least 11-12 KMPL in city.

Still, if MG Astor could have resolved the under thigh support and Fuel Economy point, I might have gone for Astor instead of Kushaq.

Please let me know your thoughts here.

5 months ago
Hi Gagan Ji,
Thanks for your reply, I am now booking 1.0 L Kushaq Style (per your suggestion). I have below query:
-> My dealer has informed me that the car they are giving me is a "Build Car", on asking what is build car is, Dealer informed me that this car was booked earlier by a customer so they build this car in their name on their portal. Later that Customer requested to withdraw interest. Dealer also confirmed me that the car is not registered to anyone till date in RTO and I will be the 1st owner of this car.

-> My question is is it OK to take this kind of car? does Dealer do this type of activity ?

Hello Abbas ji,
Indeed, MG Astor is very good car, but I opted out because of below reason:
1) Less/Inadequate under thigh support at Back seat.
2) City mileage of 7-9 KMPL. I own Hyundai i20 which gives 8-9 KMPL in city, so was looking for a Car which gives atleast 11-12 KMPL in city.
3) USP of Astor is ADAS feature, I think currently in India it is not that practical. I was not confident while testing the Dynamic Cruise Control so this feature is not of much use for me.

If MG guys have resolved the 1st and 2nd point then I would have gone with MG Astor instead of Kushaq.

Please let me know your thoughts here ?

5 months ago
Dear Vishal ji,

I think dealer here trying to say that they added some accessories in car which was been attempted to bill to other customer but later cancelled.

Generally - a car with accessories at last moment is rare cancellation and is recommended to do thorough PDI and inspection - as could be one reason why previous owner rejected same.
5 months ago
Hello Gagan ji,
1 more info about this car I got yesterday, when enquired that the warranty of the Car, dealer said that as the Car is 'Build' to other Customer so the Warranty has already started on June-2023 because other Customer name is uploaded at Skoda Portal, but confirmed me below 2 points:
1) Owner name can be changed at Skoda Portal to my name when they will invoice the Car and upload the invoice at Skoda Portal.
2) Car is not yet Registered at RTO and I will be the 1st owner of this Car.

Considering the above 2 points, dealer is giving me some discount on 2024 pricing which include Cash Discount of 1.75L + '4 Year SMP Pack' + 'Extended Warranty of 5th & 6th Year'. Now Catch here is as the car is Build on June 2023, so Warranty clock is already started and almost 9 months is gone, so I am left with 5 year 3 month warranty in total.

If we take 2023 prices, then the discount will be 1.15 L cash Discount + '4 Year SMP Pack' + 'Extended Warranty of 5th & 6th Year'.

I have hired a external PDI service person for performing the same. My friend got the PDI done from same PDI service and recommended as he liked their service.

Let me know if this a good deal in your eyes and should I go on this type of car ? This is my car purchase from my own money so little nervous.

5 months ago
Although deal look fair but is generally recommended to avoid such cars which are already invoiced by dealer 8 months back in name of other customer whose warranty also started and unsold by dealer till date.

Also - if car not delivered by dealer then he has provision to cancel in system - why was it marked sold in name of previous owner and warranty started ?

Only in case
a. You are sure that car odometer not tampered
b. Able to satisfy yourself with external PDI

then can consider a judicious call.
5 months ago
Is it possible for someone to run the car for months without registration?
5 months ago
Hi sir,

Please make a video 📹 on car damping. Is it useful to do so?
4 months ago
Hello Gagan ji,
I have purchased Skoda Kushaq 1.0 Style Auto 2024 model. I have taken the car on 22 feb and since then driven only ~150 KM. I noticed that car is showing fuel economy of 7-8 KmpL as of now when filled with Normal petrol and about 9-10 Kmpl when filled with Shell Petrol (normal) . All my driving is within city (including bumper to bumper traffic +Normal city Traffic)

I think this fuel economy is less but as I am not doing any hard acceleration , so wanted to know if this is normal for a car to show less economy and can I expect this economy to increase as car gets driven more than 500km ? Also help me with inputs to increase fuel economy.

Note: Tyre pressure is 34 in all 4 wheels.

4 months ago
Considering your driving needs, the Skoda Kushaq 1.0 auto Style should suffice, offering good refinement, features, and safety for city driving. Opting for the 1.5 DSG Style might be unnecessary unless you prioritize slightly more power and acceleration. Regarding pricing, the dealer is correct; the invoice must reflect the 2024 ex-showroom rate for your purchase in 2024.
4 months ago
Please use 99 octane petrol.
4 months ago
@ Vishal ji,

New car takes time to accustom - the Engine, Piston, Fuel Lines - all takes time to lubricate and initial mileage will be low
Can expect efficiency to get better at around 1000 Kms

a. Yes should use 95 Octane Petrol for best output from fuel
b. Check Cold Tyre Pressure to ensure as per recommended psi
c. Use this post to get info on Low Car Fuel Efficiency Reasons

to help you with details.
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