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  Monday, 01 August 2022
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dear sir,

My monthly running is around 800 kms (70% city, 30% highway) and hence I am looking for a petrol car around 11-12 lakhs OTR in Pune. Considering safe cars only, have shortlisted Brezza and Honda City 4th Generation.

I have taken test drives of both Brezza 2022 and Honda City with my mom in the back seat. Surprisingly we found Brezza more comfortable. The seating is more upright in Brezza while you have to recline in the City which I guess isn't good for back as well. Ingress/egress is better in Brezza as well. Also my mom confirmed that bad patches of road/potholes also are more felt in the Honda city in the back seat.

Am I missing/gone wrong somewhere? Honda city has ruled the sedan segment for decades and we found it uncomfortable. Also have seen a lot of your videos and you have praised Honda city in several. I do agree the City's petrol motor is punchier and refined than that of Brezza but Brezza's is not bad either. Need some help in making the right purchase decision.

Some background – Driving WagonR since last 12 yrs and now want to upgrade. Top priorities in order are Safety, Fuel Efficiency/Mileage + Maintenance cost, reliability (intend to keep the car for 10 yrs). Heard that Nexon’s petrol mileage is very bad in city and guess it will not be as reliable hence did not consider but if you think otherwise or want to suggest a 3rd option then I am open.

Best Regards,
Pranjal Ardey
10 months ago

I truely agree with the feedback your mother gave. Someone who seated for long on Wagon R will love in the Ingress / Egress in SUV as against Sedan and fact that
> Brezza
> XUV300

are 2 among compact SUV in market of Compact SUV and Crossover including Sonet, Venue, Seltos, WRV and Nexon too which offer relative comfort oriented drive.

SUV historically are known to offer stiffer suspension set up for superior high speed handling, macho dynamics with grip but with times changing - SUV are now been designed to be car (hatch, sedan) like drive for comfort with easier ingress, egress thats the reason why XUV700 in Mid SUV Segment is now a super hit product as the kind of comfort this car offers is way better than Harrier, Compass too

Coming to Compact SUV Segment - from ingress, egress, comfort and the way Suspension tuned with wider tyres - small potholes / patches on road are better absorbed by these 2 cars as Brezza, XUV300 is lot better.

Honda City: See 4th Gen city was a different league of its own
Suspension was tuned to be on stiffened side (as against 5th Gen which offer lot more comfort) - thus tyre replacement to Michelin XM2 is of utmost importance to balance out ride (Michelin XM2 has one among soft compound one - earlier it was available but unfortunately this is now not available in R15 175/65 one)

Yes its a low base Sedan where ingress, egress cant be compared with Brezza
But is a great choice for people who
> Seek loads of space in legroom
> Ivtec Engine Refinement with slight quicker in response
> Honda Infotainment Sound Quality experience (somehow infotainment resolution is not great)
> Very High on reliability
> Road Presence
> Social Status
> Relative Better Plastics

Overall is a Car which overall drives well, loaded with features, yet safe at same time with road presence, social status and pretty reliable too

But - do note that Honda City 4th Gen Maintenance would be relative expensive as
> Service schedule is bi-annual in 4th Gen, yearly paid service after 1st year would be close to Rs 10000
> Spare Parts are not economical

Coming to your need
See Seating Upright is not preferred on long trip drive from comfort perspective, recline angle in City is better from back perspective. But still Brezza basis
> Better Ingress/ Egress for Senior Member of family
> Fact that you seek Low Maintenance Car
> Fuel Efficient where New Brezza leads to tune of 15% over Honda City
> Comfort Drive on bad patch roads

Yet Safe and reliable at same time - Brezza is overall a better pick and recommended for your need
9 months ago
Hi Gagan,

I have some follow-up questions:
(i) Since for 4th Gen there are 2 services expected in a year. This estimated 10k cost is for 1 or 2 services?
(ii) Also are you saying that the Brezza would be 15% more fuel efficient than the City?
(iii) You had mentioned XUV300 as an option but not Nexon. Is it due to low reliability or low mileage or higher maintenance costs

Will try to take one more TD of Honda City and try & notice the points you had mentioned.

Best Regards,
9 months ago

1. Its the cumulative service cost (of both service together) during paid service.
> Been Honda Labor charges for paid service including GST would be like eating up 50% (as Rs 2000 + 18% GST in every service)
> Engine Oil & OIl Filter need to be replaced every 6 month which what cost Rs 1500 (including GST in every service)
and are other components as per recommended service schedule

2. Indeed, Brezza will end up to be more fuel efficient
City 4th gen mileage in local usage would be like 11 to 12 KMpl (on highway with cruise at speed of 90 kmph can get in 16 to 17 kmpl_
But Brezza can expect to be 13 to 13.5 Kmpl in simiular condition while on highway can touch in 18 to 19 Kmpl even

3. For Nexon
a) Ingress, egress is not as ease as in Brezza or Wagon R or XUV300 even. Floor placed at height and senior member may face slight issue. to give a demo pls check this video at 13 minute 42 second onwards

b) Not as fuel efficient due to heavier kerb weight
c) Cabin do not feel as well insulated as like Brezza or City

Hope should help !!
9 months ago
I started my research 1 month back and I booked city 4g last month. I was inclined towards Honda city from beginning in pursuit of CVT.
Suddenly, reviewing my budget made me realise 5g will cost me higher emis, but I still don't want to let go 4G so I booked 4G manual. For its reliability, comfort, family feeling, ignoring the full infotainment screen and lots of modern features.
I made peace with my booking.

But now the recent Brezza upgrade is confusing me. It is offering good comfort in SUV. Reliability - I am not sure about. Fuel economy - yes for sure. Plastic quality - Not sure. Maintenance - not sure. Service quality - not sure.

Should the feature a listing of new brezza be a reason to deter me from my decision. Should I extend 1L for new brezza (it 12.5 rs I think)? Missing features in 4G were bothering me in the beginning but not now. But looking at the 2022 Brezza offering I wanted to double check my decision with you.

Sitting comfort is recliner in city4g and straight in Brezza. I remember I travelled to Jibhi in city4g for 12 hours rear and front. My ass ached but not the back. I want the best experience for my family and driving for myself. Please help me in comparing. I want to keep my car for the long term. I had no liking for maruti cars ever. We even purchased a Toyota urban cruiser instead of a brezza for my brother.

I drove an i10 for 10 years. 34 kms per day run when I was going to office but for the coming 1 year this is also zero because of remote job. 450 kms highway runs every 2 months. Family of 2-4 adults and 2 kids. My inclination toward City4G was inspired from all the complaints after we came from long journeys with fully packed i10.
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