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  Sunday, 17 September 2023
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Hi Team,

Here are my requirements for my first car, looking for a family car in Pune city.

As I planned to always be on rent in Pune, instead of buying a flat here, parking might be an issue, but I always try to get a flat with parking. At Hometown Indore I do have covered parking for just good for a under 4 meter car only.

1] Need an SUV with good ground clearance
2] 4 Adult Person (2 sr. citizen) with average height + 1 child. a proper 5 seater is preferable because a guest can also join for a outing trip.
3] 500km per month, which includes 50% city (very uncertain like sometimes for mkt, kid's school, dine out or office in rainy season) & 50% highway for weekend outing & 1 or 2 long trip to my hometown around 600km in a year.
4] Safety, Reliability & Comfort while long drive
5] Budget 10 to 16 lack max (lower budget for manual & higher for automatic transmission) mostly prefer automatic, so my wife also could takel vehicle for sometime.

For manual I think for Brezza VXI manual, Nexon, XUV300( boot space sems an issue with this) for this type of vehicle 11,12 lakh is max budget.

For automatic I choose Brezza ZXI AT, GV Delta AT
So my question is should I go with Brezza ZXI+ AT because of 6 air bags as a safety point of view & 360 degree camera, which helps me out in city traffic while driving, or just can I go with ZXI automatic?

Or should I consider the Grand Vitara Delta AT
Around with the same budget as ZXI+, comes with all at most all needed features but less Airbags & missing 360 camera setup.
And one more thing I want to ask is, is it really tough to run a big Vehicle like a GV in city?

For 11 to 12 Lack, I can purchase a vehicle in cash but on the higher side I need to take a loan as well.

Please suggest a suitable car which is value for money. Do you have any other option, please let me know.

Also should I consider PPF or Ceramic any other coating after just delivery of the car?

Please find attached screenshot of payment.

6 days ago
Also I want to add one more points in my query that GV Delta Automatic, missing the rear wiper and washer as well, is it really a deal breaker feature or not, in comparison with brezza?
6 days ago
Dear Chetan ji,

Greetings !!
Basis need, requirements as stated - we understand that you seek a car with
a. Higher Focus on Safety
b. Been 50%+ usage to be on highway - high speed handling, grip should be there (means decent Steering feedback & suspension)
c. Been Senior Members of family to also seat in - important to have decent ingress, egress along with Rear Seat Comfort
d. Reliability, Comfort oriented drive

Basis details as stated and confusion in between Maruti Grand Vitara and Brezza

Maruti Grand Vitara Delta Plus is recommended over Brezza primarily due to 3 reasons

a. Brezza weakness on higher speed is steering feedback which feels like a big miss and here comes Maruti Grand Vitara whose strength is high speed handling. Wit
> Suspension as benchmark among Maruti Suzuki Range
> Much Better Steering feedback

Maruti Brezza handling dynamics are lot superior over Brezza on highway drive

b. Not only Handling but even Braking Dynamics. With all 4 disc brakes , Wider R17 215/60 tyres - grip and braking are superior

c. Rear Seat Offered is with adjustment of recline angle and has better recline comfort over Upright seats of Brezza. Additionally is marginal better legroom space - Somehow comfort would be better in Grand Vitara as against Brezza

Additionally - this car was developed in collab with Toyota with an aim to develop 5 star car (although NCAP rating yet to be done - but certainly feels more stable and safer as against Brezza)

Overall : Although Brezza offer higher features in similar price, but If you seek a car with
> Better Build
> Better High Speed Handling
> Better Grip, Brakes
> Better Comfort for senior members

then is Grand Vitara a choice over Brezza as a better product.
Yes steering feels marginally more heavier as against Brezza at lower speed - but be assured that its as easy to drive in as GV as Brezza.

Alternative Recommendation
Skoda Kushaq / Slavia are introduced at attractive prices where middle Trim Ambition Plus Automatic are offered at a price which is attractive at almpst 80,000 rs lesser and higher features

Pls check out as these cars :-
> Handling
> Build Quality
> Driving Dynamics
> Fun with Performance

is second to none and feels more premium in cabin experience as against Maruti Suzuki Cars range.
You will get 5 star safety with power, pep with one of the most impressive steering feedback to deliver best of experience.

Also should I consider PPF or Ceramic any other coating after just delivery of the car?

PPF is quiet an expensive treatment and for a SUV cost almost 1.25 Lakh in lower density with expected 5 to 6 yr life, 1.75 Lakh+ with density to last in near 8 to 10 yrs - so pls plan accordingly if wish to consider by spending almost 10% of car price

Ceramic is more of hydrophobic properties and useful where hard water is a problem. But the way ceramic coating center opened in mushroom way - workmen expertise, number of coats differs

Overall we dont ahve any such recommendation to go ahead with these. Just keep car cleaned with annual detailing to keep in best shape.

Hope should help !!
Thanks for your response,

Today I did a test drive for grand vitara bt I feel the seat are very stiff in comparison with its Pure Hybrid version. Can a good quality seat cover increase the cushioning of the seats?

Also Can I consider Honda Elevate V CVT over GV Delta Automatic?
6 days ago
Hi Chetan Sahab,

Indeed can opt for good quality seat cover from AutoForm types for increased comfort while seating
Honda Elevate is best fit and strict for 4 members only. You cant have 3 on rear - would be too much a squeeze. pls experience.

Best regds
Gagan Modi changed the title from Need Constulation About My First Family Car to Need Consultation About My First Family Car — 5 days ago
5 days ago
Thank you Gagan ji,

In case of lower budget around 11, 12 lakh, a compact SUV, what is the best options according to my needs?

I can consider manual transmission as well, just clutch must be lighter & easy to operate.

Brezza VXI manual, Nexon, XUV300( boot space seems an issue with this) or any other you can suggest.
4 days ago
I can consider manual transmission as well, just clutch must be lighter & easy to operate.

Greetings !!

Maruti Brezza, Fronx, Hyundai Exter has light most clutch in the segment
Brezza would be recommended pick over others basis better build, bigger engine and more comfort oriented yet mature suspension for city dynamics

However - do note that high speed handling is average in all 3 cars.
Choose above where majority of usage to be in city conditions with light clutch and ease to drive would be key preference.
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