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  Sunday, 25 September 2022
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Dear Team,

I want to buy a car for family purpose with budget of 10-12 lakhs.

Preferred segment is compact suv as I need to drive the car on both highways and village roads.

Safety, performance, drivability and Fuel economy are the requirements.

Need your expert advice.

Amit Sharma
2 months ago
Top up information

Highway uses will be around 65% and city uses will be in range of 35%.

Also, is there any upcoming cng model for compact suvs?
2 months ago
Amit ji,

Basis specific requirement of a Family Buy SUV yet having
> off road dynamics
> capable handling on high speed

with Safety, Performance, Drive-ability and Mleage

Some Pointers
a) Venue, Sonet despite of capable cars in Performance, Drive, Handling and now equipped wth ESP, Traction has a concern on Safety Aspect from Build Perspective

If higher safety is key element - then may skip

b) Tata Nexon - Well most are good but mileage may go for a toss in you seek performance out of if
Higher Cabin Noise too is an issue

c) Maruti Brezza - Highway dynamics are mediocre

d) Nissan Magnite - Handing in terms of steering feedback is a major con

f) Renault Kiger - With Multi Mode and improved steering, suspension can end up as decent choice but Renault after sales is a con

My Suggestion
If you seek
a) Performance
b) High Speed Handling
c) Immaculate Safety
d) Low Running Cost
e) Driving Dynamics

then best choice for your need in defined budget would be Mahindra XUV300 W6 Diesel wiith reasons

1. In 1.5 Litre Diesel engine with 300 NM Torque - you going to get performance blast
2. Also is 5 Star Safety Rated Car with Immaculate Build
3. With Multi Mode Steering and Suspension tuned towards comfort - family will always be at ease and you can experience decent handling by putting sports mode in this steering
4. In Compact SUV Segment, has one among better space - you can experience better space as against Venue, Sonet, Nexon
5. Been Diesel Engine - your car running cost would be relative lower as against Petrol Engine

What you wont like
1. Dash Layout feels like left like of yester-years - a facelift although due but existing car dash, plastic quality feel mediocre
2. Boot Space just like a small hatchback car
3. Cabin not well insulated on highway or bad roads. Can experience relative higher noise in cabin
4. Diesel Engine upkeep cost due to clutch, battery is marginally higher as against Petrol

But Driving Dynamics, Performance, Build, Handling and Relative lower running cost with 5 Star Safety makes it a great contender for need
Suggest to test drive and experience.
2 months ago
Dear Gagan Ji,

Thank you for the suggestion.

I would further like to add that I stay in Jaipur and my monthly car run would be in range of 1500km -1800 km.

Is it suitable to go for diesel engine for mentioned running.
2 months ago
With average annual usage of 20,000 Kms a year and considering
a) Performance
b) Safety
c) Running cost

as criteria for family car requirement - XUV300 W6 Diesel would definite be perfect choice.
2 months ago
Dear Gagan ji,

Thank you for valuable inputs.

Hope you are well.

Although diesel engine performance of Xuv 300 is quite impressive, but Major concern is validity of Diesel vehicle is for 10 years.

can I get 15 years validity for the suggested car with Bharat Series registration.
2 months ago
Dear Gagan Ji,

Thank you so much.

Although diesel engine performance for xuv300 is fabulous, 10 years validity is a major concern. ( as my home town is Alwar is in NCR and in future I may have my job in Gurgaon or Delhi).

Does BH series registration permit 15 years validity for diesel engine.

Please suggest.
2 months ago
Gagan ji,

What are your views about followings
Taigun 1.0 comfortline
Tata Nexon xz+ petrol
If I get some deals for these 2 cars
2 months ago
Dear Sharma ji.

10 yrs is in Delhi / NCR Zone
Irrespective of whatever the validity is 15 yrs on RC or fitness renewed - driving 10 yr old Diesel cars is not allowed in Delhi / NCR Zone

But with kind of usage you have which is like 20,000 Kms on annualised basis - it would be close to 2 Lakh Kms and that would be relative much to recover upfront cost difference and sell car in other state

Kind note that
> XUv700 Diesel sales is near around 65%+
> Fortuner has 99% sales in Diesel in last 2 yrs
> Innova has 95%+ sales in Diesel in last 2 yrs
> Harrier, Safari are Diesel only cars

People who are buying Diesel cars in Delhi / NCR can easily sell same in other states - although resale can be impacted, but 10 yr old diesel cars do not sell like scrap, can easily sell the car in 9th year in other state by getting NOC issued for transfer.

Taigun 1.0 comfortline
Tata Nexon xz+ petrol

a) Nexon has relative lower mileage

b) Taigun is ideal in Automatic, but for Manual Transmission clutch travel range is longer and stiff. Also running cost cant be compared with XUV300 Diesel and price of Comfortline still goes to close to 13 Lakh on road in Delhi

Hope should help !!
2 months ago
Dear Gagan ji,

Thank you for detailed suggestions and guidance.

I have decided to go follow your suggestion but I feel there are not much uses of sunroof which is major is major cost element is W6 model.

Shall I go for W4 variant and get it upgraded aftermarket.

Since some of very popular shops upgrade xuv 300, is it advisable to go there.
2 months ago

W4 is name sake model on papers, i dont think its even in production, and if even it is - bare handful of units as waiting period is considerably higher
If you are lucky to get W4 - then be assured its a great value pick.

Best regds
1 month ago
Dear Sir,

Thank you so much for the guidance.

I went for the booking for XUV300 diesel W4/W6 but I get some roomers that diesel engines are going to be banned in the cars in coming 2-3 years and these restrictions may cause problem in future for service as well as resale.

I want to book the car within this week but highly confused between petrol and diesel engine as XUV300 is the only choice (also I do not have actual mileage figures for both engines).

looking for valuable guidance.
1 month ago
Dear Gagan ji,

Thank you so much for your guidance.

I again got confused and need your expert guidance.

I took test ride of xuv 300 prtrol and diesel both variants.

I went for booking of diesel version. The sales person suggested me that it is better to go for diesel engine option if your monthly running is more than 3000 kms.

I also get the roomers from friends that diesel engines for the passenger cars are going to be discontinued in coming 2-3 years.

Also, diesel engine has less pick up and high maintenance cost if get major problem.

I do not know about the actual mileage figures about both variants as well.

Further, I want to book the car in 2-3 days and highly confused between diesel and petrol choice with monthly running approx 1600 km.

Request you to show the right path that have (low buying, operational and maintenance cost, peace of mind, good resale value after 8-10 years of uses)
1 month ago
Hi Amit ji,

Trend is definite making a shift towards Petrol Cars with lot of interest developing towards Hybrid, EV Cars
But Diesel cars still account for chunk in SUV
> Harrier, Safari is Diesel only
> Fortuner sales is 95% in Diesel
> Thar has near 50% of its sales in Diesel
> Mahindra XUV700, Scorpio N, Jeep Compass has close to 40% to 50% demand in Diesel
> Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, MG Hector too account for near 1/3rd of its sales in Diesel
> Tata Nexon, Kia Sonet, Hyundai Venue, XUV300 has 15% to 25% of its sales in Diesel

and leave that - in last 5 years over 4 Million Diesel Cars sold in Indian Car Market including Covid time.

Somehow - Petrol SUV are known for relatively much lower mileage
Although Fuel Efficiency can significant vary basis driving condition, drive speed, loading but with respect to XUV300 Petrol can expect
> 11 to 12 Kmpl in City condition
> 15 to 16 kmpl on highway drive

While in Diesel fuel efficiency can be
> 14 Kmpl in city condition
> 17 to 18 kmpl on highway drive

> Diesel Fuel economical to tune of Rs 10 / Litre
> Diesel Cars are at any given day is more fun to drive - due to higher torque. XUv300 Diesel has 300 NM torque as powerhouse
> Bigger capacity 1.5 Litre 4 Cylinder Diesel Engine as against 1.2 Litre 3 cylinder Petrol Engine

You really need to test drive to engage

Flip side
> Higher cost of Clutch PLate Assembly in Diesel cars if required to replace in
> Higher cost of Battery (around rs 2500 price difference)
> Been bigger capacity engine - scheduled service cost would be marginally higher due to oil & filter by rs 1500 a year

With the kind of usage you have to tune of 20000 kms a year (1600 kms a month) - be assured the price difference as what to be paid for XUV300 Diesel as against Petrol is definite worth and recommended to go ahead if purchase horizon to be 5 yrs or so.
1 week ago
Dear sir,

Thank you for the guidance.

I got VIN NO. N2L76003.

Could you please update on details as I am unable to get it.
1 week ago

VIN is of 17 Digit number
Pls check this post on VIN Decode

Should help !!
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