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  1. Vivek Singh
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Thursday, July 21 2022
Dear Sir,

- i m with family wife and kid.
City traffic driving need automatic transmission for sure.
Weekend long drives 2 times in month.
Prev Ritz 50% on long drives only.

1. I have moved to Bangalore few weeks back sold my Ritz 10 year old in mumbai.

2 Work from home ghaziabad, have Jazz v CVT. Wife also drive that.

3 searching for new car in Bangalore. Came to know abt higher road tax.

4. Decided to go with used car for few years may be, not sure how long in Bangalore, as from finance IT profile might move to Mumbai or Delhi not sure.

5. I have seen few Used cars
5.1 - Jazz Honda VXCVT At ₹7.45 lakh 13k kms. BUT service history says 1 lakh insurance claim and accident in records so dropped it.
5.2 - Again another jazz 2018 model VX CVT 50K RUN at ₹7.3 lakh from local dealer with clean service record.
5.3 - Ford ecosport 48k run AUTOMATIC AT ₹ 8.4 LAKH , 2018 model
5.4 - local dealer gave another option of Honda city top model 20+ k kms run 2016-2015 model(not sure) at ₹8.4 lakhs.

with above Hassel i was so confused because
I took a test drive of kiger i liked but father said No. 12.6 on road CVT
Honda amaze VCVT 11.6 lakh on road.

Wanted to check if I should be getting one of those used cars in that range or shall I go with Honda amaze brand new .

Or you want to suggest something else
I liked XUV 300 but in bang it's 13.6 on road.
7.5 lakh for jazz used car not sure if it is right price. Also I cross check to sell the same configuration jazz to spinny and other they are taking the same at 5-6 lakh range and selling at 1.5 lakh premium.

Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Vivek,

Greetings !!
Indeed Road Tax in Karnataka features as one among highest (top 3) in India
Also heard of BH Bharat registration issues faced by some customers. Still if you want to make a try - check out for BH Series as
> Relatively lower road tax
> Pro rata payment just needed every 2 yrs
> Registration number valid PAN India - so you do not need to face hassle of issuing NOC or re-registering in other state

You can check details :- Bharat Series Number Plate

Coming to Used Car
THe model which appeals is
> Jazz 2018 model VX CVT 50K RUN at ₹7.3 lakh from local dealer with clean service record.

However this car may entail expense of Rs 30K in terms of
> Battery replacement
> Tyre Replacement in next 10000 Kms (if not done)
> Some wear and tear items replacement like Brake Pads, Wiper and general Servicing where 4th Year Service would be like Major Service

So - point consideration of this car should only be if able to bring asking price to 7 Lakh including RC Transfer
Do note that Jazz BS4 used to have bi-annual service expense, so yearly service maintenance cost would be in tune of Rs 10K (if you follow periodic service sacro-sanct as per Honda Service interval)

Honda Engines are reliable, long lasting and if timely serviced can go long,

In Between New Amaze V CVT and Used Jazz Vx CVT
See if able to bring down price at 7 Lakh and even after considering 30K for tyres, battery and servicing - you will still save in Rs 4.3 Lakh over Amaze. Even if you consider Honda anytime warranty for 5th and 6th year to have peace of mind ownership it will take away another Rs 35K - making still a lucrative saving of Rs 4 Lakh which is substantial

Why to go with a new car when getting timely serviced, neat and clean used car and where you ready to spend
> on tyres
> Battery
> Servicing

Also, kindly get the car inspected by a Trained technician as Honda Suspension overhaul is conisderably expensive. Get
> Link rod
> Lower Arm
> Shockers
> Bushes
along with Aircon compressor checked and motor functions so that no surprises should come later on.

Last but not least :
In Used Car market - the primary consideration is of how well the product maintained
If you are able to crack same then price can be secondary and even if ready to pay 10% premium - should not be wary of same.

Hope should help !!

Vivek Singh Accepted Answer
Tomorrow dealer propose me the Honda city CVT 20+ k run,
I have also asked man and motors the same question..and they recommend the Brezza auto under 7 lakhs( as if in Bangalore there are plenty hehe)
Also they recommended Kiger CVT or magnite CVT new car.
I just wanted the VFM for my hard earned money.
Is Honda city CVT in Bangalore at 8.4 lakh, 25k run will be bad choice against , Honda Jazz CVT 7.3 lakh - 50K RUN.
Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Vivek ji,

Sometimes too catchy price needs one to even more careful

At any given point of time - City CVT with 20K on odo at 8.4 Lakh looks much better value as against Jazz at 7.3 Lakh with 50K Kms driven

Although you have not specified manufactuing year but this raises suspicion as City generally commands minimum 2 Lakh price premium over Jazz in similar well kept condition and odo reading and in this specified case City is driven just half as against Jazz

There could be reasons like
> Accidental History of Vehicle
> Any Major Problems related to Mechanicals

Only after careful inspection of car with verified service history on records can same be assessed. So important is to ask dealer on
> Verified Service History at Honda Workshop and check what all components been replaced and when
> Get car thoroughly inspected by a Trained Service advisor

Am also sharing a video which may assist on checking and inspecting a car on own

For Other Cars as question
> Brezza Automatic was launched in 2020 in Petrol with a ticket price of 12 Lakh on road (For Vxi Automatic even) . Do you mean to say that getting this car at 7 Lakh in Bangalore which is like 40% depreciation - i dont think its possible
> Brezza AMT which was earlier there in Diesel, if thats the model then do note that AMT was jerky and not as smooth and secondly its a Diesel which entails higher service cost

For Renault Kiger and Nissan Magnite - Kiger is better pick basis
> Steering Feedback
> Suspension

but Renault after sales service features in bottom in JD Power CSI (Customer satisfaction index) for years, and somehow Renault after sales service experience is a question.

Also, is spending 12 Lakh Plus looking reasonable to you for this in Bangalore ?

My Suggestion
As shared earlier for Jazz CVT if going with price negotiation at 7 Lakh
or check this car thoroughly as Honda City CVT which is what quoted at 8.4 Lakh with a trained mechanic and verified service history as detailed assessment is needed in same - been should not offer surprises later on

Last - check with Online Classifieds for direct customers or local dealer too if there is any Used Automatic car well maintained available.
Vivek Singh Accepted Answer
I have got another Jazz CVT, mint Condition, 22k only driven, clean history,
Ask is 7.3 plus commision charges. Total would be 7.45.
This is the best so far after visiting, almost 10 + major used car dealer for that segment ( model, driven, and condition)

That Honda City which i was referring earlier is, 42k driven, top model.CVT, 2016 MODEL
8.4 LAKH

Vivek Singh Accepted Answer
I have got another car

Honda Jazz 2018 model VCVT , 22000 KM
MINT condition
7.3 lakh plus commision charges. Overall may be 7.45 lk
Condition is pretty good.
Single owner car.
Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Hi Vivek Sahab,

Gone through your post
Honda Jazz got a mid life facelift in July 2018
Jazz 2018 Vx model in question earlier (provided its before July'18 manufactured) had this USP of Magic Seats which not only offered flexibility of seating but even
> Better Seating Comfort
> Better Under-thigh support

Can you check if indeed if this model is equipped with this feature (if manufacturing is before July 2018) ?
and for Jazz 2018 V CVT - pls check if its Post July 2018 Model as model got upgrade in features.

> If both models are July'18 or later - opt for V CVT
> If Vx is before July'18 - suggest to sit in this car especially on rear as seating comfort is different as against V CVT (if thats deal breaker then opt for Vx else V)
> If both models before July'18 - opt for Vx

Hope should help !!
Vivek Singh Accepted Answer
Hi Gagan ji,
Appreciate you reply,

I got 2 options now

1. Honda jazz 2017, 42k driven - 6.3 lakh
Clean record satisfactory condition. I will be 3 rd owner. ( Done Honda showroom general checkup - battery and brakes replacement required - 20k addition charge)

2. Honda Jazz 2017, 22k driven -7.3 lakh may be 7.2 lakh, clean history, mint condition. I will be 2 owner.

Is it worth paying 70-80k extra for less driven vehicle.
Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
A Car with 3rd owner on records means resale will be significant impacted whenever you sell to 4th owner
Also for a car which exchanged hands twice in span of mere 5 yrs and if again put for same - looks like something not correct with car

Avoud such models !!

Go for Jazz 1st owner car 2017 model in which you will be like second owner.
Vivek Singh Accepted Answer
Hello Gagan Ji and Team,
Thanks for your advice over the time period,
Finally I have got the Honda Jazz 2016 model directly from the owner,
Honda Jazz V CVT model, 2016, 6200 km done only. Car condition was good, so finally took the delivery at 6.8 lakh.
Same as the buying price of spinny from seller(owner).
I happy with condition of the car.
Thanks for all help again

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