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  1. Mohan Chand
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Wednesday, June 15 2022
Hi team,

I need an advice on buying a new car. I am looking for a family car and petrol version. My budget is around 11-12 lakhs on road.
I have test driven Honda Amaze Vx cvt and Brezza manual. I liked both of them. Currently brezza vxi manual only available.

Which one would you recommend?
Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Mohan,

Greetings !!
See the foremost consideration in choosing a car is based on preferences
Brezza is going to get update soon and prices will jackup to extent of rs 80000 to 1 Lakh over existing model prices

Now you shortlisted 2 cars
1) Compact Sedan in Automatic Transmission
2) Compact SUV in Manual TRansmission

Honda Amaze
The key difference lies in the fact that Honda Amaze is meant for those drivers
a) who have maximum usage in city conditions
b) who drives in controlled speed as steering is super light with lower turning radius
c) who seek convenience at its best in day to day drive
d) want fully loaded features in yet at lower price

But if you are someone whos going to take
a) Highway at 100 plus speed
b) who seek superior handling on highway
c) who seek performance or enthu drive
d) drive on roads with potholes

then Amaze is strict no

Maruti Brezza
On other hand Maruti Brezza offers
a) Comfort oriented drive and drives better on bad roads in comparison to Amaze
b) Feel more fun in manual transmission with bigger engine and more torque
c) who seek commanding seating position with superior all round visibility
d) Expect new brezza smart hybrid (launching on 30th June) to be more fuel efficient than Amaze
e) High speed dynamics although not great but still much better than Amaze
f) whos to experience in broken roads or potholes (although its not a proper off road SUV but still dynamics are better)
g) Also new Brezza has superior ingress, egress and has better head room space

So depends on preference - Amaze Vx CVT - choose only if you have 85%+ usage in city traffic conditon and where you seek convenience of drive at sole reason. Else Brezza Manual for all round car but wait for new Brezza launching on 30th June

Hope should help !!

Mohan Chand Accepted Answer
Will the new amaze suspension too soft? If fully loaded, is there a chance that the underbody touches the obstacles like speed breakers?

Admin Accepted Answer

Indeed the suspension is on soft note
The way to drive is to reduce speed to slowest possible under 7 kmph on 1st gear while crossing potholes or bad roads
If you drive slight fast with fully loaded - chances are that will scrape underbody

Hope should help !!

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