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  1. Rahul matai
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  3. Saturday, June 11 2022
Requirment : New Car
Budget : 10 -11 lakh
Preference : Amt
City Drive 70%
Highway 30%
Car should be safe
Admin Accepted Answer
Hi, Greetings !!

Here are 2 cars recommended for need

1. Honda Amaze Vx CVT
a) CVT is super refined where commute usage in city, no jerks and linear pickup
b) Low Turning radius ensures ease of maneuverability in traffic
c) Quiet Spacious with 400 Litre + Boot Space for storing luggage, can have decent legroom in rear seat
d) Road Presence, Interiors, Features all make car look upmarket. You get Push Igntiion, Alloys, Touchscreen with Android Auto / Apple car play, LED Projectors, LED DRL, Stylish Alloys, Camera, Auto Climate Control, Power Fold ORVM and much more
e) Where seek to overtake or slight fun - also has paddle shifters and on highway / expressway can use cruise control
f) Also is 3 yr warranty on standard and to extend to 5 yr warranty and 3 yr Pro Care AMC Maintenance pack - will just cost Rs 22000. Also scheduled service cost are competitive now with longer replacement interval of some fluids & filters
g) Very reliable, decent resale and yes is a 4 star rated safe car

What you wont like
a) Highway dynamics which feels pretty mediocre
b) Not the best of steering feedback on higher speed
c) Been suspension on soft side, will experience bounciness if driven relative on roads with potholes, bad roads
d) Not a driving enthusiast car as pickup in 1.2 Litre engine is just average and best when driven in controlled speed in linear pickup

So if you go on highway and keep speed at 80 Kmph - be assured this would be pretty impressive buy.

2. Tata Nexon XMA Sunroof
a) Now Nexon AMT is a much improved product where periodic enhancements in last 3.5 yrs in AMT now makes this car much more better product. Within local usage AMT is ease and jerks are much better conntrolled, for fun experience sports mode is now with 120 PS Power with lot more revv friendly performance and Eco mode is best on highway
b) Significant enhanced features with ESP, Traction along with digital instrument cluster and Projectors with DRL ensure good light visibility
c) 5 Star Safety Rated Car with near best build quality
d) You get all essential safety, styling, convenience features as needed in car. With enhancement of Wheel to Alloys can even turn on looks
e) High speed handling, ride quality is good. Decent steering feedback
e) Overall price point at which this crossover is available with impeccable build, performance, handling makes it a great choice

What you wont like
a) Relative higher wind noise on speed
b) Ingress and Egress not the best. Floor is placed at height
c) Thicker A Pillar obstruct view at time. Rear windshield is smaller - not best in visibility
c) Not the best in terms of space - Amaze feels more spacious and roomier. But still okay for someone with everage height of 5'7" on rear
d) Not the best in Fuel efficiency too been heavier car

So depending on preference by factoring in pros - cons may consider in Nexon XMA or Amaze Vx CVT

Suggest to test drive and experience
Feel free to connect for any follow up queries if any.

Rahul Matai Accepted Answer
Hi Thanks for your response, today I took all test drive. And found Amaze better compare to Nexon as per my requirement.
Few points for which I need clarification:
1) Price list I an uploading below , please let me know where all I can negotiate if possible for you.
2) As you update I can take 3 years Pro maintenance AMC , but dealer telling Honda stooped giving that , and he was telling me that your 3 year service cost will be less then that , he showed me service changed at Honda website.
3) Thinking to make 60% down-payment and 40% loan ( finance not a problem) , what do you think best ratio for taking loan and advantage.
4) DO you think increase 2-3 lakh budget for first car and go for new maruti brezza ??
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Rahulmatai Accepted Answer
Selected Amaze , can you clarify below points :
1) Price List attached , where all I can negotiate to get best one.
2) Whats the best ratio for taking loan if any
3) For the first car this should be good decision or increase budget and go for new brezza ?
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Admin Accepted Answer

a)Ok if pro care discontinued,

1. Insurance is overpriced. Check online premium and save on same. Can definite save rs 10,0000
2. Document and Delivery charge is basically new name of handling and logistic charge. see to negotiate to get waived
3. Basic Kit can negotiate free
4. Extended warranty - rather than 4 yr take 5 yr / 1 Lakh Kms warranty
5. Rather than 1st yr RSA - take in 5 yr RSA which cost rs 6000 approx
5. Whats smart package by dealer ? pls check inclusions and share

ALso can negotiate for dealer end offer of rs 5000

c). Finance depends on your need.
With Interest rates on an increase - recommended to opt for fixed interest rate

d) If you seek Automatic - then Amaze is good
All New Brezza will likely start from 10.5 Lakh exshowroom which is like 1.5 Lakh higher on road and will carry lesser features in Vxi Trim as against Amaze Vx CVT

Hope should help !!

Rahul Matai Accepted Answer
Hi today New brezza launched, amt price is high if we see ZXI model , there is 1.5 lakh difference in Manual and amt.
What do you prefer still can go for brezza or still amaze is best choice. Some how SUV attracting and that's making my decision biased. Can you please enlighten which will be best choice still.
As in ground clearance brezza is better.
But want to go for amt.
And if I am going for that budget of 13.5 t 14 , is there any other better option in same.
Admin Accepted Answer

Brezza Zxi Automatic On road goes close to 14 Lakh which is not like comparable to Amaze, but enter in price zone of Honda City 5th Gen V CVT
You need to decide among priorities. If
> SUV Factor
> Raised Ground clearance

then its Brezza, and plastics and quality level enhancements are definite there

Although new Brezza drive would be like experienced in next week but on face of it Brezza best value in Automatic is Zxi Plus Auto basis advanced safety, tech features. Rest other variants Vxi AT or Zxi AT looks like price hike over outgoing model

Hope should help
Rahulmatai Accepted Answer
Thanks for the update ,
In My budget 10-11 lakh I can see oprion of Nissan magnite also .
Sie basic reason I am asking questions is bcs these days if we go with trend then these Adjusted SUV.
How do you compare Magnite with amaze, sorry if asking absurd questions.
Admin Accepted Answer

Nissan Magnite Turbo CVT is decent for city use except
> Vague Steering
> Nissan Limited After Sales Service Network
> Relative Stiffer Suspension

Now this steering is a big let down. Stiffer suspension makes ride stiff for rear seat usage and slight concern on low service network
Suggest to test drive and experience a slight longer one with your family,
a) if rear seat passenger do not find a discomfort
b) you are okay with steering feedback (as every individual has how own style of drive)

then basis trending SUV factor and your aspiration towards SUV - may consider Magnite but do opt for 5 yr Gold AMC plan including warranty coverage for ensuring peace of mind ownership,

Hope should help !!
Rahul Matai Accepted Answer
Thanks for replying so much appreciated.
Your response fives so much clarity.
Finally canceled these oprion ad per response :
Brezza : Overpriced
Magnite : Bad control.

Just I know it took test drive of Hyundai Venue ,Hyundai Venue SX (O) 1.0 Turbo DCT, this car was looking amazing.
Family want to go with amaze as that's comes in budget, and bcs of SUV factor I am somehow looking at venue.
Confusion ,
1) Maintance ost of venue very high compared to amaze?
2) Still if we compare amaze it is better in quality , if not compared cosmetically with venue ( in terms of safety and build quality ) .

Please do help to sort out one.
Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Hai Rahul Sahab,

Hi. Hope doing great
I read your detailed post

Venue is pretty decent choice.
Dont worry about Maintenance as long as you follow recommended service schedue of Venue as per owner manual and not as per service advisor
Just stick with owner manual and your average service cost will fall in 5000 to 6000 zone at best

DCT is lightning quick in gear shift response and high speed dynamics in terms of steering, wider tyres with firm suspension offer superior stability
Yes theres turbo lag under 2000 rpm - but even if you factor same Venue is great pick and loaded with all modern age styling, convenience, safety specs

What you may miss over Amaze is
> Space
> Possibly Fuel efficiency to an extent

Last - if you were considering Magnite earlier and dont want to go overboard but seek a SUV in similar price of Amaze may explore Kiger Turbo CVT where Kiger ride quality and steering feedback is better than Magnite,

But Renault After sales scores pretty low (infact featured as lowest in JD Power CSI Index for years)
As product - Renault Kiger is better pick over Magnite (although not as feature loaded but basis ride quality, Yes if you compare Kiger against Venue then Venue feels like a level up product basis
> Engine refinement
> Seamless auto gear shift response
> Features
> Reliability
> Overall Handling too as we found Venue Steering even better than experience in Creta
> After Sales Experience
> Possibly Resale too

But Kiger wins in Space, Price Proposition
So may decide on what you seek.

One thing before you make final pick - Have test drive and have 2 test drives -one solo and second with family for a longer one as this would be most important criteria in decision making

Hope should help !!
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