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  Thursday, 20 October 2022
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Hi MyCarHelpline,

Thankyou for providing me excellent support so far i have deposited Rs 2000 more to your account because I got more confused now ,i have not doubt XUV 700 is a Great Choice but my family members are opposing me to buy such an expensive car they are saying that its value gets depreciated over time instead invest in a plot or something else .Also Big car will required space in our house which we don't have ,Also my one of my relative told me that expensive car will cost me more on insurance on yearly basis ,it servicing will cost me around 50,000 to 60,000 a year .They told me that instead of big car buy a small car under 10 lakh rupees because technology is changing rapidly and government has been changing their policies on regular basis, Flex fuel and ethanol engines are coming ,EV cars will be cheaper in nearby future .Thus i have decided to come back to mycarhelpline to get their expert advise because my family members are influencing my decision and I am more confused now .To some extent they are right and now my creteria and needs has been totally changed and i am sorry I have multiple questions in my mind some of my requirements are mentioned below :-

1. Good Mileage
2. Good Build Quality
3. Engine Reliability
4. Fun and Existing to Drive
5. Spacious and Comfortable rear seat for family
6. Should have a good Automatic option

Since this will be first car and most of my drivings will be within city -market in bumper to bumper traffic .Please suggest me a good car based on mentioned creteria .You can suggest me any car a hatchback ,a sedan or a SUV any fuel type petrol or diesel or EV

Q 1.Please suggest me should I go for a petrol or diesel engine ?

Q2. Please suggest me if i can for a sedan ,a hatchback or a SUV

Q3 . Is it good to opt for a car with sunroof ? i have heard that they may start leaking water over time or during rainy season.

Q4. Please suggest me what the mist to have features should I look while buying a car and what's features can be ignored and are just marketing gimmick ?

Q5 Please suggest me if i opt for a car with cruise control and hill hold assist or not ?

Q6.Since Kushaq and Taigun also scored well in GNCAP should I consider anyone of them or not ?

Q7 Should I consider Kiger or Magnet or not i am not sure about their build quality

Q8 Please confirm me if any hatchback will fullfil my requirements or not ?

So what car will you suggest me now ?

And thankyou very much Gagan ji to provide us excellent ,fruitful and meaningful content so far .

Prasanna Diwan
1 year ago
Greetings !!

Appreciate in sharing concern, and yes family is correct to an extent with important points shared. Just to correct couple of them

it servicing will cost me around 50,000 to 60,000 a year
Not exactly. Annual Servicing cost of XUV700, Harrier would be like rs 12K to 15K a year, while for Jeep Compass will be in tune of Rs 15K to 20K a year.

Rest - yes i got in your need requirements including usage which will be majorly in city use and you seek a jack of all in terms of :- Mileage, Safety, Reliability, Space, Seating Comfort and Fun to Drive Experience as a first car .

First thing first - Basics
> SUV Cars tend to have relative lower fuel efficiency as against Hatch, Sedan - due to added weight, wider tyres and stance
> Secondly, for a user who has maximum in city use and seek comfort - a hatcback or sedan would rather be better pick as not extended wide in terms of narrow roads and yes turnng radius is relatively lower
> Third to choose Petrol or Diesel - utmost need is
a) Monthly Usage
b) Performance factor

Been your prime usage would be in city - be sure that a Petrol Car in 1.5 Litre Engine or 1 Litre Turbo / 1.2 Litre Turbo would be more than sufficient. Second - depends on average drive in city. As its your first car - i presume that average annual usage will still be 10,000 Kms or so - correct me if am wrong - a Petrol car will suffice in need

Issues in Car with Sunroof
Maximum issues are what observed by users who choose in after-market as retro fitment
With respect to factory fitted - sunroof - issues are relative scarce, only thing needed annually are
> Sunroof channel cleaning
> Lubcrication
clean any dust settled on sunroof (after bad weather)

Cruise and Hill Assist
Ideally dont need cruise in local, city drive but most of the OEM offering cruise in middle models and above and no harm in having same
Hill Assist definite can make a difference for first timers, whenever you come from basement of mall or residential society - can hold car for 2 seconds to give driver a better control.

Kiger or Magnite
Although they are fuel efficient and concern is not related to build but to the quality and after-sales service experience
If you seek reliability and superior after-sales service experience - look out beyond these cars

Best Car Suggestion for need
See there are 2 cars am suggesting. With maximum usage in city
a) Look out for Honda City V CVT @ under 15 Lakh on road with reasons
> One among best soft suspension for family usage from comfort
> Pretty Spacious for 4 Member family
> 5 Star Safety with 4 Airbags, Hill Assist, Vehicle stability
> 1.5 Litre IVtec Engine is lot impressive
> CVT is pretty smooth - will love in response and convenience in day to day drive
> Scores high on reliabilty and almost all initial niggles been resolvd
> Now service cost are once a year too (till 4th gen was bi-annual) - annual paid service cost will be in range of rs 6500 to 7500
> Standard warranty is of 3 yrs with extended warranty available for 5 Year and further add on warranty at later yrs available too

A great choice where maximum usage in within local use

Still if you seek SUV due to any reason for relative easier ingress, egress and seek more power - certainly Skoda Kushaq Ambition Automatic or VW Taigun Automatic
> Performance oriented with great fun to drive - the fun experience is notch better
> Pretty easy ingress, egress with lot of space for 4 members in headroom and legroom
> Superior Handling Experience with superior steering feedback
> Another 5 Star Safety Rated car
> Skoda & VW offering 4 year service pack free and yes also as standard 4 yr service maintenance free

Although yes there were some issues related to EPC errors, Aircon, Brakes in past and Aircon issues still been faced by some members where scorching heat is there. Some minor one like Rattles, cabin insulation not the best are still there
So from reliability & peace of mind perspective not best - but be assured from space for 4 members, performance, handling - will love in
Automatic transmission mask in turbo lag significantly

In Hatchback
> Hyundai I20 DCT is having too much of turbo lag under 2000 rpm and second not best in build
> Baleno AMT is relative jerky
> Altroz DCA - cant really vouch on reliability of this DCA
Next best in Jazz CVT - but fact that its discontinuing - hence not recommending.
Although to discalim - this 1.2 Litre engine engine response is best suited for city use. You may test drive V CVT - cost near 3.5 Lakh lower in on road but can be worth as pretty reliable and safe car.

Suggest to test drive, feel free to connect for any follow up queries !!

Hope should help !!
1 year ago

Happy Diwali,

I think EV should be best to pick in current situation but the best EV is not avilable in the market yet .Only Tata And Mahindra EVs are available in budget range but i am not sure whether they can handle Indian summer or not ?

While Mahindra XUV 400 is a new player in the market and not sure about its Reliability ,Can you confirm if Nexon EV is a Good Option to consider or not ?

As said by Minister Nitin Gadkari Ethanol percentage will be increased in near future ,i am afraid in buying gasoline engine cars too.

Prasanna Diwan
1 year ago

There are 2 major cons with EV as of now

a) Limited Range : EV Cars as personally observed gives close to 60% claimed fuel efficiency in real world conditions and when taken in conjunction with present infra set up and charging time.

b) Pricing and Rear Seat Space : If you seek family car or feel like spending in 10 Lakh to 15 Lakh or 20 Lakh or 25 Lakh - in all EV Cars you will find limited space in rear seat which otherwise do not match in comfort

XUV400 : As its a first new age product from Mahindra in EV space - reliability can be a question basis historical past - so wont suggest as first mover in this product but rather wait for 6 to 8 months

Coming to Nexon EV
If you care for EV as primary car then Instead of Nexon EV Prime - strong recommend to check out Nexon EV Max
This bigger battery setup can definite make a difference on long term when owning as primary car

Increased Ethanol Percentage
All present BS6 Cars are compatible with Ethanol mix of 10%
With Environmental concern and to reduce dependence of crude - yes roadmap of Government was earlier to increase
> Ethanol Blend from 7% to 10% - which is now achieved as 9.5%
> Ethanol Blend to increase to 20% in next 3 to 4 yrs

> Government also gave guidelines to Car Manufacturers to cope with changing trends and work on Flex Engines to cope with changing times as per guidelines

> Modern age BS6 Cars as sold in India - most of them comes with warning that Use of Ethanol in Fuel, if more than 10% (in cars with maximum limit as E10) may cause in
a) Engine Malfunction
b) Starting and Operating difficulties
c) Engine Degradation

and continued use of 10%+ Ethanol and in extreme cases at 15%+ can even damage car engine (for all cars compliant with maximum E10)

So, If Government made a shift of 10%+ Ethanol Blend only to be available - it will create Havoc

> However, considering fact that next 3 Years will witness in more than 10 Million New Cars + close to 18.5 Million Cars as sold from 2015 to 2021 + hundreds of Millions old cars where Ethanol Blend should not be 10% - Government likely to expectation will introduce in Multiple Fuel Type Options at Petrol Pump. Expected as :-
a) Existing Fuel with E10 Blend to be sold as Normal Regular Fuel
b) New E20 Blend fuel will also be available as option (for cars to be launched with Flex Fuel)
c) Speed Fuel - essentially the one with higher Octane reading

So - no concerns as such in buying Petrol cars - close to 5 Million Petrol Cars sold in Indian Market in new BS6 regime and can confidently go ahead.
1 year ago
Hi My Car Helpline ,

Thanks for giving detailed clarification .

Can you also confirm if it is good to buy XUV 300 over Kushaq and Taigun or else Kushaq and Taigun are better option ?

Can you confirm pros and cons of each ?

Prasanna Diwan
1 year ago

Here are pros-coms

VW Taigun
> Much better driving dynamics on highway. More Stable, lesser body roll and fun.
> Care for a SUV Drive - VW Taigun driving dynamics feels more towards SUV Front (as against XUV300 which is more towards comfort)
> VW Taigun Scores ahead in terms of Relative 50% larger and practical boot space
> Rear Seat Comfort for Family car for 4 members, has even better legroom space. With suspension on firm side, stability is better and on higher speed will find better comfort for family members in Taigun
> Pretty Acceptable Performance where Steering Dynamics feels better (Despite of Multi Mode Steering in XUV300) along with firm suspension - relative as much lesser body roll. Taking in conjunction - Engine Performance, Suspension, Steering - driving dynamcs of Taigun
> Looks bigger, more stylish and cabin in comparison feels more upmarket as against XUV300 - so from social status quo - a mid SUV as against sub 4 meter one
> Although yes Taigun feels noisier from engine (but overall insulation still feels better as against XUV300 where noise levels from wind noise, tyre noise, suspension) to view feels more evident in XUV300
> Despite of XUV300 having rear disc (as all 4 disc) - will still rate Taigun Braking to be best in class - absolute no drama and car braking feels more inspiring
> VW Offering 4 Year Service Pack complimentary along with 4 yr extended warranty as standard (for offering more peace of mind)

Where XUV300 Leads
> From a True Performance beast sports car kind feel. Mahindra XUV300 Turbosport would be real beast with 250 NM Torque in Petrol for unmatched pickup response in mid range. But if its XUV300 Turbo with even 200 NM Torque - Taigun actually feels more quicker
> Clutch feels relative soft and easier as against Taigun. Somehow Taigun clutch has relative longer travel and clutch has underlying stiffness at times (but once you experience on regular basis will find adjusted to it)
> Within City Usage drive where XUV300 actually feels like offering more comfort oriented suspension set up as against relative more stiffened in Taigun
> Seek more advanced passive safety with Side and Curtain Airbags which can act as cushion in side impact in lesser price as VW Taigun top model priced relative higher feature these passive safety specs.

Other Facts
1. Mileage difference not substantial, dont go by ARAI numbers. Will get near similar in both cars
2. Build Quality is top grade in both cars
3. VW increased localisation to considerable extent so parts cost are relative competitve. Yes VW India recommends synthetic oil which can marginally increase in service cost in later years - but still the attempt towards 4 yr Service pack complimentary definite is a booster to offer confidence in product.

Overall Conclusion
If you seek no compromise on
> Unmatched performance
> Fully Loaded Passive Safety with Side and Curtain Airbags in lesser price
then XUV300 Turbosport is what your pick

Else for usage limited to local use
> XUV300 Petrol 200 NM Torque with relative light clutch
> More comfort oriented suspension
> Fully Loaded Passive Safety with Side and Curtain Airbags in lesser price

But, as overall package
> performance,
> milage,
> safety,
> cabin comfort for long travels,
> maintenance
as better tuned SUV Car - Taigun Highline is what should go ahead with

Have test drive, to experience the difference
Hope should help !!
1 year ago
Hi ,

Q1.You had informed me that Creta is a good car how is its Braking ?Does it have bodyroll over high speed over highway ?

Q2. If we will buy a CNG Car ,does it contain a gasoline fuel tank as well ?Can we use petrol or diesel in it as secondary option ? If answer to above question is yes can you provide name of the car which runs on both CNG and Petrol .

Prasanna Diwan
1 year ago

Brakes Hyundai cars braking was pretty mediocre till 2018
So much so that there were even social media campaign against Hyundai to recall in braking experience.

Post same - they introduced EBD and from 2020 BS6 Batches substantially improved braking experience
Venue has one of the best brakes in sub 4 meter segment and despite with only front disc, feel even better than XUV300 having all 4 disc brakes
Similaryly - Creta and Seltos - both have impressive brakes and if you choose top end Creta can even experience all 4 disc brakes for top notch braking.

So no issues from braking.

Body roll - due to suspension been on soft note and fact that ground clearance is higher, some amount of body roll is definite there if driving on speed and taking turns. But not a deal breaker as is not troublesome to be excess.

CNG - Indeed its a Petrol car only to its core, where CNG Cylinder and kit added on top to it
Been CNG Cars comes with smaller 12 Kg capacity with practical 80% to 85% efficiency limiting CNG range to 220 to 250 kms in real world conditions, Thus CNG is ideal suited when maximum usage in city for lower running cost and can use on Petrol mode when cruising on highway / expressway or some remote location where CNG not available

Cars run on CNG and Petrol: As specified earlier - every model which runs on CNG can be driven on petrol too
You can find list of CNG Cars in India
All can be driven on CNG, Petrol

Hope should help !!
1 year ago
Hi ,

You have mentioned earlier that Taigun is better car then XUV 300 ,you didn't mentioned it's Varient name there is huge price difference in its 1.0 Land 1.5 GT line varient and .Can you confirm which is a better car overall as among the cars mentioned below :-

1. Creta 1.5 Petrol
2. Taigun 1.0 L Petrol
3. Nissan Kick 1.3 Turbo Petrol
4. XUV 300 Turbo Sports TGDi

Which has more refined and reliable engine ,driving dynamics better pickup ,steering feedback handling ,smooth gear shift ,ride comfort ,suspension ,braking ,light clutch ,better space ,mileage and safety ) ?

I think some variants of all cars mentioned above falls under nearly same price bracket .

Can you rank them 1 to 4 ?

Prasanna Diwan
1 year ago
Dear Prasanna ji,

Sure, i presume you are still considering Automatic car choice as referred in initial requirements in question as posted
Basis Automatic Transmission

1. XUV300 Turbo Sport is available only in Manual Transmission

2. Nissan Kicks - There are serious concern related to Nissan limited after sales and Kicks is a big time flop product with poor ergonomics, and Turbo Engine although fun but nowhere matches to refinement as in present age cars. Dated interiors, after sales, resale and reliability a concern here

Coming to Leftover choices
> Taigun 1.0 TSI Automatic
> Hyundai Creta 1.5 IVT Automatic

There are considerable differences in the way these car drives

Hyundai Creta: Ideal choice for
> Relaxed drive
> Majorly city driven usage
> seek more comfort oriented soft seats
> Interiors feels more upmarket
> Engin NVH Level, cabin insulation is top notch

Its a car for comfort and Hyundai reliability, after sales service experience is top notch

Taigun 1.0 TSI: Ideal choice where
> Fun to drive performance
> High Speed Handling
> Immaculate Build Quality
> Drives like a SUV (Creta feels more like raised hatch in drive)
> Mid range performance is peppy
> Suspension is relative on firm note for better high speed dynamics

Rest both engines are equally reliable and transmission choice too where Taigun in Torque converter automatic in 1.0 TSI is as good as reliability as Creta. Only thing is that in Turbo Petrol engine, owner need to adopt in idling practice of
> 30 second when starting car for very first time in morning after overnight
> 30 second halt before turning off ignition after a high speed drive

This prevent any premature wear to expensive Turbo charger component

Rest - VW offering 4 yr warranty (extendable to 6 yr on payment basis) + 4 year Service value pack as standard which takes care of scheduled service cost for next 4 yrs
While Hyundai offering 3 yr warranty (extendable to 7 yr on payment basis). Hyundai Shield of trust plan for wear & tear items is not recommended for Automatic cars.
1 year ago

If automatic is not into consideration which one is better Taigun 1.0L TSI Comfortline Manual or XUV300 Turbo Sports TGDi W8 ? Both cost near to 14 lakhs on road ?

Prasanna Diwan
1 year ago
Hi Prasanna ji,

See if requirements are changed from Automatic to Manual Transmission then some pointers

VW Taigun
1. Taigun has relative longer travel in clutch and feels stiffer at times
I suggest to test drive this car and test drive in traffic condition to experience on your comfort while changing gears.

2. Taigun main USP is 1.5 TSI or 1.0 TSI Automatic where this car shines for either immaculate performance or convenience but with respect to 1.0 TSI - not the best seller due to stiff suspension with stiff clutch

3. With Indian roads now having expressways built up - Taigun 1.0 TSI Comfortline even lacks Cruise control and pretty basic in features.

4. But from Looks, Styling, Rear Seating Comfort (check under-thigh relative better in Taigun), Legroom and Bigger boot space are positives for Taigun

5. High Speed Handling and firm suspension offers relative more stability and ESP delivers more confidence in safety on high speed

1. XUV300 offers more comfort oriented suspension, relative much light clutch and feels more easier in local city conditions

2. Feels more rich in features with Push Ignition, Cruise Control, Auto Climate Control, Sunroof, Rear View Camera, Power Fold ORVM, Projectors, Alloy Wheels

3 Also, rear seat legroom is relative lesser as against VW Taigun (but on standalone basis - XUV300 real legroom is by far the best in sub 4 meter SUV segment). Pls check with a note that under-thigh support is pretty medicore in XUv300 Turbosport. So if have some tall person sitting on rear seat of XUV300 Turbo - may slight be disappointed.

4. Turbo kicks in relative earlier in XUV300 Turbosport - somewhere around 1500 to 1600 rpm, as against Taigun where felt like at 1700 to 1800 rpm - so slight better fun experience in XUV300. Disclaimer - dont go by numbers fo 250 NM and 130 PS - in real world conditions - Taigun despite of 115 PS, 178 NM feels almost as quick as XUV300 - but still if you speak of an extra edge in performance - XUV300 yes will feel slight more quicker.

Rest Common
1. Immaculate Build Quality
2. 5 Star Safety Rating
3. Both cars are noisier and slight rattles can be felt

Suggest to tick down on preferences
1. XUV300 - if major ride on good city roads, more features, more comfort, relative light clutch for convenience and fun
2. Taigun - where drive on high speed, more space, better seating comfort, better aesthetics and design looks

Hope should help !!
1 year ago

You have recommended to by me Honda City automatic earlier ,can you also compare skoda slavia 1.0L and VW Virtus Virtus 1.0L with Honda City ?

Can you share me pros and cons of each ?

How is Skoda Slavia and VW Virtus clutch ? is it also hard just like Skoda Kushaq and VW Virtus Manual Varients as you have informed me earlier ?

Prasanna Diwan
1 year ago

For Virtus & Slavia
Indeed Clutch on all 1 Litre TSI Engines from VW Group - Slavia/Virtus or Kushaq/Taigun
> like relative stiffened
> has longer clutch travel range

For some one who has majority of use in city conditions wont like this clutch mechanism.

Secondly - although Rear Seat Legroom Space is acceptable satisfactory but once you compare Slavia, Virtus with Honda city then Honda City feels like even much more legroom space as been the reason why City is the benchmark

Third - Skoda, VW Cars feels lot more noisier as what felt in Aircon, Engine Noise as against Honda City

Lastly - Skoda has not shown the promising quality in terms of fit and finish as what otherwise observed in City

For Honda City
The kind of superior mid range fun to drive factor for mid speed and highway is missing in City - which otherwise is in Slavia & Virtus

Suspension is lot on softer side in Honda city which otherwise feels much more engaging for a true driver delight in Slavia & Virtus. Shall say any driving enthusiast will pick Slavia over City, while anyone who loves comfort and relaxed drive will love City over Slavia

Although Honda City 5th Gen is pretty safe product, but from build quality perspective Skoda & VW are the best
11 months ago

I have checked XUV 300 and found that its rear seat is not comfortable ,i am looking for some another cars can you confirm me how is MG Hector Petrol CVT ?

Also which is better among XUV 700 Diesel AX5 Automatic Vs MG Hector Petrol CVT ?

I also did a test drive of Honda City Petrol CVT but its not smooth and fun to drive in nature can you confirm me how is Hyundai Verna Diesel Automatic in comparison to city ?

Prasanna Diwan
11 months ago

Too many choices and significant price difference in budgets
1. XUV700 Diesel Ax5 Automatic cost near around 22 Lakh on road
2. Cars like MG Hector are pretty low in mileage and you specified mileage as important criteria in original question
3. You earlier specified cars like Kiger, Magnite and hatchback in original post and XUV700 cost in 2x+ over
3. We discussed on Sub 4 meter cars like XUV300 and also EV cars too

Can you pls re-post queries as fresh question with
a) Defined Budget

b) What are Exact requirements including space, running, usage type and preferences to assist accordingly
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