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  1. Avinash
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Monday, September 05 2022
Hello Team,

I have been following yor videos quite informative. I am planning to get a new car for me and my family of 4. This will be also my first car and going to learn driving as well.

Below are my requirements
1. Automatic Petrol Car
2. Can accomodate 5 people
3. Price range 7 to 10 lakh on road in Mumbai/Thane.
4. Right now only using for weekend outing in city.
5. Once my work from home is over then 50 kms daily driving in city with 5 kms on hill but not sure when that will happen, may be in a year or so.
6. Once in a 3 month long drive outing.
7. Also once in a year or two can drive to Bihar from Mumbai.
8. Planning to keep for longer period of time.

Let me know which car would be good for me and my family. Also, attaching the payment details.

Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Avinash ji,

Hi. Greetings !!
Basis details as shared where
a) Fuel Efficiency would be an important question for long term perspective as usage would be relative higher in later years
b) Ease of Drive with Convenience as for newly learned car
c) Reliability with Peace of Mind Ownership
d) Space as Family Car

Well - the best car for need would be Maruti Baleno Delta AMT
> Very Well Designed Spacious Car - more wider than Swift and Dzire and kind of legroom space as offered is even close to level as offered in full size Mid Sedan one
> Most Fuel Efficient Premium Hatchback Car - much ahead as against I20, Jazz, Altroz
> Scores pretty high on reliability with spares easily available and shared across Maruti Cars. Pretty Competitive cost of Ownership. Still suggest to opt for 5 year ./ 1 Lakh Warranty which cost Rs 11000 approx for peace of mind
> Ease of Drive with considerable enhancement in Baleno
a) Now with retuned suspension - ride is considerably better than previous Baleno
b) Steering is Light at low speed and gains at higher speed, still not something to try 100+
c) Loaded with all essential features from convenience
d) Build is improvised and now with ESP Safety along with Hill Assist

Do note that Baleno is now AMT which is not like conventional Automatic but is Automated Manual Transmission - so at times there can be some jerks or pause effect as felt while car upshifts gears - but once you get used to same, can tune in driving style to minimize the effect

Having to disclaim - Jazz CVT or I20 IVT feels even more refined. But AMT in last 8 years is now much improved and response is much better and no as such complains to drive in Baleno AMT

As its going to be your first car, and you have recently learned driving - pls choose Zero Dep Insurance from Maruti Insurance only with
a) Engine Protect as Mumbai is faced with flood issue
b) Consumable Cover for 100% coverage in case of claim
a) Return to Invoice cover to protect with cover equivalent to invoice value covering road tax

Suggest to have test drive and in accessories - pls ask dealer to add in Rear View Camera where display can be in touchscreen

Alternate: If due to any reason you do not feel like going ahead with Maruti as brand or dont like Baleno Black and Bluish Interior - opt for Toyota Glanza S AMT
> Same product but with different front fascia
> Beige Interiors
> Toyota after sales experience is superior and less crowded

Hope should help !!

Avinash Accepted Answer
Thanks for your response and the detailed response. But one thing I am confused about is yesterday's video on youtube regarding offers. You said that if you are planning to buy Baleno, go with Swift which has an approx 40-50k offer.

Also, what's your thought on Punch and Amaze.
Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Dear Avinash Sahab,

Hi. I have gone through your query

Swift AMT is ideal for buyers who seek a car for
> 4 Members as shoulder room space is relative tight with 5 Members on board

> Seek an AMT Car in relative bugdet Price.
a) Swift Vxi AMT (post discounts) is priced Rs 90K lesser against Baleno Delta AMT
b) Swift Zxi AMT (post discounts) would be like Rs 25K lesser (only factoring consumer offer and corporate - no exchange bonus considered for 1st time buyer)
c) Swift Zxi Plus AMT (post discounts) top end model would be like just 50K higher than Baleno Delta AMT

Do note that Baleno Delta AMT is base model

> Also has better handling with lower turning radius with more fun element

But Baleno AMT offers

> Much Better Cabin Space Management with lot better legroom and yes better shoulder room too

> Returned Suspension and Wider Tyres offers better grip

> Now with Improved Safety of 6 Airbags with structure too worked - Baleno is having better build as against Swift (do note Swift scored 2 Star, Although no crash test rating of Baleno available but Baleno as claimed by OEM is worked in meeting future safety regulations in this facelift as launched few months back)

> Looks More Premium, Bigger Car with Better Plastics

So for family car buyers - its Baleno AMT as what been correct in recommendation
But for someone who seek more features, sporty handling and a car for 4 Members and dont mind on Safety and Build then its Swift AMT

For Tata Punch
Great choice for one among best Ingress and Engress. Immaculate Build Quality and yes pretty stylish too with SUV like Handling and can actually clear on bad roads

But biggest weakling of this car is Engine where
> it feels like losing the momentum post 60 Kmph
> Much Higher engine noise, vibration , cabin do not feel as well insulated)
> AMT feels more jerkier as against Maruti AMT
> Steering feels relative heavier in city usage (although feels great on highway, but in local use)

Suggest to test drive

For Honda Amaze
Excellent choice from
> engine refinement
> NVH Levels
> CVT is butter smooth
> Linear Pickup
> Pretty Spacious Cabin
> Large Boot Space
> Soft suspension for Comfort
> 4 Star Rated Car

Available in S CVT and Vx CVT - where VX is Feature loaded and cost close to 11 Lakh On road with 5 year Warranty and zero dep Insurance and S CVT can be what available in your budget and yes can also get paddle shifters

But Amaze CVT
> High Speed Handling is Medicore
> Soft suspension with relative skinny tyres R14 175/65 in Amaze S CVT do not infuse grip
> Shockingly no ESP and no Hill Assist still offered
> S CVT is bare basic in features list

> Baleno Zeta AMT
> Amaze S CVT - If Features is not a consideration - still Amaze S CVT can well be considered but do consider Tyre Upgrade for ensuring better grip on this car on higher speed

Hope should help !!
Avinash Accepted Answer
Thank you so much Gagan Sir for replying. I didn't thought you will directly reply. I was thinking your team would be replying.
Okay so as you suggested we have gone through each of Dealer, Maruti/Honda/Tata. Also taken test drive for for Punch/Baleno. We are also agreeing with you now.
Punch Adventure+Rhyth = 9.15Lac ON road with accessories (But we rejected this, considering all points as suggested by you).

Baleno - Delta AMT = It is coming at 9.45 on road.

But now, when we visited dealer, and wife have gone through the features of all 3 variants of Baleno. She is more inclined towards the Zeta version. And it is coming approx 10.5lac. According to you which is more VFM. Is it really worth spending 1lac more for Zeta considering all features. Also, it is in waiting period of 6 months.

If at all we spend 10.5 on Baleno will it be worth that much. Or in that case we should have some other option.

Thanks so much for all your support Sir.

Gagan Modi Accepted Answer

Well here are Pros and Cons

Why not Zeta
> Although Alloy Wheel are there, but those are painted alloys and not signature diamond cut alloys - looks are boring
> Camera can easily be installed from Maruti Dealer as part of MGA - cost mere Rs 6500
> Halogen Bulb can eaisly be upgraded with LED one from philips or Osram if wish by spending Rs 4000 to 4500 - but we dont recommend same
> Seating position is very well adjusted and if not very tall (above 6 feet or short as 5'3" or lesser then no need of heigt adjustable seating)

Whats Zeta main USP
> Side and Curtain Airbag
> Convenience of Push Ignition, Rear Wash Wiper, 60:40 Split Rear Seat, Rear AC
> Some Styling Upgrade with Chrome Pack, Alloys
> Additional 2 Tweeter
> Rear View Camera

Should you consider
If want extra safety and dont mind stretching budget 1 Lakh for sake of extra convenience features - means not going overboard then should consider Zeta AMT.
Else, Delta AMT is Value buy and has in all - can just upgrade with Camera from MGA for extra convenience.
Do note that Cruise is not availble in both Delta and Zeta

Somehow tax in your zone are much higher, if budget is flexible then Jazz CVT comes in scene and the way this CVT drives with space, build, grip - you enter in a car which is the best in premium hatch with proper automatic (do note Jazz production will end in next 2 months)
Avinash Accepted Answer
Hello Gagan ji,

Thank you so much for your help so far. One just last question. As some relatives are asking me to give second thought on Altroz DCA. According to you in Baleno and Altroz which would fulfill my requirements.

Thank you so much in advance.
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