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  1. Mohan
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Thursday, September 22 2022
Hi sir
I live in ahmedabad. I want to buy new car around 9lacs for my wife.

50% highway drive
50% city drive

I feel i need petrol automatic
Monthly drive would be around 1000-1500 kms.

Need a car that can withstand on highways and city drive both.

Feature loaded
Good driveability
Safety loaded
Good powerful engine
Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Mohan ji,

Hi. Greetings !!
Considering usage of Automatic car with 50% usage on highways - well there are pretty limited options to be honest

a) Maruti only offering AMT in sub 10 Lakh Budget
Also if you seek Powerful Engine and high speed handling - well best to stay away from these sub 10 Lakh cars from Maruti

b) Hyundai I20 Sportz IVT is there at 9.75 Lakh on road but with usage spread to 50% - not the best choice
Even Performance is medicore in IVT
Dont think of Nios AMT and Aura AMT for need - they wont come close to need requirement of Safety & Performance

c) None in Skoda, VW, Mahindra, Kia in Automatic range in this budget

d) Honda Amaze S CVT is there but for 50% highway use - a terrible choice for that kind of highway use. Jazz is relative better but starts at close to 10 Lakh. But care for performance - will be disappointed

e) Toyota has Glanza but its AMT
Also high speed handling is pretty average

f) Nissan Magnite XL CVT is there at 9.75 Lakh on road but from highway basis steering feedback, suspension - Kiger is better choice but KIger CVT now starts at 10.7 Lakh on road+

g) Tata only has AMT Offering too and although from Safety, Features and Performance - the car which comes closest to need requirement will be Nexon XMA AMT - which cost close to 10 Lakh on road if you choose to buy Insurance Online. Although this car not stuffed in Features but still has all basics which are required.

Unfortunately - no perfect choice in 9 Lakh Budget unless looking for Used Car
But care to increase budget to 10 Lakh - Nexon XMA AMT matching
> Safety Specs
> Build Quality
> Performance in Sports Mode and decent output in City Mode makes driving it a decent experience
> Stylish with Digital Instrument cluster and has all essential features

A Great choice for need to consider in matching most of need, requirement.

Some Cons too
> Not a silent engine on highway, noisy experience
> Some amount of body roll felt on cornering
> Ingress, Egress not comfy if have senior members in family to experience rear seat
> Mileage drops if you enjoy the revv of Sports Mode

Pls have test drive to experience.

Mohan Accepted Answer
Greeting ji,

If i increase budget to 10 lacs? Can u spot some cars?

N how about tata punch?
Mohan kakwani Accepted Answer
Hi sir
Good morning
How about new polo ? That is also in the range of nexon i feel so wht u think sir?
Admin Accepted Answer

As Specified - Nexon XMA AMT will cost in close to 10 Lakh on road and is the best choice basis need as specified.

Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Mohan ji

Polo is discontinued and no more in production
Its been over 3 months since last model manufactured

If - Safety, Performance, Convenience is what you seek in relative budget price - Nexon XMA AMT is the best choice been recommended to you.

Mohan kakwani Accepted Answer
Hi good morning

I tried nexon amt the driving was good but as u said about the cons of car that all was there and it is a 3 cylindr petrol car, that wont be a problem?

N if i ask you that i reduce the highway city ratio to
Like city -80%
Highway -20%

Then do we have some more choices?
Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
If city drive is like 80% and care for convenience factor with relative Superior Engine NVH yet in a Safe car - Honda Jazz CVT Automatic

Yes its a 1.2 Litre Naturally aspirated Petrol Engine but
> For city use - does the work
> Pretty refined engine performance in 4 cylinder engine
> Spacious and yet Features available in Base V Trim
> Easy to drive in, Reliable
> Also has Cruise control as standard - if expressway are there
> Can experience slight fun in drive using paddle shifters - useful when overtaking
> 4 Star Rated Car
> Service schedule once a year

Although product verge on discontinuation but with fact that parts shared with 4th Gen city and Jazz and 4th Gen on sale for so many years (although same getting discontinued too) - you will never need to look out elsewhere for service aspect.

Hope should help !!
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