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  Sunday, 05 November 2023
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I am planning to buy Honda city cvt. Some one told me cvt is not good for hills. Sometimes I go to hills where their is steep uphill drive for 20- 30 km( no off roading)and steep downhill ride .My question is -is cvt reliable. Will it be good enough for uphill drive and will S mode with peddle shifter give engine breaking during downhill ride. As it have no proper manual mode.
7 months ago
Hello Harseerat ji,

Greetings !!
Although MT - Manual Transmission cars are fair ease to drive

Its a myth to think that CVT / Automatic cars are difficult to drive on hill drive.
Coming to Honda City CVT in question

a. CVT is a highly reliable, smooth and proven transmission. Introduced by Japanese Auto Maker
As CVT works on concept of gear ratio, rather than gear with every speed has different gear ratio - the end result is
> Smooth Accleration on linear pickup
> More Fuel Efficient

Used for more than 35 yrs in international range - CVT Cars are proved to offer long lasting reliability if not abused.
By not abusing means
a. Avoid sudden acceleration often
b. Avoid Half Braking

If you suddenly acclerate this car at times then engine RPM although will increase but car speed wont - so will find it a lag.
Best to experience this car in relaxed way

b. Along with CVT you get creep mode which will also pull car ahead on hill drive. If you feel like losting traction - car gets ESP & Traction control and additionally - you also get Hill Hold Assist which will hold car for 2 sec in event of steep hill
Still - if ever you feel like picking car on hill due to higher incline degree can slot gear in sports mode and can overtake through Manual Mode in form of Paddle Shifters. Can drive on 1st Gear to pull car

c. In Downhill is absolute convenient to continue in drive mode and use just brakes to control car
Infact in downhill you do not really need paddle shifters and is even easier as against MT Car

d. Lastly in CVT Cars - expect fuel efficiency to be even better as against counterpart Manual Transmission one

Hope should help !!
7 months ago
Go for DCT instead of CVT.
Here are my observations owning both DCT and CVT cars over past 5 years.

Among all the types of transmissions, DCT is the most efficient as it doesn’t let fuel go to waste during shift in transmissions. Both CVT and DCT are good at fuel economy; however, if you want something that gives you an edge, then DCT transmission is the one for you.

Automatic transmission cars are generally reliable cars and both DCT automatic and CVT automatic cars are similar in terms of reliability and maintenance costs. However, both DCT and CVT automatic gearboxes will require a complete replacement of the gearbox in case of damage. These attract a high cost to replace, and regular maintenance with proper driving practices will ensure the longevity of either transmission.

Driving experience
This is where DCT automatic surpasses CVT automatic. In CVT automatic, since transmission is based on pulley and belt system, and pulley is what transmits power, there’s a distinct lack of response in power flow. A CVT automatic tends to cause a rubber-band effect and takes away the thrill of power that driving enthusiasts prefer. In dual-clutch transmission, although the selection of gears is automatic, the gears mesh the same way as they do in manual transmission, which provides spirited & high-octane performance. This is why DCT automatics are commonly found in sports cars.
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