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  Friday, 27 October 2023
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Dear sir/madam,

I am Baiju from Chennai, Tamil naduI am looking forward to buy Toyota glanza before November 1 to avoid the extra taxes in my state. Eventhough I don't understand your language from videos I some how manage to understand things partially and I have seen many of your videos. So I am seeking your advice for getting a new car at the maximum discounted price.

I hope you can guide me to get the car in the best possible deal. Please support. Thanks in advance

I am attaching the. Screenshot of premium support payment for your reference.

Thanks & Regards,
1 month ago
Greetings !!

Sure, Pls let know what assistance you need in terms of Road Tax and specify details on your query to assist on same.

Best Regds
1 month ago

I have decided to go with Glanza V variant. I am new to car buying. So I am unaware of the areas that I need to focus. I have attached the quotation with this reply. Please have a look and let me know how to negotiate and get better deal. Also guide me for PDI
1 month ago
Dear Baiju,

Greetings !!

1. Road Tax is set to increase in State soon by 20% as TN Assembly passed it recently. I Suggest to buy car on asap basis as that will shelve off additional 20K

2. Toyota Protect Luxury is Insurance Pack which is costed Rs 47,800 - You can save almost Rs 7500 in it by choosing Online Policy
Heres sample for HDFC Ergo which includes all necessary covers including Zero Dep, Engine Protect, Consumbale, Return to Invoice, Roadside Assistance, Key loss protect - Attached

3. Warranty although recommended but Toyota offering 3 yr / Unlimited KMs warranty. if your usage is lower - you can skip warranty as of now and observe in car performance for first 2.5 yrs. If usage is around 6000 Kms or lesser and no mechanical issues observed in first 2.5 yrs - chances are that can skip warranty too

4. Essential Kit is farce. Apart from Mats, Mud Flaps - suggest to buy on ala-carte basis on whats required. Never go with Bundled accessories as included many unwanted accessories

5. Smiles Package is service pack which offers 20% discount on scheduled servicing and is recommended

6. In terms of discounts - Toyota offering below schemes as official discounts for month including
a. Exchange Bonus - 25000 - wont be applicable if its your 1st car and dont have car to exchange
b. Accessories or Cash Discount - 20000
c. Corporate - 5000 - applicable for working in MNC / Government Employees

Now how to Negotiate: You need to involve 2 or more dealers and negotiate
Call up another Toyota dealer in town (not branch of Lanson) but other Toyota dealer and state you considering to buy car and already have offer as :-
a. Cash Discount - 20000
b. Corporate - 5000 - applicable for working in MNC / Government Employees
c. Dealer Discount - Rs 15000 from his own margin
other than Self Insurance

Check for availability first and and then say looking for deal, as time not left in November - suggest to visit other showroom and discuss if can get in better

Also involve dealer 1 and quote that this is deal got from another dealer

Letting you know that :-
a. Cash Discount - 20000
b. Corporate - 5000 - applicable for working in MNC / Government Employees
c. Dealer Discount - Rs 15000 from his own margin
Self Insurance savings

is possible and can make it a good deal

Hope should help !!
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1 month ago
Thanks for the quick response!

I am not able to understand point no.3
After 2.5yrs, if my car did not exceed 6000kms and no major issues then I can skip buying additional 2yrs warranty. Am I correct?

Are you saying 6000kms or 60,000kms?

Pls clarify.

I do have a car to exchange. It is i10 2009 model
Please share information related to making payments and when I should do PDI
as I will be trying to get the car before 1st November.
1 month ago
Warranty: Meant that if average annual usage to be 6000 Kms or lesser and you do not face any issues in first 2.5 yrs of ownership in terms of car mechanicals then can even skip taking extended warranty
Else if you feel like car faced some niggle can take EW at later stage too

Payments: Refer this guide on Car Booking to Payment Process

Should help !!
1 month ago
I will go with baleno instead of buying glanza as the only difference between them is the logo.
1 month ago
Yes you are right but I choose Toyota as it offers better warranty than Maruthi Suzuki
2 weeks ago
Thank you for the support. I have brought the car with full satisfaction.

Can you please share me the suggestions for Body cover. As there are plenty of options available. I couldn't choose the best.

My parking is in ground floor stilt area. Main reason for buying body cover is to prevent minor scratches caused by kids playing near the car
2 weeks ago
Pls buy through Dealer Showroom as genuine accessory will cost in rs 2000 to 3000 and is what a perfect fit for the car.
2 weeks ago
The showroom body cover quality is not good. When I searched online came across many terms like polco, Dupont, tyvek, tph etc..

I don't know which one to select
2 weeks ago
Regret we do not have any specific details for the body cover brands, been of limited interest.
Suggest to check in reviews through Amazon / Social media to choose.
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