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  Sunday, 31 July 2022
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Hi Gagan Ji,

I have booked a new car TATA Nexon XM+ S , the new variant launched last to last week, which is after taking knowledge from all of your series of YouTube videos .

I went to PDI when the dealer informed me that the car has now reached their stockyard.
I found a dent on the roof of the car by the side of the roof rail ,but it seems to be near the joint of the A-Pillar and roof rail.Attaching the screenshots for your reference .
I was completely decided to cancel the car and wait for the next slot ,but i have to again wait for another 50 to 100 days.So i asked the dealership for car body cover for free and asked if this can be completely removed ,which i don't think they will do.But they are only telling they will completely remove the roof and reinstall,which is practically not possible it seems.

Since our RBI repo rate is going to increase and the SBI loan ROI going to increase by 35 to 50 bps next week with FED rate increase of 75bps .I asked the dealer that i will pay the downpayment which SBI asked me before they disburse the loan to dealer.
Anyhow I have made the bank hold ..but they have created my loan account already .In the sense I may not get the new interest rate if I confirm them to disburse on Monday .But i can't keep them on hold for more ..

Hence i asked the dealer for an email from their end that i will go for the 2nd PDI once the issue is completely fixed.If i am completely satisfied i will go with the car else they will return my payment which they took from me in the form of Cheque,which cheque i can even cancel right now.
I have attached the mail even in this .

So the points for which i need your help and expertise are

1) Whether i should go for this car with this dent repaired or it will be a serious problem in future as it is at the juncture of the roof rail and front glass panel and A-pillar.
If the fix can completely remove this and if the dealer Service Center actually has the state of art machinery to actually fix this .
Is it worth going with this or will it be a big compromise.

2) As you are also a banking expert , if I pay the loan amount, can that be reverted back by the dealer ,as it is booked against the given chassis number and engine number.
If the current issue is a serious one I can even completely cancel and wait for another 100 days.

3) if i will even wait for another 100 days .. am i going to get a perfect car ? Don't the dealer fix all the issues of the car beforehand, it even comes to the stockyard. And this was just a mistake from them as they couldn't even find out the same before fixing this and moving to the stockyard.

4) So sir i am in a complete Dilemma whether my hard earned money will justify this in either cases ..or i will wait for another 100 days to pay high ROI which will make a difference of another 25000 to 50000 or more .Any how i am paying 25 bps high interest rate for accidental bad CIBIL score.

Let me describe the pictures a bit ..I zoomed in the camera , before taking the picture. The dent is 2 to max 3inch long or a bit more , 1 thin line color dislocated and when I run my hand on the dent it gives a wavy duration same like a dent ..but not sure if it is scratched or broken from inside.
The other side of the same place gives me a good feeling when I run my hand.
please go through the mail screenshot even once .

I have only one day to make a decision.
Please help me Sir as soon as possible.
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Let me correct my below comments a bit as it is not confusing

when I run my hand on the dent which is present at the right side of the car it gives a clear wavy touch same like a dent ..but not sure if it is scratched or broken from inside and ihave not checked from the below.
The other side i mean not from the below of the same place but the left side of the top of the roof gives me a good feeling when I run my hand.
10 months ago
Hi Ashutosh ji,

Greetings !!
As i gone through the shared pics, and email, here are my comments on it

1. Its a very minor dent and something which may have been happened like if some object fell on it
2. Such dent did not have any structural impact on the car and not compromised car safety in any way
3. Looks like no impact on Glass area / windshield as a good thing

But as you buying New car - it should be free from any such dent / scratch. Without showing any hurriedness - tell dealer straight forward that you paid money for new car and not for a repaired one. Communicate with showroom manager or there GM for it.

Express your dis-satisfaction towards same and also write mail with a tweet to Tata Motors customer care too showing your dis-satisfaction in PDI
See what the dealer reaction to it.

Tell him what ground does he has to offer for delivery of repaired car as new car
If he comes with soltuion of repair and offering some freebees i suggest to tell dealer
a) To repair same on earliest
b) and as compensation to take delivery of repaired or Ask for Rs 10000 Accessories or extended warranty complimentary (as its going to be repaired car)

As the dent is minor one and does not have any structural impact - its 100% acceptable to take delivery considering your situation where
a) Rates going to increase
b) Next car may take long to deliver
c) The kind of minor issue which this car has
d) yes as compensation take on with accessories or with warranty.

Its also possible that dealer may settle with mere Rs 5000 Accessories or equiavlent cash discount - its upto you whether the same acceptable to you or not - but you need to be firm and not to show any impatience of rate hikes or price hikes and wait of 100 days to extract the best.

Hope should help !!
Hi Gagan Ji

Thanks for reply .i followed the same way as you suggested .They only replied copying one person from tata motors in the mail communication.
They gave only a 2700 rupees of car cover discount what was agreed on the first term and said cannot give any discount on waranty as i already have discounts on ex show room price.

I will go for another PDI ..if. I am satisfied then will accept else will reject .

Please suggest if i am doing correct or worth to wait.

In addition they have given me the date for next PDI is today 03/08/2022(today) .But yet to get the confirmation.
please find the mail attached from them.
this is how the car looks from the front ....attaching the screenshot .

Please suggest any points.

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9 months ago

By offering discount in first instance - was the dealer trying to offer a damaged car on sale ?
I believe discount must have been negotiated on new car without any defect or repair.

Now when a damaged instance came in, its his onus to repair and offer compensation so as to accept
Also am curious to know the deal apart from insurance been offered to you

Car cover is something which cost too low to a dealer, anyhow prima facie car looks okay and as referred earlier - damage is too small to reject, but should opt for same with better offer from dealer if can make a point to him.

Best regds
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