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  Monday, 27 February 2023
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I have been driving a wagon R for the last 11 years and looking to upgrade to a compact SUV.

I have recently shifted to Dehradun from Delhi and daily commute would be about 20 kms in city roads, 2-3 times a year on highways like Dehradun Delhi and weekly trips to nearby hills like musoorie which is about an hour from here and at times some trips that require around 4-5 hours driving in the hills but not really off-roading.

Some of the main concerns are
1) safety
2) space
3) Maintenance

In terms of features i would want the safety features like hill start assist, traction control ESP, good headlights a sunroof would be nice to have as a good part would be in dehradun and hilly areas.

Since my wife also intends to drive i was considering AMT/AT as it will make it easier for her to get comfortable as she has been out of touch for a while . She used to drive a bit for a year within dwarka(delhi) but gave up completely when she was expecting in 2016. Now she will mainly be driving within the city while i will be driving on highways or

So far i was thinking of Nexon, Brezza and XUV 300 and have taken test drives on these 3.
Nexon test was on the manual Transmission, XUV AMT and Brezza AT.

My impressions so far :

Nexon : I was mainly looking at the XMA S variant as it had most things i wanted and within the initial budget i had in mind. I liked the ride quality and the overall feel of sitting in the cabin, interiors and the features we get at that price. The thick a pillar did bother a bit on curves coming from the open wagon r view, but i guess that will get better with time.

However i was not able to test drive the AMT variant and have heard some not-so-positive things about the AMT online in some cases cars getting stalled because of overheated clutch plates, there are also some horror stories about TATA servicing. not sure how true they are but i don't want to regret buying the car anytime soon.
I have also heard about the sound and vibration issues but didn't feel that all, maybe it happens after a few years of use.

Brezza : Test drove the AT, which is exorbitantly priced so out of options. However, I am still considering the zxi manual version as it did feel easier to drive with the sitting position and lighter clutch and i guess my wife will also get used to it ( if she has to). Maruti's service and engine reliability is said to be more and probably the only thing i may regret is paying more and going for manual.
All Maruti showrooms are pushing some accessories which is a turn off, they are fewer in zxi model about 15k and more in vxi model about 80k which takes the

XUV 300 - not really considering it anymore as it is meant more for performance oriented users and has fairly low mileage as it is more like nexon on sports mode plus a little more.
The interiors felt dated and features too limited for over a lakh price difference over nexon.
However, the AMT felt natural and if nexon AMT behaves anything similar it would be good enough.

So as of now nexon XMA s satisfies most of my needs with a touchscreen ( maybe with a 360-degree camera) retrofitted however Tata services and the unreliability of AMT is a big question mark.

Brezza - i will have to pay a premium even for manual but will get some more features and hopefully peace of mind with the maruti engine reliability and after-sales services. The AT is way too expensive even though it felt good.

Help me with your opinion and what can be the best purchase for my needs and from the observations so far.
1 year ago
Dear Neetish,

Hi. Greetings !!
Pls find some pointers which will assist in making right choice for need

1. Nexon AMT System is even better calibrated as against XUV300 Petrol AMT
So if you found XUV300 AMT reasonable for need, chances are that will find Nexon AMT system even better calibrated

2. Nexon once launched in 2018 end had significant jerk/pause effect in AMT - but in last 4 yrs+ - OEM did considerable
> Tune-ups
> Enhancements
> Improved Performance in City Mode (there are 3 modes - eco/city/sports where ideally should use eco while using expressway or highway, use city for day to day usage in Dehradun and sports mode when seek to unleash fun performance)

and now in BS6 Phase 2 even Engine NVH - noise vibration are reduced to a considerable extent

3. As you referred that your better half would also be driving in car, theres no contest to this fact that AMT
> offers much more convenient drive with relaxed left foot
> do not let stall engine as otherwise is there in Manual Transmission
> way traffic situtation at times is bad in Dehradun - can use in creep mode to enjoy the convenience of drive in bumper to bumper traffic by applying brakes and releasing it to creep at 7 kmph speed

4. Yes Nexon XMA S meets in all essential needs in terms of
> Unmatched Build Quality with 5 star rating
> ESP, Hill Hold Assist
> This variant yes has Electric Sunroof

In terms of headlights - although they are projectors but somehow halogen projectors do not have excellent in night visibility
I suggest to upgrade bulbs to more powerful - Osram nigh breaker or Philips xtreme vision plus

5. Tata Services are improved considerably in recent years (although in no way are benchmark or close to Toyota / Honda / Maruti) but still service experience and product reliability is now considerably better as against yester years.

To view - should confidently go ahead with Nexon
1 year ago
Thank you for your response this really helps,

Regarding the headlight upgrade and a few other changes, what is the best way to go about it without risking the warranty ?
1 year ago
Neetish Sahab

Hi. These are plug and play halogen bulbs - can be installed in under 5 minutes by dealer showroom only with
> same watt as standard bulbs but with improved filament design
> no wiring needs to be modified for same

Can connect with showroom accessories manager - can easily fit in
1 year ago
Thank you Modi Ji, I am clear on that now.

However recently came across too many posts on Twitter FB where some recurring issues like engine locking and clutch overheating are stalling the vehicle.

I am nervous about something like this happening while traveling with family or in scenarios where my wife is driving. As it does look like a security concern.

Are these issues very common, is it reliable enough for the long run.
1 year ago

Cars are mechanical, issues can happen in one of the most trustworthy cars too
Tata is not the benchmark - but improved significantly in recent years with
> Much better calibrated AMT
> Much more reliable cars as product is in matured stage been 6 yr+ old with all initial niggles been resolved
> Service center experience is too considerably improved

Tata Nexon is now featuring regularly as one among Top 5 cars with near 15000 units as sold with precision levels in Auto Industry now stands at 99.9%- dont think you have any reasons to worry about.

Just only thing - buy the latest BS6 Ph2 compliant model as engine feels even better tuned with better NVH than before.
Hope should help !!
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