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  1. Prashanth Nagaraj
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Monday, July 25 2022
Hi Mycarhelpline team,

I am planning to purchase car. Short listed between Honda Amaze VX CVT and Hyundai Venue SX(O) DCT.

I am confused with pros and cons of each cars. Looking for stability, control and safety and safety features at highway and ease of driving in city.

Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Prashant,

Both these products 'Amaze CVT' and 'Venue DCT' are what come with vast differences

Honda Amaze CVT
> Soft Suspension for comfort
> Light Steering with Lower Turning Radius
> CVT Response when seek linear smooth pickup with gentle acceleration response
> Relative skinny 14 & 15 Inch R175 Tyres - ideal for city where fuel efficiency is main criteria
> Spacious Family car with decent rear seat legroom and boot space

> Care for Highway dynamics with high speed handling - will be disappointed
> Care for Drive beyond 100 - these R15 175 tyres will find lacking grip as against SUV
> Soft suspension do not offer the kind of stability as what required on highway
> Its not a fun to drive, CVT is best for relaxed drive and care for revv friendly performance - will certainly be disappointed

Hyundai Venue DCT
> Relative Stiffened Suspension with Decent Feedback Steering for superior High Speed Stability, Ride
> Mid range is awesome . You will love this car when seek quicker mid range above 2000 rpm with seamless gear shift
> Wider 16 Inch R16 215/60 Tyres - with excellent grip levels on highway
> Care for Fun to Drive car for Small family will love the response
> Advanced Safety of ESP, Hill Assist and Highline TPMS
> Ease of Ingress and Egress for Senior Members of family

> If you compare against Amaze - will find suspension on stiffened note. But our comments are that although suspension is stiff but not as stiff as what felt in Sonet - so will call ride mature as balance for pack of decent highway stability and yet acceptable in city
> DCT Transmission is designed in such a way that if you drive in linear way will find car auto shift gear at 2000 rpm - so a slight turbo lag felt under 2000 rpm
> With Creta and I20 scoring 3 star - concerns are there for Venue in terms of Build Quality too
> Rear Seat Space is relative mediocre
> Not as fuel efficient as whats with Amaze

Coming to Parameters as specified - stability, control and safety and safety features at highway and ease of driving in city.
> Stability and Control - Certainly Hyundai Venue. With Wider Tyres, Stiffened suspension (due to which body roll is controlled) and relative superior steering feedback on higher speed with ESP - you will find Venue to be more stable

> Safety and Safety Features for highway - Although in Safety features with ESP, Wider Tyres and Highline TPMS - Venue excels
But from build perspective Amaze ranked better

> Ease of Driving - Both cars are fully automatic and offer ease of drive. But if seeking fun to drive - do note that CVT comes with rubber band effect which essentially means that car rpm will increaed without any simultaneous increase of speed
DCT feels more quicker, seamless and offer fun experience.

Hope should help in making a choice
Feel free to connect for any followup queries if any

Prashanth Nagaraj Accepted Answer
Thanks for your reply.

1. What do you suggest better build quality (Amaze) vs advance safety features (Venue)?
2. I drive relatively at relaxed manner (lower RPM). However, I want power during overtaking. Hence, the confusion.
3. Can we install twitters, TPMS, Day and night mirror and 360 cam after market?
4. If not 360 cam better rare view cam?
Prashanth Nagaraj Accepted Answer
Thanks for your reply,
I am thinking to purchase Amaze VX CVT version or Venue SX(O) DCT. Please clarify the following:
1. What do you suggest better build Quality (Amaze) vs Advance Safety features (Venue)?
2. I drive relatively in a relaxed manner (lower RPM). However, I want power during overtaking. Hence confusion between Amaze and Venue
3. Can we install aftermarket accessories without voiding Warranty. Like install Twitters, TMPS, Day and Night mirror, 360 Cam?
4. Amaze has reverse cam, however quality is not good. Could we install good Reverse cam without voiding warranty.
Admin Accepted Answer

Pls find point wise reply

1. Honda Amaze scored 4 star in Global NCAP with structure marked stable (although is South african model but basis similar build, safety specs, platform, engine - expect Indian version to be similar too)
Hyundai Venue crash test not performed, but basis safety rating as available of I20, Creta and Hyundai owned Kia brand Seltos, Carens - where these cars scored 3 star with structural integrity marked unstable

It can be interpreted as
> Honda Amaze has superior Build but with standard safety features
> Hyundai Venue has relative mediocre build but Sx Option DCT comes with advanced active and passive safety features

But, if i have to choose one in safety will pick Venue Sx Option DCT with sheer fact that
> ESP makes a difference in emergency high speed brake or during monsson drive
> Hill Assist in steep hills to control
> Highline TPMS to check tyre pressure
> Wider Tyre aids in superior grip
> Side Airbags and Curtain Airbags in side impact collision

Higher up active and passive safety specs makes a difference and to view Venue leads

2. Honda Amaze offered with Paddle shifters
You can use Sports to override through Paddle Shifters

But if seek instant response - certainly Hyundai Venue where if accelerated hard, existing gear (if on lower one) will be hold by transmission to deliver superior pickup response

So Hyundai Venue leads in here

3. For aftermarket accessories
> With stock music system set up, i Dont recommend any tweak in same
> Day and Night Mirror is part of car
> TPMS if want in Amaze can be fitted easily. One comes with external and second choice with internal fit sensor
> 360 degree camera - not recommended as will likely void in warranty

4. Although possible but as same integrated with touchscreen as Wide View, Normal View and 1 more view is there
Am unsure if it will be compatible with stock music system or not. You may have to check with local Honda dealer for same

Prashanth Nagaraj Accepted Answer
Thanks for your reply. Could you please help to select between Facelift Brezza ZXI AT vs Venue SX(O) DCT? What are the advantages and disadvantages with respect to each other from Features, Safety, engine, Gearbox, driving comfort in City and in Highways point of view?

Is it possible to install 360 cam for Brezza ZXI?
Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Sir,

Premium Support entails support for 1 Question with follow up related to main question only
We make all effort with research based answer to assist in consumers.

Somehow the choice as stated of Brezza leads to separate question, will appreciate to kind
a) take additional premium support for given query
b) upgrade to premium annual support where there is no capping on number of question with support for a year

Appreciate your kind understanding on same.
Yedu Krishnan Accepted Answer
As regards Brezza ZXI AT and Venue SX(O) DCT:
1. Engine: Brezza has 1462 cc, 4 Cylinders Inline, 4 Valves/Cylinder, DOHC Smart Hybrid engine producing 102 bhp of power @ 6000 rpm and 136.8 Nm of torque @ 4400 rpm tuned best for relaxed driving and great fuel efficiency.
Venue has a 998 cc, 3 Cylinders Inline, 4 Valves/Cylinder, DOHC turbo GDi engine producing 118 bhp of power @ 6000 rpm and 172 Nm @ 1500 rpm tuned for power and performance.

2. Transmission : Brezza has 6-speed Torque Converter AT whereas Venue has 7-speed DCT, with DCT being slick shifting, faster, performance-oriented gearbox.

3. Comfort, Safety and Features: Brezza has more space and is taller and wider than Venue in terms of back seat space and headroom. this Variant of Brezza has only 2 airbags whereas Venue comes with 6 airbags, Venue also has TPMS and Traction Control which Brezza lacks.

previous generation Brezza was rated 4-star by Global NCAP,so expecting similar rating in New Brezza, if not better, previous generation Venue scored only 3-stars in same crash test.

Venue has push-button Vstart, telematics like find my car, geofencing, Alexa connectivity etc. over Brezza.

Interiors of Venue are more upmarket than Brezza with fabric + leatherette upholstery, driver armrest, leather wrapped steering and better plastic quality and fit and finish.

Venue has automatic headlights, digital instrument cluster, wireless charger and better touchscreen infotainment system than Brezza.

Despite being lower on features, Brezza however has better ride and handling balance over Venue

Do take a test drive of both the cars before taking decision.

Hope it helps!
Prashanth Nagaraj Accepted Answer
Hi Yedu,
Thanks for your reply. Sure, I will test drive and post updates.
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