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  Tuesday, 30 August 2022
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Hi team, I am 26 from Bangalore and literally a newbie to car driving. In fact, I have never rode bikes (with gear) too. I have completed nearly 12 practical classes from Maruti Driving School(MDS) and that is the only experience I carry. I have completed DL test and about to get my DL in two weeks.

I am part of a family of 3 living with my mom and dad and we travel together rarely may be within the Bangalore city once in 3-4 months! that too if we have any work!! I want to buy a car only to improve my driving skills. I like manual cars instead of automatic with no specific reason (may be because I learnt driving on a manual car?!).

But I'm confused Whether I should go for a new car or used car. I asked this question multiple times to my trainers at MDS and their answer was same every time that I should go for a new car with reason that buying a used car would actually result in loss. But the trainers never suggested to buy a particular model/brand but insisted for a new car only.

Being a newbie I watched Gagan sir's videos on youtube on Used cars and since we as a family do not travel frequently, I thought of exploring used hatchback cars with good safety features and not more than 7 years driven under 50 k kms with a budget of 5 lakhs.

Yesterday visited couple of dealers in Bangalore. I felt prices for used cars were inflated (I might be wrong but need suggestion on this). Below are some examples -

- 2016 Hyundai grand i10 sprotz, Petrol 1.2 ltr, Second owner driven 64k Kms with no airbag quoted 5 lakhs. Did not like this due to less leg room space at rear after adjusting driving seat. But negotiated to 4.4 lakhs :p

- 2013 Hyundai i20 Asta, Diesel 1.4 ltr, Third owner driven 98 kms with dual airbags, ABS quoted 4.15 lakhs.

- 2018 Ford Figo, Petrol 1.2 ltr TIT, First owner driven 66k kms with dual airbags, ABS quoted 5.85 lakhs. Really liked the car as it was neat. The seller was ready to sell at 5.25 lakhs on spot and I was asking for 4.8 lakhs but did not pay anything as he was constantly saying it would get sold in a day as there was huge demand for such a safe car and I was all alone without taking a mechanic. So I said If the car available next weekend I would bring a mechanic to check for which he agreed but was very sure that the car would be sold in a day or two max.

- In Maruti True Value, saw a 2017 Swift VXI, first owner driven 88k kms quoted 6.15 lakhs!!

Later I visited Spinny. I had went through their catalogue online and literally I felt they are overcharging 80k-1lakh more than local dealers, taking advantage of unorganized sector.
I took test drive of Ford Figo Titanium 1.2 TI VCT Petrol car - First owner driven 32k kms quoted 5.8 lakhs fixed price. (Test drive was done in 1st gear only and they always give test drive in their basement. It was more like going straight, taking a left. Not very sure if this is how we need to test the car but felt the car was having very good power. Again I may be wrong being inexperienced. Need your suggestion here too). It was having a faulty after-market rear camera which the sales executive said he would get fixed if I finalize the car. Thought of getting this car checked by a mechanic on upcoming weekend.

With this limited experience I am now confused
- Should I really go for a used car as the prices are inflated and corporate players like Spinny has absolutely no room for negotiation. Or is this how used car market will be?
- Being a newbie I do not think I have a great negotiation skill. Should I consider Spinny here as the prices are fixed? Are the prices quoted by Spinny reasonable?
- Kindly suggest some hatchback models that would fit the requirement - model above 2016 with Airbags and ABS, good build quality within 5 lakhs.

Apologies for this long detailed post with queries.

1 year ago
Dear Nagaraj,

Hi. Greetings !!

New Car or Used Car
First of all basis need as specified where you referred that
> you want to buy a car only to improve my driving skills
> specified usage that you might be travelling rarely in 3-4 months
> Usage will be rare with family and has 3 members

Its all prudent to consider a Used Car

But a flip side of buying car in Karnataka is that Used car Dealers inflate prices of Used Cars to substantial extent basis
> Round of price hikes in new cars in last 20 months

> Karnataka has one among highest road tax for New Car, where even car like Alto 800 Vxi cost 5 Lakh+ On road - so dealers take advantage by inflating Used Car Prices too with lesser depreciation (when car price comes in 5 to 6 Lakh zone)

Of the choices as shared
1. 2016 Hyundai grand i10 sprotz, Petrol 1.2 ltr, Second owner - Highly overpriced,
So much so that Hyundai Grand i10 Sportz price was Rs 5.5 Lakh exshowroom and was selling with close Rs 50K discounts (as facelift was due in 2017). So car on road price was like close to 6 Lakh in Karnataka and as its second owner car which is now up for sale at 4.4 Lakh is like 75% value and gross overpriced

2. 2013 Hyundai i20 Asta, Diesel 1.4 ltr, Third owner driven 98 kms with dual airbags, ABS quoted 4.15 lakhs.
Avoid considering Diesel Car where your usage will be minimal and adding on 3rd Owner one

3. Ford Figo 2018: Do note that Ford has already exited INdian Markets and resale has gone for toss
Also that Ti_VCT petrol engine was later on replaced with new dragon series petrol engine in 2019 as performance of TiVCT Petrol engine was below average to view. Car just felt like dearth of power with much lesser mileage.
You will have a hard time in selling this car with a toss on resale value.

So - somehow we dont have recommendation for all these 3 cars

My Suggestion
Used Car is definite a better pick as against New one but requires more of legwork and time with clear priorities.
Its important to buy a product which offers good resale, reliability.
If your experience by Going with Spinny or other platform is like finding overpriced cars - suggest to explore with local used car dealers with clear requirement of cars like

a) Toyota Liva or Etios - even though discontinued but highly reliable
b) Honda Brio, Jazz, Amaze - even though bi-annual service interval
c) Hyundai Elite I20 Petrol (which was launched in 2014 November - not the Igen I20 one)
d) Maruti Ciaz Petrol

Although ABS need to check in specific variants - but from Reliability. Build to last - can expect;
May also check for Used Ford Freestyle any model or Figo 2019 facelift with dragon engine provided asking price is lucrative.

Dont worry before finalising - can very well check service history and take a specialised mechanic to check in suspension, AC, Engine and make other checks . You can also make yourself appraise of Used car checks by following this video

Hope should help !!
1 year ago
Thank you for the recommendations.
I visited few local dealers here in Bangalore and also browsed online. Found below details about the cars. Please let me know whether these are really value for money with the available details below. But all of them are out of my budget of 5 lakhs!

Model: Honda Amaze SX 1.2 Petrol
Year: 2016
Owner: 1
Kms: 46,000
Price: 5.7 Lakhs (Fixed)

Model: Honda Jazz VX Petrol
Year: 2016
Owner: 1
Kms: 45,000
Price: 6.25 Lakhs (Slightly negotiable)

Model: Hyundai Elite i20 Asta O Petrol
Year: 2015
Owner: 2
Kms: 65,000
Price: 6.25 lakhs (Slightly negotiable)
Car looks nice. Tyres in good condition. Insurance lapsed.

Model: Honda Jazz SV Petrol
Year: 2017
Owner: 1
Kms: 32.3
Price: 6.5 lakhs (Fixed)

Model: Honda Brio VX cng
Fuel: CNG (may be CNG+Petrol? Have not visited.)
Year: 2017
Owner: 1
Kms: 26.6k
Price: 5.3 lakhs (Fixed)

As above cars were out of my budget, I also checked few other Make/Models with requirements like Airbag(s), ABS, Power steering, EBD. Below are the details. If possible, kindly guide me in detail about each of these model's engine, how good they are in terms of reliability, are these are value for money with the available details below.

Model: Tata Tiago Revotron XT Petrol
Year: 2016
Owner: 1
Kms: 29.9 k
Tyres: All around 80%
Price: 4.76 lakhs (Fixed)
Notes: Probably One Airbag. Will be visiting this weekend probably.

Model: Tata Tiago Revotron XZ Petrol
Year: 2018
Owner: 1
Kms: 31.9 k
Tyres: 2 Front - 100% and Rear - 60%, 55%
Price: 5.67 lakhs (Fixed)
Notes: BS4, Although out of my budget, more like to understand on the pricing. Will visit to check probably.

Model: Tata Tiago XZ 1.2 REVOTRON Petrol
Year: 2016
Owner: 1
Kms: 37.7 k
Price: 5.02 lakhs (Fixed)
Notes: BS4, Probably Driver side airbag alone or Zero airbag. I'll visit and check.

Model: Renault Kwid RXT 1.0 SCE Special
Year: 2017
Owner: 1
Kms: 32.9k
Price: 3.81 lakhs (Fixed)
Tyre: All around 65% But looks like there is alignment issue as per the percentages.

Model: Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 Vxi Plus
Year: 2020
Owner: 1
Kms: 10.0 k
Tyres: Front 65% Rear 70%
Price: 4.3 Lakhs (Fixed)
Notes: BS6

Model: Renault Kwid RXT Opt
Year: 2019
Owner: 1
Kms: 22.4k
Price: 4.59 lakhs (Fixed)
Tyre: All around 50%

Model: Honda Brio 1.2 S (Petrol)
Year: 2015
Owner: 1
Kms: 46k
Price: 4.7 lakhs (Fixed)

Thanks again for all the assistance!
1 year ago

Indeed real high prices there

> Amaze Sx
> Jazz Vx still looks worth to consider

Jazz Vx with Magic Seat feels most value in the list provided

Tata Tiago : Initial batches had lot of vibrations
Tata did many subsequent major and minor updates later on, suggest to avoid these initial batch cars as not only higher NVH but prices are way higher. Just to let know Tiago exshowroom Prices in 2016 April at launch were
a) Tiago XZ Petrol - Rs 4.75 Lakh
b) Tiago XT Petrol - Rs 4.19 Lakh
c) Tiago XM Petrol - Rs 3.89 Lakh

So, if someone asking
> 6 yr Old Tiago XZ at 5 Lakh to 5.6 Lakh
> 6 yr Old Tiago XT at 4.75 Lakh

its like asking for 90% of on road price he paid.
its too much for a car with higher vibrations and fact that Tata do not hold much higher resale at all

Kwid Rxt Option : Again high rattles, after sales service experience and much higher asking price

Alto 800 Vxi Plus: New Alto 800 Vxi+ On road Price in 2022 September after discount is 5.15 Lakh and dealer selling at 4.3 Lakh is like 15% Depreciation - which is too less, as fair value would be with 25% depreciation at 3.8 Lakh
Seems dealer put in high 50K margin to it making product substantially over priced.

Brio : Much higher price for 7 yr Old discontinued model

Overall, Best One
1. Model: Honda Jazz VX Petrol
Year: 2016
Owner: 1
Kms: 45,000
Price: 6.25 Lakhs (Slightly negotiable)

followed next is
Model: Honda Amaze SX 1.2 Petrol
Year: 2016
Owner: 1
Kms: 46,000
Price: 5.7 Lakhs (Fixed)

If can bring Jazz Vx price to 6 Lakh - be assured thats the best product can consider in lot basis all round experience - provided its a non-accidental and well maintained car.
1 year ago
Hi Nagraj and team,

I am also in same situation as of you :( I shortlisted Honda City V MT 2012, 40k KM, 4.84 Lac,1st owner from Spinny.
1st owner installed reverse camera, sensor and Blaupunkt key largo 970-9inch touch screen. Inspection done. Quality is good.
Still, i feel its overpriced. What you guys think about it? Is it good deal to make it?

Hope your answer will help me to make this decision.:) Thank you in advance.
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