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  Tuesday, 24 October 2023
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Hi Gagan Ji,

Wanted your advice for buying a first car in the 10-12 Lakh Range.

From our end we have currently booked the Brezza VXI and Skoday Kushaq Active. We are also exchanging a 14 year old Alto. Planning to register the car in the BH series.

Here is the offer from Maruti:
1. They are offering 85K for the alto.
2. No other discounts.
3. Total amount to pay after the exchange ~ 1010000

Positives in our mind for Maruti:
1. Reliability and service network.
2. Features over the Skoda base variant : Foldable IRVM, Rear Defogger, Easy installation of rear camera. Also, auto AC, but do not care much about it.

Dislikes about the brezza:
1. Back seat feels like a small car and a bit claustrophobic due to all black interiors.

Here is the offer from Skoda:
1. Offering 80k for the Alto, but they are saying they can stretch this to 1 Lac as somewhat of an exchange bonus.
2. Plus a corporate discount of 20k is there.
3. Total amount to pay taking into account the exchange, ~ 1070000.

Positives in our mind for the Kushaq:
1. Higher segment car, and a bit more spacious feeling cabin. The interiors are also better looking than the Brezza.
2. Better safety rating.

Dislikes about the Kushaq:
1. No rear defogger or wiper.
2. Dealership said installing a rear camera would void warranty. Not sure if the infotainment system does not have provision for rear camera installation. (I have a mirror dashcam from our alto. Not sure if that too may void warranty)
3. No electrically folding IRVM.

Our requirement is mostly city drive and occasional outstation for holidays. Can you please advise on what would be the best choice? Please feel free to suggest other cars. Was also thinking about the honda elevate, but not sure how much mileage it would give. Also, can we get more discounts on the Skoda? wanted to know which benefits are available for the base variant.
8 months ago
Dear Souvik ji

Hi. Sure. Let me assist in

Skoda Kushaq: However good the car feels in
> Build QUality
> High Speed Handling
> Performance Oriented Petrol Engine
> Space Wise Factor for 4 Members
> Value for Money Quotient in Base Variant where price slashed and getting a Mid Size SUV in just fraction at 60K price

Biggest Issue in Kushaq MT lies in fact is about
> Clutch Travel range - where clutch feels slight stiff and for someone upgrading from Maruti, Hyundai will definite find it a bit of issue in medium term as against Maruti, Hyundai where day to day drive can even make this clutch bit more on hard side due to longer range.

> Suspension can feel on bit stiffer side for someone having maximum city usage

Been your majority of drive is restricted to city use - is important to note that Turbo Petrol Engine in MT at under 1700 rpm as what used in Kushaq feels like lag too.

Dealer Showroom is right - they been advised by Skoda to not to nodify infotainment in form of camera connection (but camera can be installed separately as after-market with separate display)

To view a more practical and reasonable choice where maximum Usage to be in City Condition would be to to buy Brezza Vxi with 5 major reasons
a. Suspension is on more comfort oriented side in Brezza
b. This 1.5 Litre Naturally aspirated Petrol Engine has enough low end pickup and shines in city usage
c. Clutch is significantly more light as against Skoda. For some one having maximum in city drive
d. Ease on Pocket in terms of Maintenance with lesser scheduled cost + feature installation like camera which is available as part of MGA for Rs 7000 approx and view in Touchscreen itself

Owning a Brezza - although may end up been slight compact but in terms of practicality for need from
> City Usage with More Comfort Oriented Drive in local use and light clutch
> Reliability
> Practical more features
> Naurally Aspirated Petrol Engine
> Rs 60K difference as used can bring in 5 yr Warranty and 5 yr Maruti MCP Maintenance Pack

and will end up as superior peace of mind ownership.
Have Brezza Vxi for your need - provided rear seat space is not a deal breaker.
8 months ago
Hi Gagan Ji,

Thanks for the prompt reply. Will surely consider your advice in making the decision.

Wanted a few more clarifications:

1. Can we consider the Honda elevate? Is the mileage bad as some people say?
2. For the Kushaq, are the problems people faced initially still there? Is the reliability not good?
3. Also, for the Kushaq, I have a mirror dashcam. Can installing that also void warranty? Since, to engage the reverse mode, there is a need to connect a wire to the reverse tail lights of the car.

I have yet to get a test drive of either car. (Not sure , if the dealer would provide a test drive of the Brezza.:) ) Will have to try out the Kushaq once.
8 months ago

Honda Elevate E is the base model and somehow
a. Basic Model without any Music System
b. Mileage is yes low
c. Availability is a concern area for base SV Model as limited production happening for basic model

Skoda Kushaq
a. Initial niggles been resolved having said same yes rattles are there, noise, aircon is noisier
b. Along with Taigun has most stiff clutch in segment
c. Skoda is very particular to avoid any electrical modifications. Having said same if original wiring is not tampered or sliced or modified then no impact on warranty

Sure pls test drive either of Kushaq / Taigun

Best regds
8 months ago

Thanks Gagan Ji,

I was able to get a test drive of the Kushaq. As you said the clutch stiffness and travel might be a bit on the higher side, but its still much better than what I am used to in our 2009 Alto. So it might not be much of an issue for me. My mom was in the back seat for the test drive, and she did notice some loud rattling noises which the sales rep said is due to a loose number plate. So she was not too sure about the fit and finish.

As for the positives, the steering was delightful, and did not find the lag very noticeable even on slight uphill. But yes, we do need to shift to 1st or 2nd gear for the uphill parts. Again, as coming from an 2009 Alto, it was good/fine.

I could not get a test drive of the Brezza in any dealership in my town.:(
Also, we needed the car in an urgent basis, and not sure if the dealerships will be able to deliver in time.
The family seems to prefer the Brezza due to the repute of Maruti, but not sure if we will get the delivery in time.

For the Skoda Kushaq, the dealer has said to make a payment of about 50k-1Lac, so as to bill the car. He is saying that the prices will be hiked next month. Wanted your advice on whether we should make this payment? Is it right to pay this amount before the delivery of the car? He is saying that the car is in transit.
8 months ago
URGENT advice needed:

Even the Maruti dealer is saying that the cars are in transit, but we will need to make a payment of 3-4 lacs to keep the vehicles in our name.

Please let us know if its advisable to pay this amount before the car reaches the dealer stockyard?
8 months ago
Dear Sir,

For recommended payment and booking process - pls refer this post on Car Booking to Payment Process

Should help !!
8 months ago
Hi, Could you please help me figure out the manufacturing month and year for this VIN?

Its for a Skoda Kushaq


I have gone through your VIN guide, but was not able to figure out for SKODA.
8 months ago
Souvik ji - Its October 2023 Model.

Best regds
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