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  Friday, 17 March 2023
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Dear team

I am currently driving a creta SX plus diesel AT , now I plan to change my car. My annual drive is around 20000 kms and 70% in city and 30% on highways. I am putting up in Gurgaon and my work place is in delhi so office commute is around 40 Kms.

My budget is around 15-16 lacs and I am open for sedan as well as SUV. As of now I have seen following cars and I am not able to decide.
I will be taking car on loan and BH series registration.

New cars
- Škoda Slavia 1.5L TSI DSG
Getting discount around 2.50 lacs and is costing around 16.65 lacs, March and year end offers.MY22 manufacturing Nov/Dec car.
I have heard few horror stories and reliability issues. Resale value is another thing that comes to my mind.
Is slavia BS 6 phase 2 complaint? Dealers are not able to answer.

- Grand Vitara Zeta hybrid
Costing around 19.50 lacs which I feel is a bit of stretch and car lags boot space as well. I do 2-3 road trips with 4-5 members in a year. Luggage could be a challenge. But FE is one big positive. So after 8 years in case battery of the car needs to be replaced what would be the tentative cost and I think so that will impact the re-sale value as well .

- Scorpion Z4 Diesel AT
Will again cost me around 18.50-19 lacs but availability is a big issue , waiting period is too long.

Pre- owned
- Tata Harrier XZA Plus AT , 2021 model Driven 28k and approx 19 lacs.
I like the car but is Pre owned the only drawback.
Saw the car at Spinny so they are giving 1 yr warranty on car but Pre owned car there might be unforeseen expenses.
Insurance will expire on Aug’23 and tyres life is around 50%.

Kindly advise , I generally keep car for 4-5 years and I drive around a lakh Km in this duration.

Let me know how can we connect on phone

1 year ago
Pls refer this brief writeup on Verna Sx Option DCT

Mileage based on many factors - cant comment as of now as this is a new Turbo Petrol Engine and zone where can achieve maximum, but if stated to be more fuel efficient by Hyundai in ARAI testing - expect it to be better than MPI Engine

If you seek fully loaded variant - Verna Sx Option DCT remains a better pick.

Hope should help !!
1 year ago
And what about new Verna 1.5 turbo DCT SX is that a value for money buy ? and what can be the expected mileage ?

Company claims mileage of 20+

Sent from my iPhone
1 year ago
Ankit Sahab,

Hi, Hope doing great

New Verna is great choice. Pls find some initial feeler of this car

a. Excellent all round improvement in space, refinement, features, styling but from build quality is the only questionable aspect left

b. This MPI Engine is pretty refined, and idling engine NVH Levels as observed felt pretty silent as against Slavia / Virtus

c. Rear Seat Space remained a down point for Verna till 5th Gen, but not anymore in 6th Gen Verna. Infact 3 average physique adults can feel comfortable in Verna rear seat. Acceptable headroom, good legroom, decent under-thigh, good recline angle and with rear center middle seat which is not too obtrusive - felt excellent pick

My View is that Verna Sx Option IVT looks stretched in pricing over Verna Sx IVT. This 2.2 Lakh price differential is too much for minimalistic changes.

Yes Bose Speakers, Cooled Ventilated Front Seats, Electric driver seats and leatherette seats are there with ADAS, but
> ADAS misses on adaptive cruise control in Verna Sx Option IVT
> Its Manual Adjustable in Height adjustment of driver seat
> Ventilated seats only in front and not in rear
> No 360 Camera even in top of line

This price differential of 2.25 Lakh feels stretched and to view if can go for Verna Sx IVT can have superior value buy experience.

From Preference Factors
1. Mileage - Early to say but Naturally aspirated petrol Engine can end up with decent economy figures
2. Relatability - Hyundai known for knack on reliability and superior after sales experience.
3. Resale - Hyundai leads in big way
4. Driving pleasure - Fun to drive element of Skoda, VW is an edge on highway with high speed handling is second to none, but Hyundai Verna (basis driving other Hyundai cars as yet to experience 6th gen Verna) can say that for city use and comfort - will find them pretty apt and Verna would be best with relaxed drive

Do note that if you are not after race of 5 star build - Hyundai Verna looks like a great buy and certainly can enhance the feel basis all round factor.

Only suggestion would be Verna Sx IVT instead of Sx Option from Value buy quotient.
1 year ago

New Verna launched

Feed back pls

New Verna 1.5 L CVT / 1.5 turbo DCT Vs slavia 1.5L TSI DSG.

I have contacted few of the Hyundai dealers anand Verna 1.5L IVT SX O is available.

My budget allows 1.5 L turbo DCT Sx variant also of the Verna.

So which one to choose.

Primary factor looking for

1. Mileage
2. Relatability
3. Resale
4. Driving pleasure

Unfortunately test drive is not available in Gurgaon.
Sent from my iPhoneA
1 year ago
So basically I will be getting BH series registration for the car , that’s why it is costing around 16.65 lacs.

Yes, regret missed that earlier
Excellent deal in all perspective

Used Alcazar Signature Option Diesel Auto
Looks interesting. 18 Lakh for under 2 yr old car which is under Hyundai warranty till 2024 August and same can too be extended for additional 2 yrs making it 5 yr / 1 Lakh Kms

Hyundai Diesel engine as you would have experienced so far are very reliable and in BS6 diesel engine of Hyundai are actually benchmark in refinement and Engine NVH

Fully Loaded top of line features, luxury, life style experience
Conditon looks okay except some minor scratch and dent which can taken care in workshop visit with rubbing compound for scratches and denter for removing those minor imperfections.

Harrier: Showing Delhi registration too, if you dont have residential address proof of delhi but has for Haryana - will require re-registration of HR Series or as you referred eligible for Bharat Series - would be additional outflow yet on pro-rata basis.

With usage as spread to 40 Kms on daily basis in city - the hydraulic steering will feel heavier and Harrier mileage at any given point would be lower against Alacar. Also as specified earlier - feels relative over-priced too.

Overall: Hyundai Alcazar feels lot better proposition and with Diesel one actually your running cost would be lower
Do note that Alcazar diesel suspension feels marginally more stiffer as against Creta Diesel Auto 2016 model as you having but rest in terms of
> Quality upgrade
> Styling
> Features
> Luxury comfort for 4 adults with kids only for 3rd row

a great all round choice.

For Community Whatsapp group: You can whatsapp hi on 85957 93939 and our automated system will take you in to Alcazar group.
1 year ago
So basically I will be getting BH series registration for the car , that’s why it is costing around 16.65 lacs.
VW Virtus I had checked and not getting any lucrative deal on it.

One more car used car I had seen on Spinny .
Hyundai Alcazar deisel AT signature O 2021

It is 28k driven and available at price of approx 18.25 lacs.
I am hereby attaching the report of both harrier and Alcazar. (attachment restricted for admin access)

FE and resale value is something that is bothering me for the Slavia 1.5L DSG.

I had heard that there are car groups also were discussions on deals are there how can get added to it.

Ankit Midha
1 year ago
Dear Ankit,

Hi. Greetings !!
Understand requirement and pls find below inputs

Used Diesel Cars:- do not hold very high resale value in Delhi, NCR Zone
Although its Harrier XZA Plus top end with fully loaded features but average camera, laggy infotainment and fact that Tata Harrier XZA Plus Automatic when bought by owner would have costed in 23 Lakh On road in Haryana, and last sold at around 25 to 25.5 Lakh prices in BS6 ph1 after discounts in 2023

Basis fact of 50% Tyre Life, upcoming battery change in next 2 yrs, insurance due in 4 months and fact that car looks like out of company warranty (without any extended warranty as spinny offering same) - in no way anything beyond 70% of 25.5 Lakh as present value - means 18 Lakh as maximum price be offered for it.

Adding further upkeep cost in terms of Insurance renewal, Tyre Life - means another cut in resale.

Do note that when cars are sold from 2nd Owner to 3rd Owner and that too a Diesel one as will look for in Delhi, NCR - car resale value will erode further.

Although fair value is 17.5 Lakh but 18 Lakh is like maximum stretched price for this BS6 Phase 1 Compliant Harrier XZA Plus provided in rest of the parameters car is excellent and well maintained.

At 19 Lakh - strict no and overpriced

Škoda Slavia 1.5L TSI DSG: Is 16.65 Lakh as On road price ?
I mean it just cant get better than this. Its not 2.5 Lakh discount but almost 4 Lakh Discount as On road price in Gurgaon is little above 20.5 Lakh

and you do not need to be worried about past stories as
> Localisation is very high in VW India Car range since 2020 (almost 90%+)
> Most of the spare parts cost significant lesser as against scenario of 2015
> 4 yr Skoda Service care pack available including all service cost and offered complimentary too
> Car offered with 4 yr warranty but recommended to opt for extended warranty of additional 2 yrs to make it 6 yr / 1.5 Lakh Kms - as will not only offer peace of mind but even will cover in resale factor as and when plan to sell with DSG transmission will be available in company offered warranty too

For a user whos going to own for 4 to 5 yrs - from
a) Best in class Performance
b) Ownership Cost
c) Fully Loaded Features
d) Road Presence, Styling Factor
e) Immaculate Handling

you really do not need to worry at all, i also suggest to check out VW Virtus GT Line too as somehow Virtus GT line feels even more sportier with red accents in interiors and those black alloys enhance the look feel factor of this car

What you wont like would be the mileage part where your running cost would be relative higher
Secondly - i also suggest to ask for VIN number pre hand and Decode Car Manufacturing Month to actually see that its indeed a December or November make car and not too far away unsold stock in inventory

Concern for you at a point would be of fuel efficiency - in city use 11 to 12 at max should be a decent expectation, on highway yes car can shine to 17 to even 18 kmpl+ due to active cylinder technology.

Grand Vitara: Indeed limited storage space would be a downside, and secondly this engine in 3 cylinder form feels more noisier too.
Pickup performance cant expect anywhere close to what you enjoying right now in Creta Diesel Auto or can expect in Slavia 1.5 or Harrier

Yes positives remains of
> Fuel efficiency
> Suspension

But for need where compromise would be on boot, performance and such a steep price - things go favor of this car.

Scorpio N: Indeed year long waiting period

Final Suggestion for you
16.65 Lakh is too good a price for Slavia, you really need to
a) Check if its indeed a November or December model
b) Recheck on price by asking full breakup of On road components
c) If Point a holds true and b is satisfactory then Opt for 4+2 yr warranty to have DSG Transmission covered for longer year and expect same to factor in resale value too

At this price, nothing can come better than Skoda Slavia 1.5 DSG AUtomatic and recommended purchase
Hope should help, Feel free to connect for any followup queries if any.
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