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  Tuesday, 09 May 2023
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I have recently bought a used Jeep compass Limited Plus Petrol Automatic (2019).
I need to replace tyres, please recommend some suggestions within the price range 18,000/-, lower the better. :)

As I am based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, please suggest if any offers are available on tyres here ?

Lastly, I got the car checked out in the Jeep workshop in Ahmedabad following points were told to me:
1. Transmission Oil leakage was there, hence I need to replace Clutch Assembly costing a whopping 1,70,000 /- plus GST and Labour.
2. My Rear suspension was shot, So I need to replace both rear jumpers along with a complete set.
3. Engine oil was not replaced and now it's blackened. we need to replace it.
4. Brake fluid was lower than normal, that pointed out its front brake pads were worn, so we need to replace it.

Total amount demanded was 2,35,000 /- plus GST and labour.

I got this car 2 days later and had it checked by GoMechanics, their observations were different.

Difference was :
1. They did not recommend clutch assembly replacement, as they suggested transmission oil to be topped up.
2. they wanted to completely overhaul brakes in front and rear too.

Next day, I took the car to a local workshop, who had earlier been servicing my Dad's Santro, then my Honda Amaze and later my Sister's Fiat Linea.

There they did not find anything wrong with the clutch assembly, when I requested them to look for leakages, still they did not recommend clutch replacement. According to them, these little leakages were common with 5-6 year old cars, if needed they would top up transmission oil. They were happy with pickup and transmission performances, just like Gomechanics.
But they strongly suggested getting rear jumpers replaced ASAP as Left rear jumper had leaked and due to this rear tyre showed significant wearout. They suggested I should get both rear tyres replaced due to wearout, plus those were older ones. Previous owner had replaced both front tyres sometime earlier.

I had to get the car serviced as the car was not serviced since Feb 2022, So I got local mechanics from my trusted workshop to service it and find if any issues stood out. Car's service history is attached as a pdf (GJ01KV2141.pdf).

They serviced the car, and their estimate is also attached below. They completed work for Rs 39,105/- total.

Now my question is, why did everyone have different observations about my car.
Except for the Jeep Compass workshop, no one suggested transmission / clutch replacement.

Infact Gomechanics and Local workshop (Kunj Motors) were happy with car's engine and transmission.
Plus, I did not share information between Jeep Compass workshop and Gomechanics and Kunj Motors.

So I allowed jumpers to be replaced as all 3 workshops had found it. Got brake serviced. Got engine oil replaced after engine flush.

Have I done the right thing now ? should I do more ? Have I bought the wrong car ?

I was surprised to know that the car had been in Accident when Jeep Workshop shared service history after charging 2000/-.
But the Jeep workshop assured me that Accident was not major, and it did not damage the structural integrity of the car. And the car was a good buy.

Please help me fix this car. I now need to find a good pair of tyres.

Thanks for reading my story so far.

Thanks & Regards,
Praveer Verma.

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1 year ago
Dear Praveer Sahab,

I can confirm you that given Jeep workshop is CON
By charging rs 2000 to even share the accidental history of used car - this money gone into pocket of staff

Secondly - I am in sync 100% with the local repair personnel out there
Some kind of leak sign do happen with 5 to 6 yr old car and if there is no slippage in terms of auto gear shift change and no jerks - no reason to replace in clutch assembly.

Yes - rear suspension part needs to be addressed as if left like same then will eat up tyre

Engine Flush is generally not recommended unless oil is in extreme bad shape and / or not serviced on time.

But anyway is correct decision to replace in
> Engine OIl & Oil Filter
> Top up Brake Fluid, Transmission Fluid
> Brake Clean & Caliper Pin Grease
> Yes jumping road bush should be replaced

Also if Air Filter & AC Filter not replaced in last 15000 KMs then should get it replaced too

Accidental impact, basis service history looks like body impact without any impact to car engine, transmission - so sam ecan be ignored

For Tyres - will revert in separate query as raised.
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