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  Saturday, 25 March 2023
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Hello Gagan sir, I am an enthusiast driver and looking for a diesel car with following requirements :-
1)Fun to drive
2)Good in handling
3)Smooth clutch
4)Comfortable rear seats with good headroom and legroom(For parents aged 60 and 50yrs) 5)Ground clearance which should be adequate to manage some uneven roads
6)Suspension setup which is good for both highways and rural roads(drivable and not in worst condition) also expecting a average fuel efficiency of 18-20 kmpl.
7)Good after sales support.

My three picks with their approximate on road prices of BS6 phase 2 variants in Karnataka

1)Altroz XZ diesel (12 lacs)
2) Creta E diesel (15 lacs)
3) Xuv 300 W8(O) diesel (16.5 lacs)

My budget is of 12 lacs i.e for Altroz XZ, but I am ready to stretch it only if Altroz XZ is missing on any of the above mentioned requirements .

Waiting for your valuable response, Thankyou.
2 months ago
Dear Aniket ji,

Hi. Sure see biggest issue with Altroz in terms of rear seat is
a) Seat are placed relative lower as against cars like Creta or XUV300 - so ingress and egress not as comfortable for senior members and if they have any ortho issue
b) Although doors open like 90 degree - but issue would be like in closure if open fully - as one may just need to stretch to door handle to close

1. Yes is fun to drive, enough power
2. Excellent all round Handling, Steering feedback
3. Clutch is manageable - not as stiff as used to be in some diesel cars
4. Headroom and legroom space is enough and manageable (except seat base which is lower)
5. Suspension setup is near best, and will definite enjoy stable ride and top notch handling
6. Yes Running cost would be lower and indeed 22 Kmpl+ can be reasonable expectation on highway if cruising at 90 speed

Having said same - Tata although introduced in BS6 Phase 2 Diesel engines but nothing comes close to Creta Diesel where
a. You seek engine refinenment and overall feel of this diesel engine is more peppier
b. Even Superior Ingress and Egress and yet sufficient space for entering in cabin
c. Overall sound insulation, cabin feels much more silent
d. With Suspension slight stiffened in diesel due to added weight - be assure that Creta ride is more towards comfort and stability
e. Steering feels light as against Tata, and weighs up gradually too (although not the level of handling which Tata Altroz has, but will definitely admire the feedback)
f. Hyundai After sales service is superior and reliability is top notch

To make it easier for you
Check out for your parents on how comforable they are in Tata Altroz in terms of
> Seating on Rear Seat
> Ingress, Egress
> Closing of doors

If this is not a deal breaker then be assured that you do not need to spend higher and seal in Altroz Diesel with 5 star build quality and top notch handling experience.

If preference moves towards superior Engine refinement, Cabin Insulation, Ease of Ingress and Egress with more comfort - Hyundai Creta E Diesel

XUV300 Diesel: Too much pricey and with outdated interiors - not the best value
Still if you seek combination of like Fully Loaded Features with 5 Star Build in Performance oriented diesel engine can consider but do note that cabin insulation is average with noisier cabin on higher speed. So that takes away again the feel factor in this car.

Hope should help !!
2 months ago
Thankyou for your inputs, I have some more doubts..
1)Which is more VFM?? Nexon XZ plus diesel (15 lacs) or Creta E diesel (Considering the same above mentioned requirements )

2)Does Altroz' ground clearance suffice on Bad roads or No roads.
2 months ago
1)Which is more VFM?? Nexon XZ plus diesel (15 lacs) or Creta E diesel (Considering the same above mentioned requirements )

Will pick Hyundai Creta E Diesel if not too much into Build Quality perspective

2)Does Altroz' ground clearance suffice on Bad roads or No roads.

Although Altroz is not an off roader and expecting to clear No roads scenario would be too much from this car,
but suspension is so beautifully managed from hatchback perspective that can offer superior handling experience on highways.
GC is 165 mm laden so dont expect SUV kind of traits to clear on large size potholes but is enough for average indian roads.
2 months ago
1)Gagan sir, Based on your recommendation and my test drive experience, I have booked Creta E Diesel with a waiting period of 3-4 months as quoted by the dealer in Hyderabad, But as the New Creta Facelift is due for update as told by you in your recent video, So is it worth waiting for the new Creta or to go with current one ?? I am worried if the New Creta would come with a Diesel Manual or not as with the case of Kia Seltos BS6 phase 2 which is not coming with Manual variants..

2) I am also willing to Install a Touchscreen infotainment system with 4 speakers and 2 tweeters and reverse camera, So going with aftermarket installation would void warranty??

2 months ago
Aniket ji,

Congrats on booking !!

1. Hyundai has no plans to introduce in Creta Facelift till August'23
They may introduce in during Festive season or postpone altogether to early 2024

2. As long as its coupler to coupler from branded center without modifying, slicing and using branded system having good wires then no warranty impact be there. There are many good branded system can easily be fitted in
Infact Creta Sx Executive was too lacking the infotainment and it was either a dealer fitted system as part of hyundai genuine accessory or from after market too with hundreds of customer fitted without any impact on car warranty - provided basics are correct by choosing
a) Branded one
b) Choosing renowned retro fitter who do coupler to coupler
c) Fitment in front of you without any original stock wiring been sliced, cut.

I suggest to check this post on Best Touchscreen Music System and decide accordingly.
Hope should help !!
2 months ago
Hello Gagan sir,
Your video "Financial aspect in buying car" made me to rethink about my decision of buying Creta, So I now have decided to go with Altroz XZ diesel and Save around 4.5 lakh rupees..As told by you the only con in the Altroz is better rear seat comfort for elders but they travel once in a while that too for trips not exceeding than 3-4 hours also they feel quite comfortable in Dzire ( considering Altroz offers similar rear seat comfort)

So, I have some questions regarding Altroz

1) I checked service cost section in your website but couldn't find info regarding Altroz diesel

2) Is there Urea/ Adblu tank in Altroz ??
2 months ago

1) I checked service cost section in your website but couldn't find info regarding Altroz diesel

We are updating service records by extracting details with different companies, as same been escalated considerably in last 1 yr
Service cost section will likely be updated by 15th May as internal deadline across brands

2) Is there Urea/ Adblu tank in Altroz ??

See in Phase 1 - Altroz was not using any such adblue, rather used to have Lean NOx Trap
But in phase 2 - OEM are supposed to upgrade to use SCR Tech - selective catalytic reduction through Adblue, which is relative expensive and thats the reason all diesel hatchback (except altroz) or diesel sedan car in segment discontinued from 1st April. Having said same - We havent checked Phase 2 Altroz Diesel, suggest to get same revalidated from local dealer on whether Adblue added in phase 2 Altroz Diesel
1 month ago
Gagan Sir, I have finalised Altroz XZ diesel worth Rs.11 lakhs for which I have two options to buy :-

1. Out of the 11 lakhs, I am willing to pay Rs.5 lakhs as down payment. For the remainder of Rs.6 lakhs I am planning for loan at ROI 9% p.a for a term of 3 years


2. My car loan eligibility is 10.00lakhs. Hence buy the car utilising the loan of Rs.10.00 lakhs at 9% p.a for 7 years and 1 lakh as downpayment and invest Rs.4.00 lakhs in a FD with ROI @ 8.5% p.a

Pls help me choose the most financially viable option of the above two
1 month ago
Aniket ji,

Choose Option - 1
1. Out of the 11 lakhs, I am willing to pay Rs.5 lakhs as down payment. For the remainder of Rs.6 lakhs I am planning for loan at ROI 9% p.a for a term of 3 years

Obligation ideally needs to be cleared a the earliest.
1 month ago
Hello Gagan sir, Tata motors is offering Corporate discount of ₹3000 on submitting a copy of my ID card and Salary slip but the thing is that I haven't got my ID card yet from my organisation.. I asked dealership if only salary slip would suffice..He is saying he needs both the things in order to claim corporate discount..Is it really necessary to submit both in order to claim discount ?? I even called customer care but even they dont have any idea..
1 month ago

As a pratice - both
a) ID Card
b) Salary Slip

required as same needs to be submitted by dealer to TML to claim back the corporate discount from kitty provided, but if you havent got ID Card yet - can furnish copy of appointment letter with latest salary slip and confirmation to dealer that you havent got ID Card yet and ask them to take approval from TML for your case.

Once a mail sent to TSM (Territory sales manager) basis details - he can approve for passing on corporate discount.
2 weeks ago
I Read this conversation with great interest as I am in a similar predicament. I loved the altroz diesel test drive..i found the recline angle on the rear seat too vertical.. how is the drive comfort in rear seat for long drives in altroz ..
Since my monthly running is more than 2000km, I'm leaning towards a diesel car .. and budget is about 12L
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