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  1. Gaurav Arora
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Tuesday, August 02 2022

I have come to you for an advice for my 1st new car. I have seen your youtube videos and you really sound a great wise man.

I am confused to buy baleno 2022 1st model or grand vitara 1st or 2nd model.

I am a driving enthusiast. Although this is my first car which will be personal, but i currently drive my common family car i10, 2011 model.

I want to buy a manual petrol car only, which always gets plus points if its good at mileage. I am not a big fan of sunroof types fancy features.

My usage is 50% city and 50%hills.
But normally Shimla Manali massorie, where there is some snowfall and mainly to hilly areas of religious places or Dharamshala etc tourist places. Maybe to srinagar as well but places which are reachable by roads like gulmarg etc.
When i say hills. I don't mean to take them on leh laddak type off roading, because I would be alone to drive and be on the trip.

I think baleno doesn't have electronic stability and I don't really know if it's a good car to drive and take to hills, during snow fall or rains. I have a big fear about it's ground clearance.
I know it's the best city car right now due to good mileage.
I have heard retrofitting music system in base model kills the cabin fitting and warranty and makes more rattle noise.
So if I go for 2nd model of baleno 2022, it costs me around 8.5 lacs as of now.
Not so far away lies brezza 2022 2nd model at 10.5 lacs which has hill hold assist and electronic stability control, but i feel then better to take grand vitara, which seems to be full of features at 2nd model for 2nd variant.

I am happy with baleno 1st variant as well, if it can run on highways at around 120km/hr speed with good stability and if it can perform well at hilly areas without upsetting the mood.
I know in city mostly marity cars wins for mileage and alll other aspects, Specifically for hills I am look a good performance but my job requires me to be always available for any unknown(as in to come back to my home/office from any place the next day) so i want a car which is reliable, good to drive.. Always on the move or atleast repairable nearby with good fuel economy.

I have heard nexon doesn't give good mileage in city. So i might not be looking for nexon but you can suggest me.

And I am not sure how silent is brezza cabin for a long drive.

I am pre-inclined towards grand vitara due to my friends but i think it's a huge premium of 13lacs.

I am looking for good advice around my requirements for maybe around baleno because this seems to be a good cheap option but not sure about it's driving on highway and hills. And since I also don't know how long I want to stay in India.

So my search lies b/w baleno, brezza and grand vitara with a peace of mind for reliability and mileage.

Apologies for a very long email, but you can understand my concerns I hope.

Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Dear Gaurav ji,

Hi. Hope doing great !!
As i gone through your need specific, first come first

Maruti Baleno
Baleno is not a fun to drive enthusiast car. Although due to light weight 1.2 Litre Engine feels relatively better but
> Pickup if compared to Brezza - well Brezza leads to be more fun and quicker in 1.5 Litre Petrol Engine
> Steering feedback, Handling on higher speed - Mediocre Steering feedback on both Baleno and Brezza
> Suspension dynamics of Brezza feels relativey much better as against Baleno

Maruti Baleno can be good choice for those who seek maximum usage in city, need lot of space, fuel efficiency, features in low price, reliability
However when you have specific need of
> Fun to Drive in terms of pickup response
> More Stable Car as wider Tyres adds on grip
> ESP which can make difference on sudden brakes on highway, wet roads
> Hill Hold Assist which can make difference on hill dive
> Even more suspension dynamics are better sorted in Brezza 2022 over Baleno

So its in between Baleno and Brezza 2022 - its Brezza which is the winner out there
But kind note that
a) Steering feedback is mediocre - not the best when you speak from high speed handling perspective
b) Pickup although decent and better than Baleno - but its not a Turbo engine - so having very high expectations would be futile

Coming to Noise Levels
Although insulation is good, but if you revv hard will get engine noise entering in cabin in Brezza.
But overall basis
> Tyre Noise
> Wind Noise
> Engine Noise
perspective - you really wont have much to complain except some engine engine which can be felt only if car revv hard.

Maruti Grand Vitara
Well Engine would be same as in Brezza, but difference may lies on
> Suspension
> Handling perspective

cant comment on same as the drive would most likely be available in September or so.
Still will likely experience Urban Cruiser Hyryder in around 3rd week to comment on same.

My Suggestion
If you need economical option then opt for Brezza Lxi which cost around 9 Lakh on road in Noida
> Rs 7.99 lakh exshowroom
> Rs 30K for Insurance
> Rs 67K for Rto
> Basic Mats. Mud Flaps, Perfume for Rs 3000 - 3500
> Extended Warranty :- which you can take in 2nd year

Now some changes can do
> As rear seat headrest not available - pls check this post Rear Seat Headrest
> Wheel Cover - Rs 2000
> Have a Touchscreen fitted with Camera and 4 speaker from Maruti Dealer himself -
a) Opt for latest XAV Ax7000 - where system MRP cost rs 32000
b) Slight older version XAV Ax5000 - where system MRP is Rs 26000 approx
with speakers and camera - price will be like Rs 40000
Both system support Android Auto and Apple car play

Although in after-market prices will be like rs 6000 to 7000 lesser - but will get peace of mind as car warranty will remain intact
and this system interface is lot better than stock touchscreen system of Maruti as in Vxi Model

With this the car On road price will be like
> Rs 9 Lakh for car
> Rs 50K for modifications

making On road at 9.5 lakh and decent features in it
You will save almost 1 Lakh over Brezza Vxi but with even better infotainment experience and your car warranty wont be impacted.

Overall Recommendation
Basis need specified - Brezza is a better pick over Baleno
If seek value perspective - opt for Brezza Lxi with modification as suggested
If want to wait few more week then wait for Urban Cruiser HYryder launch and see the prices including the way car handles and drives for its test drive report to make a choice accordingly in between Brezza or Hyryder/G. Vitara

Hope should help !!

Gaurav Arora Accepted Answer
Thanks a well explained response @gagan ji

I do have a month to decide, so lets wait for hyrider and see for grand vitara.

Also, should we consider nexon, kushaq, taigun? I am concerned about their turbo heat up, fit and feel dashboard problems, cost cutting rumours on body steel, esp unit problems and most of all mileage.

Please do guide.
Gagan Modi Accepted Answer

Issue with Kushaq and Taigun is to the extent of issues faced by existing owners where they reported in 1 Litre engine to have
> Aircon Issues
> Brake noise issues
> Some reported rattles

Looks like things not sorted in localising product - hence we have withdrawn all our recommendations for VW and Skoda Cars in 1 Litre TSI Engine intermittently till the time is reported by owners themselves for the issues been resolved

Tata Nexon is a decent matured product now with most of initial niggles been resolved and with continuous enhancements is much improvised product. Whether from
> Build or advanced safety of ESP
> Multi mode drive response in city and sports mode
> Engine Vibrations are much controlled
> Overall Handling dynamics and Turbo Petrol Engine response is one among pretty impressive

Only con to an extent is
> Fuel Efficiency been is a heavier vehicle
> A Slight design part issue where car thick A Pillar is still obstruction in visibility on corner for someone new to SUV
> To an extent cabin do not feel as well insulated as engine nose, wind nose can feel like entering in cabin on speed
> Design part again where floor looks like placed at slight height from ground which can be slight an issue for people with ortho / back issue / senior members in ingress / egress

But overall drive, high speed handling in terms of steering feedback and pickup response especially in sports mode is more fun and revv friendly as against Brezza.

I suggest to test drive Nexon back to back as its also a product which cant be ignored in 2022. Especially Nexon XM @ 8.6 Lakh exshowroom with almost every necessity convenience, safety and infotainment feature present in it.
Gaurav Arora Accepted Answer
Hi team/ Gagan जी,

I have decided to book Grand vitara delta(2nd model).
Can you please help me with the booking process?
Can I negotiate in any terms? Since prices are not revealed.
And what all documents should I take and confirm?

I have seen your youtube videos, understood we don't have to pay any handling charges.
Can discuss insurance charges and compare.
Dan you tell me how much loan rates are these days? Should I even go for a loan or take on down-payment? As I am salaried employee in private company? Can it help me in tax benefit if i take the car on my name. Only?

I understood I should try for bharat number series registration to minimize upfront cost.

Can you please help me with any other helpful pointers?

Admin Accepted Answer

Pls find point wise reply

1. Booking Process :- Pls refer this Forum thread on Car Booking to Payment Process

2. Negotiation :- Actually nothing on exshowroom price, except that should know rights that
a) Insurance
b) Accessories
c) Warranty
d) Service care packs
e) Nexa Card
are optional and voluntary to take from dealership at customer discretion.
Having said same - Insurance through Maruti Insurance (tagged as Nexa Insurance) is recommended as offer lot more convenience with one among very fair claim settlements

3. Handling Charge :- No handling charge applied by Maruti Nexa range

4. Loan Rates - Pls refer post on Latest Car Loan Interest Rates

5. Car Loan Downpayment - this needs detailed assessment of profiling with existing loan obligation, proposed emi, existing emi with future income flow . Pls raise a new question in Forum with details to assess same and suggest on it accordingly

5. Bharat Series - Pls refer details - Bh Series Number plate

Should help in details !!
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