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  Monday, 01 May 2023
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I’m facing a technical problem regarding by jeep compass 2018 make. Car is not in warranty right now.

The problem arise with multiple indicators turning on ( service air bag , service electronic park system service ECS service fuel etc) I took the car to the workshop and they asked me to replace the air bag module. I got it replaced and drove car for about 800km (10-12 days) and after that again multiple indicators are coming on.

Now the dealership is asking me to replace the IPC wiring and headlight to dash wiring. They are saying it’s because they have found some watermarks under the mat of car but the car has never been in any condition where water can enter it. They are also not providing any kind of assurance that similar problem will not arise in future. What should I do .

1 year ago

Suggest to get these checked
1. May sound weird but Get Battery Health checked for possible depletion as theser service errors can crop up due to depleting battery too

2. ECU Scan for any faulty sensor and / or clear errors from Scan and then Turn off car for few hours, the start and drive to to Revv engine to 3000 RPM for couple of times and to 4000 RPM then (in 5 to 10 mins) - and later on observe if get any issues.

3. Get Wiring Checked, if any rat bite can cause in these multiple warning signs.

No need to random change in wiring. if Jeep service center is not co-operating, get car inspected at alternate workshop for above or any independent Authorized Unit from prominent one who address on Luxury Cars on above.

Do check out on above and report back on outcome.
1 year ago
1. I have already done the battery health checkup at another jeep dealership. It came out fine.

2. They have done the scans multiple times and also deleted those still the problem comes again.

3. Can you suggest any good workshop in Chandigarh so that I can get it checked. Because the dealership is saying whole wire needs to be changed.
1 year ago
Arpit ji.

Are you only getting alerts in instrument cluster or car showing abormal behavior like - low pickup, not starting etc.
Are the errors same as what you were getting earlier including Airbag light ?
Is it somehow 2017 model and registered in 2018 as there was a recall announced earlier for Airbag part

So if Battery was replaced earlier (as showing good too after 5 yrs), scan reported no issues and errors deleted, and dealer for pratice of hit and trial - changed airbag module earlier and now asking for wiring change without even checking if in actual is wiring causing same - pls escalate to Jeep India for intervention.

In meanwhile get car inspected at Jeep alternative center in nearby city - Ludhiana / Gurgaon if travel in, or refer to nearby local workshop basis google reviews for an assessment and if they report anything do share with jeep workshop.
1 year ago
1. Mostly its just alerts. sometimes the steering gets heavy when the lights turns on but it soon gets normal.
2. Yeah most of them are same errors before getting the air bag module change.some new errors has come like earlier steering did not show any error but now it is also showing this.
3. I think its 2018 model only as i bought it in october 2018 when the sunroof model was introduced.
4. i have written to jeep india but they are sticking to what their dealership is stating.
their official response is :-
"Greetings from FCA WSL Jeep Chandigarh!

At the outset we sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to you.

This is in reference to your vehicle bearing registration no.

We wish to inform that your car has been inspected thoroughly by our technical experts and We have done a proper inspection of your car and found that the warning indication and steering head issue is due to water inside the cabin under the seats. We have also shared the pictures with you in the attachment file.

the IPC Wiring and head lamp to dash wiring part need to be replaced for which We have already informed to customer.

We would like to clarify to you that since the part is beyond the purview of warranty, all necessary repairs /replacement of parts if any have to be carried out on the chargeable basis only."
1 year ago
i dont think the issue is because of water.
firstly water never entered the car i am confident of that as the car is driven by me only.
secondly one can clearly make out from the attached photograph that only minute droplets are inside the car. this can also be because of moisture/humidity as the cars mat were removed for fist time since i bought it. such minute level of water droplets should not cause the damage to wire.
1 year ago
That fails the purpose and shows why Stellantis India Sales is in danger zone of sub 1000 units through Jeep Showrooms, and meer 2000 Units through Citroen

Now the only option left is to refer to independent workshop for there assessment
You may try and meet local reputed Workshop who do multi brand servicing and try and meet his owner to get on to assign his best personnel for checking your car.
1 year ago
can i take any legal action again in consumer court against the dealership and jeep india?
should i take the legal action or it wont be any use?

What i think is that they have not done proper inspection of the car at first time rather just relied on the error shown in their device.
had they done through inspection the first time they would have found the real reason for the problem. now again instead on inspecting every wire for maybe cuts or something they are focusing only on the error shown in their scanner . they haven’t found any cut on or short circuit in the IPC wiring and dash to headlight wiring but are asking to get the same replaced and charging huge bucks for the same.
1 year ago
Legal route would be highly time consuming and futile exercise in given case as you cant really prove in court about such technical issue wrongly diagnosed, unless alternative jeep workshop confirms same.

What you need is a way forward to :-
a) Either get car checked through alternative Jeep Workshop and see for there observation
b) Meet in with alternative multi car workshop to get car checked

Best regds
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