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  Friday, 03 November 2023
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I belong to Pune. Just completed my driving course. Wanted to buy my first car for our family .
We don’t have any active usage of the car. Currently having remote work(might change in future).

Budget: 7-11 lacs
Capacity: 2 people (very few times 5 people)
Usage: 2000 KM Yearly City,

Highway run:
300KM(one way) - round trip(600KM) 2 times in a year.
650KM(one way) - round trip(1300KM) 2 times in a year.
200KM Sometimes on weekends. once in a while.

Preference: Safety is first preference, Reliability, Resale

Features: At least music system and reverse camera

Looking for a car which will be worth investing as per our usage.

We need your opinion on an urgent basis.

We are not going with a second hand car option because big portals like cars24, spinny, etc are not offering cars at the right price. Their price is not justifiable at all.

Waiting for your reply.

Thanks and Regards,
7 months ago
Hello Sonali,

Greetings !!
Considering that its first car and for low usage - is imperative to

a. Choose in 2 Pedal Car - AMT / Automatic for ease of convenience as
> AMT / Automatic car do not stall in like a Manual car if car speed is not in sync with gear
> Very easy to drive in with relaxed left foot and no need for any manual gear shifts for speed
> In Traffic, with creep mode you need to just apply brakes and release - and car will automatically creep at speed of 7 kmph without any need of pressing accelerator- very ease to drive in.

The way Passenger Car Industry changing - choosing a 2 Pedal car like AMT / Automatic will make things at absolute ease

b. Been maximum usage to be in with 2 people and in city usage with Preferences as specified
First Pick is Tata Punch Adventure Rhythm AMT with reasona
a. 5 Star Build Quality, Proven
b. Has all essential modern age features - Camera, Touchscreen, Android Auto, Cruise control too which will make it easy on expressway as and when plan to take it even once a year. Adding on Push Ignition, Height Adjustable driver seat,
c. Considerable enhancements done to suspension and steering - in initial lot Steering was firm and suspension was stiff but now this is considerable improved and much live-able
d. Adding on in BS6 Phase 2 reduced engine NVH Levels and fair ease to drive in city usage
e. Ingress and Egress is fair easy
f. Stylish Road Presence with Raised Ground clearance
g. Very impressive Aircon AC Performance

and package of all available in around 9 Lakh On Road Price Budget.

What wont like in this car
a. Engine is 3 cylinder (as against most other cars offering 4 cylinder) so bit noisier
b. Although 5 star build but if seek immaculate safety then still lacks Side Airbags, Curtain Airbags
c. Brake Bite feels like average on sudden braking
d. Tata improved a lot in recent time but still not the benchmark in reliability
e. AMT has minor jerks, slight slower in pickup

Alternative is Honda Amaze Vx CVT which cost in 11 Lakh
a. 4 Star Build Quality
b. Been CVT Transmission and 4 cylinder engine - refinement is top notch, more smooth drive
c. Suspension is on soft side - comfort oriented drive
d. Steering has lower turning radius - makes it easier on tight parking space (having said same steering has some amount of firmness to it and would slight be an effort at slow speed)
e. Scores very high on reliability, after sales and Amaze is a Popular choice in Resale perspective too
f. Has fully loaded lifestyle and convenience features including Multi Mode Camera, Very stylish road presence
g. If anyone in family to use in rear seat will find plenty of legroom and large size boot space

What wont like in this car
a. Try to limit speed to 80 (and 90 max) when you plan highway trip as not best in high speed handling
b. Although this car shines on good roads, bit if to drive on bad roads - you need to be extreme slow in pickup as else will find too much roll
c. Lacks side airbags, Curtain Airbags

Have test drive to experience in. These 2 are recommended pick
Should help !!
7 months ago
Hi, Thanks for your suggestions.

Here are our opinions about cars we checked, feel free to correct it.

We have taken test ride of Tata punch, felt not enough leg room for driver seat and co-passenger seat. I and most of the family member have 5.7ft height.
Also we are not looking for sedan, so no to Amaze.

We are considering the manual options as city ride is less and also want to learn the manual.(In future should be able to drive both types of car)

Options considered
Tiago - Considering it from value for money point of view and ease of driving(very good leg space), but having second thought like might need to upgrade due to less space. We are looking for long team use.
Brezza VXI - 4 start safety, reliability, resale, quite engine. one road price just outside budget but can stretch.
Nexon Smart+ - 5 star safety + 6 air bags, looks but worried about engine noise and reliability, also this version has 5 gears.

Options Rejected
Altroz - low ground clearance.
i20 - seems overprice, didn't like overall car.
Fronx - No Safety. Build on baleno platform which has 2 star in safety.
Exter - Seems small, felt not so comfortable may be due to suspense setup, but open for consideration. Not sure about safety rating although having 6 airbags. Didn't feel like it has good build quality as platform is the same like i10.

These are our observations with no no real life experience of car driving. So want to know your thoughts and suggestions. Sometimes feel like instead of going with compact SUVs go with hatchback as first learner but after talking with friends and family members as long term car we should go with compact SUVs.

Looking forward for your reply.
7 months ago
Hi Sonali Ma'am,

Sure, i read your query and follow up comments too and interpret that
a. Safety
b. Peace of mind Ownership
c. SUV Factor

in a Manual Transmission car for low usage but for a Long term Ownership is what holds importance and can confirm you that Maruti Brezza Vxi would be an apt pick for need with some pointers which will help in

1. Its a Naturally aspirated Petrol Engine - somehow NA Petrol Engine has lesser wear due to very basic fact on there working model
NA engines works at
> lower compression
> lower cylinder pressure
> lesser heat as against Turbo where air forced and works at much higher heat

So in similar driving conditions - expect wear & tear to be less

2. Scheduled Service cost would be lower against Turbo. If compare in Brezza against Nexon
> Engine Oil cost
> Spark Plug cost
> Air Filter cost

would be lower and Nexon has bi-annual service checkup which is mandatory too

3. Been its a Naturally aspirated Engine - no lag as otherwise as felt on lower RPM
Somehow bigger 1.5 Litre, 4 cylinder engine - you get superior performance at low end too
Adding on Brezza shines in city use due to more refined engine and more comfort in city use.

4. Further - however Tata is improving a lot - but still for Indian Markets - higher reliability and peace of mind comes from
> Toyota
> Honda
> Maruti Suzuki
> Hyundai

as benchmark in after sales and more reliable with peace of mind ownership
Thats the reason why there cars are offered with better resale too

5. Ingress and Egress is easier in brezza as against Nexon . Somehow Nexon floor is placed at height

Although world moving towards Automatic - but if you seek Manual Transmission then an all round package of :- Safety, Reliability, Peace of Mind Ownership is Brezza Vxi

To add on - Brezza Vxi has touchscreen with android Auto & Apple car play but lacks camera set up. However, same available as MGA - Maruti Genuine Accessory and cost in Rs 6500 approx whose display will be shown in infotainment only. No impact on warranty too

You can check On Road Price in Pune of car.

But before buying, Do have test drive as is important to get the perfect feel of car.
All the best !!
Gagan Modi locked this post — 7 months ago
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