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  1. Darani Vasan
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Monday, June 27 2022
I used to have Ritz (Petrol) and Honda Amaze (new Gen - CVT - Petrol) as my earlier cars in India. Have driven all sorts of vehicles hatchback, Sedan, SUVs, 4X4s, pick-ups, Caravans, etc. Was trying to buy an used car, however changed my mind because using the present chip shortage as the reason, people are selling used cars at exorbitant cost. Hence, I felt that let me go ahead with a new one now.

I wanted a Diesel as it gives me more torque and better mileage. No complaints on Petrol but the engine gasses out in battle with Diesel. Never driven a Hybrid, hence can't compare with that. Second reason is mileage - given the rising prices of fuel.

My need was a compact SUV or SUV. The issue is I get too confused because I go through a lot of specifics.

My options for now
1. Tata Nexon - Kaziranga or XZ+
2. XUV300 - W8 or W8(O)
3. Hyundai Venue
4. Honda WRV
5. XUV700 - AX5 (problem is waiting period)
(Open for suggestions on options)

My usage and style of driving
1. 40% City and 60% Highways. Will be doing atleast 2 long drives in a month and slight soft roading (camping sites reach) - mostly a family car
2. My highways speed is a steady 90-110KMPH.
3. Engine must stay at lower RPMs at speeds of 100KMPH - leads to stress free drive experience and better mileage figures
4. Minimum Fuel Economy Expectation - 14KMPL within city and 18KMPL on highway
5. Need a sort of family based car but ok if it can be a little rugged
6. Visibility is a main point and must not be like sitting inside a race car sort off. Though I am 5'10", will always keep the seat height to max because I like better visibility
7. Ride comfort is mandatory for all passengers (ok with 4 seat comfort and 5th slightly ok comfort)
8. Light clutch and light steering please (I am a skinny guy)
9. Need to be able to carry some luggage, camp needs and a water can

Safety Needs
1. ABS & EBD. If ESP is there then great!
2. Corner Stability if the car is known for body roll
3. Minimum 2 air bags and if 6 or more would be great
4. Alloy Wheels
5. Traction Control & TPMS (nice to have)
6. Rear camera and sensors (nice to have)
7. Auto Dimming IRVMs (nice to have)
8. Car must be steady when empty (only driver) or full with passengers and luggage - Must not be bumpy feeling

1. Pocket friendly for sure
2. Availability of spares is a must
3. Regular service must be within 7-8K per year.

Will be going ahead with finance.

Suggestions and help required in the following areas
1. Choosing the right car - open for other options as well
2. Options on reducing the cost of purchase (Already aware on insurance, accessories, Other Handling charges from your videos)
3. Best finance offers

Budget - presently 20Lakhs as max. Ok to extend if the usage and value crosses the mark.
Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Dear Darani Sahab,

Hi, Hope doing great

As i gone through requirements where to summarize
> Comfort Oriented Drive yet in a Family Car
> Safe Experience yet a car which is Powerful
> Good Ergonomics, Visibility, Light Clutch, Steering
> Mild Off road experience yet a car with good stability
> Reliability with Competitive Ownership Cost

and basis budget specified of 20 Lakh - only 1 car which meets the highest score and need requirement is Mahindra XUV700 Ax5 Diesel and indeed has a long waiting but heard of ways of bipassing the same too

First why XUV700 Ax5 Diesel
> Seating Comfort is excellent in XUV700 and along with ease of ingress, egress - lot of legroom in 2nd Row and top of all suspension tuned towards offering comfort oriented ride. Care for Space for 5 Members, Near Class Leading Seats, Comfort Oriented ride - XUV700 is the benchmark in not only sub 20 Lakh but even sub 50 Lakh Segment with only vehicle taking a stand ahead is Used Ford Endeavour

> 5 Star Safety with highest safety score and indeed you get ABS EBD, 4 Airbags, ESP for enhanced safety experience

> Very Powerful in 2.2 Litre Engine with 182 BHP Power and 420 NM Torque - infact most powerful car in its class

> All round good visibility, ergonomics, light steering - infact steering deserves laurels to be pretty light in city and gains firmness on higher speed - one of the best steering feedback

> Mahindra XUV700 - although not a proper off road SUV but definitely theres a SUV Element to it as against world of psedo SUV. Its not a Compass but better than Creta, Seltos, Kushaq in mild off road dynamics

> Well - Mahindra XUV700 is now a year old car - although in no way am stating that its a niggle free - but periodic enhancements and working by Mahindra R&D team basis customer feedback definitely iron out most of initial niggles. There are something left to work on ADAS - but blessing in disguise Ax5 do not feature in ADAS

What you wont Like : Its still a 1 yr Old Product - its seen in past that Mahindra SUV are not niggle free right from beginning. They take time - some cars have noise issue, some have infotainment one, some have tech issues - but many common one are resolved in last 1 yr

and Ofcourse Long Waiting times

Now how to beat long waiting: Well its not official and although its a public forum so cant specify explicitly
But suggest to meet Dealer GM and specify to ask on ways to get car early basis need - (provided you are flexible on budget)
Am sure he may assist - in event of cancellation or change in existing customer preference

But this means you wont save anything on accessories, insurance as everything needs to be taken from dealership
Elsewhere - the waiting time lines may go with extended one to over a year.

Let know your thoughts on same.

If in case you dont wish to go ahead with XUV700 due to waiting - let know as will recommend alternate car ofcourse with slight compromised one basis need.

Hope should help
Feel free to connect for any followup queries on same.

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Darani Vasan Accepted Answer
Hi Gagan,
Thank you very much for the suggestion. Every car has its niggles not only at start but continues for a long time. I am just worried about the major issues. Are you aware on what are the major issues/niggles that I would have to face for both Diesel and Petrol?

Few that I came across/learnt from friends are as follows. However not sure about the accuracy of the details
1. Digital Displays
2. Oil Pipe Leaks
3. ECU Issue and so on..

Note: I am unable to verify the information I hear. Any way we can know the list of niggles and what has been fixed and what is pending to be fixed? This way, I can make informed decision on whether I need to worry about that feature or not.

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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Dear Darani,

Many consumers reported many problems in XUV700. Some on
> Infotainment
> Brakes
> Noise with Poor Insulation
> Grainy Camera
> Battery Drain
> Wireless Android Auto Connectivity
> Display Issue
> Cruise Issue

ECU Error is something which is like brain of car and not something generic
None is generic

I suggest to join in MyCarHelpline XUV700 Community Group - having group of owners and buyers too
asking team to send you invite link through Email Separately

You can interact in group to know more about car.

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