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  Saturday, 09 July 2022
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Hi Gagan,

Need help in car selection. I am looking for a car for daily office travel in Bangalore, and occasional highway rides (6 times a year). Am expecting an annual running of 7000km maximum, which can be less too. My priorities are safety and driving comfort in city traffic as well as on highways. Currently, I am commuting 40km daily to office, which I hope to reduce in a year's time to 10km daily if i can find some house closer to the office on rent, so am expecting an average annual run of 7000km in 5 year horizon, it can be more but don't have visibility regarding that which will depend how far I am living from office. Mostly it will be me alone on the office commute, or my wife and an infant over a weekend with a city trip or long trip (max 6-8 times a year). But sometimes my parents can visit us, but that will happen twice a year max.

This will be my first car, though I plan to get one more car after 4 years and give this car to my wife. So not sure if i should go with an entry level EV now (nexon ev max) and later purchase a Safari/Innova type vehicle. Or go with petrol now and later purchase a bigger EV than today's Nexon ev max but smaller car as compared to SAFARI due to budget constraints as Safari sized EV even if introduced will be costly even after 4 years - 5 years. Having an EV is not mandatory for me, but ride quality is a lot better than ICE engines so I am assuming one EV should be there out of 2 cars.

Personally, I am more of an SUV fan than a sedan but the clause of 4+ safety rating has removed most of the SUVs from my consideration list. Kia CARENS is personal favourite but deprioritized now due to 3 star rating.

>> Vehicle based on my quick research:
1. Nexon Petrol Automatic is my favorite in terms of safety rating, and provides all good features with adequate quality and price (14.5 Lakh on road in bangalore for Nexon XZA+HS model), but AMT in Bangalore traffic might be problematic due to lag in overtaking which is making me rethink.

2. Second, To solve the lag and transmission vibration issue of Nexon AMT and make ride smooth along with 5 star safety rating platform, I extended my budget and brought Nexon EV Max in consideration set, but along with it comes restricted range for highway travel and even in bangalore traffic one has to change driving behaviour of not accelerating it and then breaking it like I do in petrol vehicle. In my third test drive of EV max that I took today, I depleted 6 percent battery in 5km drive within Bangalore traffic. So that's one concern and other is am paying 20.5 L for a smaller car which has limited highway charging facility ( for those occasional once a quarter rides)

3. So, to mimic Nexon EV MAX smooth ride and vibration less feeb I explored what other cars I can get in 20 Lakhs with 4+ safety rating, reliability and can come close to EV experience, so only Honda City ZX came in.

As you talk about financial prudence, I wanted to mention that I have one 10 year large loan too.... so I want to be frugal, but not to an extent that I compromise on ride comfort/quality, as a car is a long term investment (at least 7 years).. and I don't want my body coming in pain after each trip to the office or highway. Hence not exceeding budget above 20-20.5lakhs but sweet spot is 14 lakhs-15 lakhs.

I have tried to cover most of my thought process here, please suggest what car I should go with, you can suggest some other which is not in the list, but i believe getting 4th option is difficult. Not very keen on Brezza facelift due to Maruti badging and can't wait for Toyota Hyrder as delivery will start in October and travelling via Ola uber is a pain in Bangalore due to shortage of cabs.

Let me know if I need to provide any more clarifications.

9 months ago

We have stopped our recommendation for VW and Skoda Cars for time been as many users facing issues
> Aircon
> Brake noise
> Rattles

till time issues are resolved as confirmed in new batches - we have reserved our recommendation for same,
9 months ago
hi did test drive today for honda city, height is an issue. my hair kept on grazing the roof in driver's seat of the honda city. Checked slavia too ( did not drove it), will it fit my purpose? as both are similar priced, and safety and driving comfort are two main things. did not like kushaq for some reason.
9 months ago
Yes xuv 700 would have been ideal, just long waiting time is the issue.
9 months ago

If you want to give higest focus on
> Comfort Oriented drive
> Seating Comfort
> Safety specs
in combination and dont give priority to EV or Petrol / Diesel then in comparison to EV Max - check out XUV700 Petrol as will be impressed with seating comfort, suspension tuned for comfort and immaculate 5 star build

Else in between City and Nexon - will pick City 5th Gen for
> Soft suspension for comfort
> Seating Comfort
> Relaxed Drive
> Yes even higher active and passive safety features

Hope should help !!
9 months ago
And your recommendation of Honda City to be better in Driving comfort in city than nexon petrol, will it also hold when compared to NEXON EV MAX? on comparing it on driving comfort specifically. as both are priced almost very near to each other. and my running is 7k annually so am not looking for savings... just safer car along with driving comfort.
10 months ago

Honda City is a Sedan, Nexon is a crossover
Theres considerable difference in ride, handling, space, feel factor and to be honest no comparisons at all. For instance

> Engine refinement in 1.5 Ivtec is much more, while Nexon Turbo Petrol feels more fun and quicker in sports mode and even in city mode
> CVT is best when driven in relaxed way and although City has sports mode with Paddle Shifters but Nexon feels quicker
> City has soft suspension, Nexon has relative stiffened suspension - so City can be more comfy
> Tyre Grip factor has difference on higher speed
> Lot Differences in all round visibility
> Space Factor where Nexon feels relative compact on rear seat legroom and window lines feels smaller as against City having plenty of room
> Ingress and Egress - Nexon is tall car with floor placed on height while City is low base car - Both cars have some sort of ingress and egress issue

Its like comparing 2 altogether different cars where there is no match in
> Engine Performance
> Transmission difference
> Ride, Handling
> Suspension
> Ingress, Egress, Space

even like Interior Aesthetics, Lifestyle Features of City feels more premium and City got even more passive safety in side airbags and curtain Airbags . But Nexon can perform slight better on bad roads, this raised ground clearance gives more confidence on poor build roads and multi mode with Sports is more fun to experience.

So, even if build quality is good - nothing common in between cars as comparing like East to West.
10 months ago
But if i need to compare honda city zx cvt and nexon petrol top end Amt, and if total price difference between two is 3 lakhs including interest on loan, and readjng a lot about city build quality.. do u still recommend nexon?
10 months ago

As i gone through your post and to summazie
> safety and driving comfort in city traffic as well as on highways
> Your expected running would be lower
> Usage would be mostly as Small Nuclear Family Car

and appreciate sharing in your experience with AMT, EV and financial aspect too.

See, Karnataka has one among highest road tax zone.
Like a car like Kushaq Automatic which what cost in 16.6 Lakh on road in delhi, goes to 17.75 Lakh on road in Karnataka
Similar for MG Astor Super CVT which what cost in 15.35 Lakh on road delhi, goes to 16.5 Lakh on road in Karnataka

First come first from financial perspective - check if you are eligible for BH Series Number plate (which is applicable for both private and government employees). Check BH Series Eligibility

There were some issues faced by buyers in Karnataka stating that RTO only issuing for central government or psu employees earlier, which Ministry of road transport and highways was to take up with state government - you may check status of same with your dealer

If you are able to get BH Series then will help in reducing financial obligation considerably as
> Road Tax rates are much lesser at 10% as against 17% (for cars in 10 to 20 Lakh price) - so will reduce in tax liability by close to a Lakh
> Also, road tax need to be paid on pro-rata basis on 2 year basis - hence car on road price will fall considerably means your loan dependence will reduce too leading lesser outflow of interest.

So, pls check on same

See, basis all parameters and preferences as specified
It seems that you seek a car which offers
> Smooth Transmission Response
> Decent Safety Element
> Impressive Ride, Handling Experience for local city usage

Nexon AMT: Is a myth to think that there will be lag. Car has got innumberable updates in last 4 yrs and
> Performance is much linear in day to day usage
> Turbo lag is well controlled
> City mode got lot of enhancements but if you seek to get the best may experience car in sports mode (although this may come at cost of fuel efficiency but sports mode has revv range right as low as 1250 rpm onwards - you wont experience any lag and fun in overtaking)
> One among best build, handling and character of this car

and top of it comes in your specified budget

As if you go ahead then option will come in form of
> MG Astor CVT - which although is smooth but is slight slow in initial pickup . Infact so much so - if you buy a hatchback like Honda Amaze CVT which cost what 4.5 lakh lesser than Astor - atleast in local city use under speed of 60 mph, you cant find much difference in pickup performance)

> Skoda Kushaq Ambition Automatic / VW Taigun Automatic - A level up product in handling, performance and turbo lag is well masked in Automatic Transmission. But pricing - this car would just cost 3 Lakh higher over Nexon AMT. If can be flexible in budget then it certainly is a better product over Nexon - but with a disclaimer recent owner experience is not good with Skoda, VW Cars where issues related to brakes, Aircon are circulating across. So from reliability perspective seems much need to be done in recent lot of VW and Skoda - earlier they faced EPC issues.

> XUV300 AMT - signature strength is Diesel AMT, but Petrol AMT feels jerky and there Nexon AMT shines as product over XUV300 AMT

Point is
> From Financial Perspective
> From Build, Safety Perspective
and fact that Nexon as product got so many silent updates - is a very well decent packaged product
Overtaking is something which is definite not an issue. Couple of drives and you will be happy to understand and adjust with AMT behavior. If seek best then experience in sports mode to unleash the best out of same.

Recommendation goes in favor of Nexon AMT only.
Suggest to test drive again and have slight longer one.
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