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  Thursday, 02 February 2023
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I am a 52 yr old salaried professional with a private company, residing in Hyderabad

I currently own XUV 500 W10 Manual Diesel 2017 model, and I am the first owner. This is my third car, and previously, I owned Indica Vista & Maruti Alto.

My total running is around 600km per month (25 km per day both ways), in the city traffic mostly alone. It took me nearly 2 hrs in traffic with all sort of clutch-break-clutch-gear-brake and so on. XUV 500 gives me a mileage of 10km per litre and a lot of back pains :)

Once in 4-6 months, I drive for an additional 600-800 km for a long trip with 2-4 pax
I am looking to change to my next car.

The next car will possibly be my retirement car or maybe one before that (if I change by 2029)
My priority - Automatic, Comfort (Luxury), ADAS, Stylish, performance

The price range I am looking for - is 20-25 Lakh on the road can extend to 30 too.

MG Hector - I am stunned by its feature & look. The only holding back is the announced mileage of 9 kmpl, which may result lesser on city roads.

XUV 700 - This was my first choice before Hector's new variant. Holding back was again the mileage and a pretty long waiting period.
Electric - Major concern is that many reviews say that the resale value of EVs will be very low if I try to sell in 2029, or I might have to spend another 10+L for a battery replacement if I want to continue.

MG ZS EV - a bit high priced

XUV 400 - fair pricing but somehow not very convinced to go down from 500 to 400 (mental block), Also, this has just launched, so not sure about the features, safety, and on-road real user performance.
Hybrid (Petrol + Electric)

Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder - This is my preference, at par with Hector, but annoyed with the dealer sales rep's commitment. I have experienced that their sales rep in the showroom is least interested in discussing, detailing and arranging for a test drive. ADAS, among others. And a waiting period.

Shall I book in Feb or wait for March to get a better deal? Does it make sense to wait another 3-4 months to see whether EV is getting cheaper post-budget announcement?

Please advise what I shall go for and when?

Bipul Sahay
10 months ago
Dear Sir,

PPF Coating is highly expensive and depends on thickness too
Like 3M (which is known for industry benchmark) offers regular PPF coating which can cost in around 1.25 Lakh for New Verna (with complete wrap) or 1 Lakh (without Bonet) but still is not the best, as there VentureShield which is of better density and life too - but can end up been 50% higher cost too

Also - if due to accident any bumper need to be replaced - then PPF coating (Which wont be covered under insurance) will cost in near rs 10K. Having said same - minor scratches are prevented but not stone chirps.

To view - its an expensive affair and from our side not recommended on a car worth 20 Lakh, rather for maintenance can go ahead with annual detailing packages.
10 months ago
Dear Gagan ji,

Wanted to check with you for PPF or ceramic coating or Nano coating for my new Verna Car. Many people around me are advising for this.
Do you find any of the three will be beneficial?
My major concern is for scratches that is almost unavoidable during city traffic drive.
Anything specific shall I look for if you recommend for these?
Any guidance in how to identify the rightdetailing shop where this can be done.

Bipul Sahay
11 months ago
Congrats for New Car Sir !!
As of now we dont have any recommendation for 360 camera set up - one retro fitted in market lacks the finesse which otherwise comes from plant itself. Its not recommended to do after market modification for same,

Best regds
11 months ago
Dear Gagan ji,

I finally got del8very of New Verna SX(o) Turbo DCT on 26th March. My first experience is that this is a masterpiece. A very different in experience, particularly after driving XUV 500 for last 5 1/2 years.
Though I am missing the 360* camera. Particularly the left indicator camera as is there in Honda city.

Do you suggest that I get a 360* camera fixed? And will this be good to fix on my own or from a nearby accessory shop? Will this impact warranty? Any recommendation for good brand for same?

11 months ago
Dear Bipul ji,

Excellent choice.
Final Invoice is generated at time of billing only, and is definitely not a mandatory document for loan disbursement

a) Invoice with HP to Bank
b) RC Copy with Due HP to Bank is submitted
c) Insurance policy copy with HP to Bank
can even be submitted at later stage too by dealer to Bank as as PDD (Post Disbursal Documents), where Bank credit team do take waiver of Invoice and Insurance with fact that vehicle is not delivered, and yet disburse payment to dealer with undertaking that vehicle will be delivered within next 15 days at max.

But if Invoice is generated, Insurance is there - can optionally be submitted earlier too to Bank for loan disbursemnet
Lastly - you can have word with showroom Manager or GM, if dealer executive seems like not entertaining in any request. You are eventually buying a 2 Million worth top end mid sedan and dealer has all responsibility to be as customer centric in there attire for premium experience

Hope should help !!
11 months ago
Dear Gagan ji,

Finally after all the research, I will be getting the delivery of New Verna SX(O) DCT on Sunday 26th March 2023. Thanks for all the guidance as that adds up to the process of exploration and finalization.
For loan I didn't go through the dealer and got it from my own source, loan is sanctioned by hdfc but dealer is not providing final.invoice for loan to get disbursed. Any suggestion how to handle this?
Please advise what checks shall I focus on while taking the delivery.

11 months ago

You mean - Hector Plus Savvy Pro CVT Model New shape - 2023 Model with ADAS. Pls check

If yes
> Is it a 1 Lakh discount on exshowroom or On road as Insurance premium is generally priced higher at dealer showroom significantly and can save in near 30K to 40K on to it (by negotiating or checking online quote)

> If thats 1 Lakh Discount on exshowroom then been test driven 3500 Kms which is no less too in less too and dealer would be like getting in BS6 ph2 compliant cars soon - thats why hes been asked to sell the car - should negotiate inclusion of 3 yr / 30,000 Kms MG Protect Premium plan worth complimentary of Rs 50,000 which includes even wear & tear items like clutch plate, brake pads and all scheduled servicing too (dont go for classic plan). Else ask him for 1.5 Lakh discount on the car and use this 50,000 for taking 3 yr Premium Plan

Else if its a discount in On road price where Insurance marked at inflated numbers and include accessories too - then bad deal.
Hope should help !!
11 months ago
Dear Gagan ji,

MG dealer is offering Hector 2023 model savy pro test drive vehicle (3500km) at a discounted price of 1lakh. Vehicle is non registered. Is it worth considering the offer? Can I bargain for more price? My earlier choice was of 5 seater but they are offering 6 seater.
If I can go for test drive vehicle then what shall I check for?
Any other suggestion?
12 months ago
Dear Bipul ji,

Regret delay
Pls find answer to query

As you suggested will wait for City face-lift, though sales person says they have no official information about face-lift one. Can understand his compulsion.

Whenever, such news comes - Dealer showroom existing stock turns standstill and then they are compelled to like sell at higher discounts
Thus they tend to avoid in. They only utter a word whenever bookings are started officially by Honda

Do you see that it will be a good move to pre-book this car

Absolutely - this would be most stylish Verna ever and would be generation change from 5th to 6th one with
> Features
> Luxury
> Styling all at next level

Issue with existing Verna is low base seats, and compact rear seat legroom
Hopefully we may find same getting addressed in. Whether ADAS will feature in it or not, time will tell

And did the company refund the booking amount if I do not wish to go with it?

Yes all bookings are cancellable with full refund tiill the time prices are announced, but still a confirmation check need to be done from local Hyundai dealer

Hope should help !!
1 year ago

I took the test drive for Honda City 5th generation and for MG Hector facel8ft. I understand that both are different segments, but I do see that for my usage sedan also will be good. I do like the Hinda City and feel Hector has more of hype.
As you suggested will wait for City face-lift, though sales person says they have no official information about face-lift one. Can understand his compulsion.

Meantime heard that Hyundai is launching New Verna and it is going to be THE car in the segment. Hyundai is doing prebooking without much details available. Do you see that it will be a good move to pre-book this car? And did the company refund the booking amount if I do nit wish to go with it?

1 year ago

As your initial preference was towards SUV side - hence referred the best basis need
In terms of Sedan - City is due for facelift in around March 2023 and would be worth a check post facelift model been launched

Pls refer - Honda City 2023 Facelift Changes

This new model would definite be worth in Zx basis improved features, however pls note that Hybrid edition comes with smaller boot space at around 305 Litre and carries price premium of near 4.5 Lakh on road

With average drive need of near around 7000 Kms a year - can actually consider City Zx CVT over Hybrid - if you are considering Sedan as option - where top model Zx CVT petrol on road with 5 yr warranty will cost in around 20 Lakh on road

Hope should help !!
1 year ago
Thank you Gagan ji,

While I will be going for the Test drive of MG Hector.
Someone is suggesting to check for Honda City 5th Gen or Honda city Hybrid. Looking forward for your advise.
1 year ago
Hi Bipul ji,

Greetings !!
My total running is around 600 km per month (25 km per day both ways), in the city traffic mostly alone. It took me nearly 2 hrs in traffic with all sort of clutch-break-clutch-gear-brake and so on. XUV 500 gives me a mileage of 10 km per litre and a lot of back pains :)

Indeed an Automatic choice is real boon and considering
> Traffic
> Age

you will find it to be the best for need. A 2 Pedal Technology car where
a) Left foot is relaxed while drive
b) Car has creep mode which makes utmost ease in bumper to bumper traffic - where one can control drive through Brake only as automatically pick speed of 7 kmph without even pressing accelerator

is what the need of hour
I also get in to your point where maximum usage is in city condition and having a car with comfort oriented suspension and electric steering as against hydraulic one can make things easy.

Basis Different choices
See - one has to make a trade off with low mileage
If you seeking a large size SUV and non-hybrid one - like XUV700 Petrol or MG Hector - Single Digit mileage is something which need to be accepted. Also - 9 kmpl is something which can be optimistic too at times, as in bumper to bumper traffic and in extreme conditions - car mileage can drop to 7 to 8 kmpl too at times

MG Hector Savvy Pro CVT has everything in terms of
> Comfort where suspension is tuned on soft side. For city use where relative light steering, comfort oriented suspension and ADAS Features including traffic jam assist where car can steer too in traffic jam of city (having white marking on road) to be in lane and use autonomous brake to offer supreme convenience to drive

> For City Use - basis steering, suspension, features and space for 4 members - an excellent pick

> Pretty Spacious for 4 members and lifestyle experience felt

What you wont like:
a) Mileage which is actually lowest in segment and will
b) Other SUV Cars like Harrier, Safari, XUV700, Scorpio N has more superior handling response and feels more macho on high speed

XUV700, XUV400: Its a myth to think that due to EV - resale will be impacted
EV are still in nascent stage and considering challenges in terms of
> Upfront Pricing
> Range Anxiety
> Charging Infra
> Battery Life Replacement Concerns
> Changing EV Tech

infact it will still take a long time for EV Cars Tech to be developed and grew in Indian Market
Dont foresee any threat to Internal combustion engine resale in even next 10 yrs basis fact that over 20 Million New Internal combustion engine cars projected to be sold in next 5 yrs - with many more millions sold earlier too

Rest - i second your opinion on Mileage, waiting on XUV700 and XUV400 part

Hyryder: Basis fact that your monthly usage would be just 600 Kms (other than long term) - spending too much on strong hybrid wont serve purpose.

Best Car: To View MG Hector Savvy Pro CVT has everything which makes it ideal for your specific need except Mileage part
To make numbers in context - if you say getting in like 8 kmpl in realistic scenario - it will mean Rs 1500 a month as extra outflow in terms of Petrol (as against a car which would have delivered in 10 kmpl), translated to Rs 18000 a year - to Rs 1.5 Lakh in around 7 yrs by which can consider EV tech to be developed too in 2030 and can consider a replacement then

So it shouldnt be an issue and if rest all consideration meeting in
> Comfort
> Lifestyle
> Relaxed drive
> Space

can turn out as ideal one.
Have test drive and consider same
Feel free to connect for any followup queries if any.
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