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  Tuesday, 24 October 2023
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Thanks for the great content you are creating. Wanted to reach out for advice.

I currently drive an S-Cross 2015 Diesel Zeta Manual. I'm planning to move to an automatic and have shortlisted Honda Elevate ZX CVT and Skoda Kushaq Style 1.5 DSG.

Skoda Kushaq Style 1.5 DSG (MY2023 - without power seats) is about 22.5 lakhs on-road in Bangalore and about 50 thousand for SMP & warranty. I can negotiate for 22.5. Now, I have an offer from Spinny for a Kushaq 1.5 DSG (Jun 2022) which has run 9000 km for 19 lakhs. This has an extended warranty and service package. Price is strictly non-negotiable. I think the fair price is about 18 lakhs.

I'm utterly confused whether to buy the new BS6-2 Kushaq for 22.5 lakhs or go with the BS6-1 for 19 lakhs? Will both cars have the same resale depreciation after 4-5 years (40%)? The discount for the used car looks very tempting. It is in decent condition (Silver) and now due for service (as it was registered in Oct '23). Please advise.
8 months ago
Hello JP Sahab,

Thanks, I will recommend to buy in Skoda Kushaq BS6 Phase 2 as against that used car BS6 Phase 1 for 5 reasons

a. Skoda had lot of initial niggles in first batch of Kushaq (although mostly to 1.0 Engine - but still few were reported in 1.5 too) which took time and were resolved in post August 2022 and later

b. Buying a 2nd Owner Car (even though a year old) and if selling it after 5 yrs will fetch in minimum 15% lesser value as against 1st Owner car - so you will straight away lose in 1.5 Lakh of the 3.5 Lakh as saved

c. BS6 Phase 2 Engines are slight better tuned in delivering minor mileage enhancement and even engine Noise levels are reduced too

d. I presume you will take some financing too - Interest rates in Used Cars are minimum 2.5% higher as against the New One.

e. Plus the feel of Buying Brand New Car - when you already spending in a moolah of almost 20 Lakh - for matter of paltry saving - you will never get the feel of buying a used car with been 2nd Owner on RC

Had the deal been offered at 17.5 Lakh - where difference would have been 5 Lakh and almost minimal financing need then this Used car could have been considered but not at 19 Lakh - no point actually to buy at such inflated price.

Last but not the least - dont miss to negotiate to bring down price of New Car - negotiations can be high in Skoda.
8 months ago
Gagan Sir,

Thanks for your detailed response. After reading through your response it is apparent that the used car is not worth 19 lakhs, and hence I will drop it.

The dealer has promised to get back with an offer by this week. I will wait and see how that goes. Meanwhile, another option came up - an OBD-2 with just 2500 KMs and 6 months old. Should that be OK to considerif I get 3-4 lakhs less?

BTW, just to let you know I'm looking at a full payment if the total budget does not exceed 19 lakhs.

8 months ago
another option came up - an OBD-2 with just 2500 KMs and 6 months old. Should that be OK to considerif I get 3-4 lakhs less

Excellent - if its mere 6 month old OBD2 Car and available at 4 Lakh lesser than New Car with own funds to be used - will be lot compelling proposition.,
8 months ago
Gagan Sir,

Thank you very much.

I have eliminated the Kushaq 1,5 DSG BS6-1 used car (19 Lakhs) due to the inflated pricing.

Meanwhile, I have the following options (all MY23): (extended Warranty & Service Pack extra):

1. New - Kushaq 1.5 DSG BS6-1 new car at 21.5 lakhs (negotiable)
2. New - Kushaq 1.5 DSG BS6-2 new car at 22.30 lakhs
3. Used - Kushaq 1.5 DSG BS6-2 (2500 KM, 2023 May) at 19 lakhs

MY24 will be further expensive at 24.00 lakhs. I'm note sure they will have discounts in Dec.

Is the < 6 months old used car worth the 3 lakhs saving? MY23 stocks are very low - only 1 left in white.

8 months ago
Hello Mr JP,

I discussed same with Sir and here are quick tips

If you have plans to
a. hold car for 6 yr or more
b. Buy without Finance
then Used - Kushaq 1.5 DSG BS6-2 (2500 KM, 2023 May) at 19 lakhs is the apt deal.

If you have plans to
a. Hold car for short term 3 to 4 yrs
then do note that depreciation would be higher on Used one by near 10% (due to next buyer be owner serial 3) - this will bring down the initial benefit to just 1 Lakh or so

Do note that in long term - what matters most would be condition and how well maintained.
Still - this Used Deal of BS6 Phase 2 is pretty impressive if its Style Edition only.
8 months ago
Thanks again Gagan Sir,

Yes, I have asked for time from the seller of the BS6-2 car. He seems to have an offer for 19.5

If this does not work out, I will try and negotiate the new BS6-2 for 22 lakhs on road (white only available).

Last option, will wait for Dec offers for my choice of colour (Silver) and buy new. I guess the best time to buy with good offers is December (after the 20th)?
8 months ago
Although deals will start from kast week of November but year end clearance gets in full swing only in Mid December where offers mainly come at across the table negotiation

Best regds
8 months ago
Thanks Sir.

Since I made an offer to pay in one shot, before the weekend, the buyer has agreed to close this for 18.50 Lakhs as a final offer.

He has another buyer from outstation and quote from a platform for slightly lower amount.

I believe this is a good opportunity?
8 months ago
the buyer has agreed to close this for 18.50 Lakhs as a final offer. I believe this is a good opportunity?

Indeed decent price - but pls do due diligence to rule out any accidental repair history.
Also check in Service center visits by asking owner to show through Skoda Service app - so as to avoid buying car which has some snag.
8 months ago
Thanks Sir,

Checked service history - no visits to service center
CheckedInsurance - no claims
Default warranty till 2027 and extended (need to buy) till 2029

Seller is particular about not selling to platform and hence looking for an individual. Has provided all douments I asked.
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