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  1. sreenivas b
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Monday, May 23 2022
I am planning to buy a new car and request for your help me in deciding car

I know driving but this is my first own car
My height 5 feet 2 inches aged around 50
expected Drive 50% city and 50 % long drive
Budget 10 - 12 lakhs (planning to extend a little if compulsory for good car)
compact suv is fine but not a must
Features are good to have but safety and comfort is most importane
Requirement preferences: as i am looking for family car
Comfort in back seat also

Cars and showrooms i visited and my assesment( please correct me)
Nexon - i liked, but none in the family wants due to its back shape
Altroz and jazz - still in list
amaze - still in list , but little worried about build quality and 4 stars given in south Africa holds good for Indian version?
Jazz - i liked the most but back seat with out head rest , it may become uncomfortable
new brezza - waiting for launch
city vx 4 th gen (on road price 12 L and the global ncap 4)
city 5th gen base model ( i may have to strech 2l more, only reason trying to think of stretching 2L is because of 5* from ncap)
scross - but no cap ratings. but the build looks solid?????????

I request you to suggest based on my above input or any other car, can i make a voice call so please send the number i can call

Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Sreenivas,

Greetings !! Sure as i gone through your post, here are some Pointers

S Cross
Although a decent spacious crossover and suspension dynamics make it good for highway usage along with all 4 disc brakes
Also its the premium most product from Maruti Suzuki range and as claimed by OEM has near best in class in build

But, somehow This car not been crash tested in last 5 yrs of launch
Also - lower sales with average sales just around 1700 units a month - makes viability a question in this fastest growing SUV Segment. With Maruti plans to launch a new SUV in collaboration with Toyota and fact of new Brezza coming too will further cannibalise sales

I suggest to remain away from this product now.

City 5th Gen
Not recommended with sheer reason that suspension dynamics is tuned towards comfort and not the best when cruising on highways
Also no reason to go overboard in price when can have a decent choice in budget

City 4th Gen
For your usage need, i suggest to skip this car.

This car too offered with soft suspension and adding on steering dynamics are best suited for controlled speed
At higher speed to our view - steering lose in feel, feedback and at times felt vague
Not recommended especially the fact that you have 50% highway usage

Better than Amaze on highway, but
a) 1.2 Litre Engine
b) R15 175 tyres
c) Non practical Rear Headrest

This again shouldnt be there in your list

Nexon: Its important to have family preference. Also thick A Pillar and smaller rear windshiled obstruct view at times
Not the best in visibility. Adding on floor is placed at slight height from ground so ingress and egress not the best.

My Suggestion for Need, Requirement
a) Tata Altroz XZ iTurbo Petrol : An impeccable car in
> High Speed Handling
> Feel lot better in stability on higher speed
> Suspension dynamics feel like best in premium hatchback segment
> Steering has good amount of weight on higher speed
> 5 Star Safety Rated and Top Notch Build Quality
> Pretty Good Ergonomics
> Impressive Braking experience
> Turbo Petrol Engine brings this car to life. Although not fun to drive but still will enjoy in overall experience. Kind note that this Turbo Petrol Engine has sports mode to unleash the potential but comes at cost of Mileage. If you like relaxed drive, be assured that Turbo lag is minimal

Although - noise levels are felt on higher speed and this engine is not as refined as what 4 cylinder engine as used in Maruti, Hyundai, Honda but still not much to complain from engine per se

A car must try and XZ Petrol is fair well equipped making it a great pick for need, requirement
Check Features on Tata Altroz XZ iTurbo

b) Mahindra XUV300 Petrol: If seek a SUV Character then this is a great buy too
> 1.2 Litre Turbo petrol feels lot quicker and more fun as against Altroz
> Suspension offes comfort
> Multi Mode Steering is good to hold
> Been wheelbase is larger at 2600mm - can have 3 adults comfortably on rear seat with easy ingress, egress
> 5 Star Build Quality and Safety rating

What wont like
> SMallest boot space in segment (actually this car initially was planned as 4.2 meter suv, but later on boot chopped to bring under sub 4 meter for tax benefits)
> Outdated Interiors and average plastic
> Cabin do not feel as well insulated with higher wind noise felt

Pls check features Mahindra XUV300 W6

To view Altroz XZ iTurbo or XUV300 W6 Petrol can be best choice for need
Suggest to have test drive and experience

Feel free to connect for any follow up queries on same

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thanks that was great suggestion.

1 ) I had look and sit in in altroz and will ask for test drive.
2) The highway drive, I meant that is only for holidaying, as such as a s/w engineer, mostly my work is Hyderabad city itself. So want to understand Can I put city 4 th gen as my choice? if yes/no can you please elaborate for me to discuss with family on those lines.
3) Mahindra SUV 300, I will have a test drive but w6 doesn't look to have drivers height adjustment

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Admin Accepted Answer

City 4th Gen is value pick if you have maximum city usage
Somehow the downside is that R15 175 tyres do not offer that grip which otherwise needed on highway

Also - pls note that suspension is slight on stiffened note - so if you experience this then recommended to check pre hand if dealer can get you with Michelin Tyre or replace tyre with Bridgestone B290 for relative better comfort.

One more thing - if you have local usage, dont go for tyre upsize as will come at cost of fuel efficiency.

Now from
> Space
> Looks
> Ergonomics
> Features

you will all fall in love with this car

But 6 month service interval is a downside - your paid annual service cost from 2nd year onwards will touch in range of Rs 10,000 (for both 6 month service together).

Also - infotaiment system resolution is pretty average and resolution is sub standard in sunlight.

However - Ivtec engine performance, reliability, social presence (as 4th gen city in looks is no less than 5th gen city costing 17 Lakh on road)

Hope should help !!
  1. more than a month ago
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thanks for the detailed explanation on Honda city

Is honda city(4th Gen) ncap safety of 4 star is enough in the conditions or am i becoming too paranoid on ncap rating ignoring on other safety issues?

I am going for test drive for tomorrow of altroz. - Is DCA can be choice?

Please give your input on altroz vs honda city(4th Gen) as planning to book in a day or two.


  1. more than a month ago
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Admin Accepted Answer

Safety comes from :-
a) Controlled Speed
b) Attentive Driving'
c) Keeping Gap with car ahead
d) Following Traffic rules and Law

Be assured that City 4th Gen as 4 Star is reasonable safe car with good build, stable structure and adhere to crash test regulations
Crash test are done at 64 Kmph speed, and any car

We suggest to spend few minutes and consider watching video from 1minute 53 second onwards

Eventually any car, even if 5 star and whose overspeed is at much higher risk as against a 3 star rated safe car been driven on controlled speed

Altroz DCA:- Well although its DCA and basis excellent build, handling, styling, feature loaded the biggest weakling yet remains to be noisier 1.2 Litre 3 Cylinder Engine where performance too feels pretty average. Additionally kind of premium charged over Manual Transmission.

Secondly technology where this dual clutch Automatic uses planetary gearbox - i cant vouch on reliability as planetary gearbox never used in Dual Clutch Automatic transmission. Unlike other DCT or DSG Cars Tata Altroz uses single shaft

So recommended that if its Altroz - a Turbo Manual Transmission is better pick

Altroz Vs City
I suggest to test drive in once as answer would be immediate available
City is for space, refinement, NVH, Luxury feel and best for city and good highway roads with a superior social status and road presence.
Altroz is for Immaculate build, High Speed Handling and a great proposition in compact car segmemnt

Hope should help !!
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Austin Joseph Accepted Answer
Admin want to know if Tata Altroz iTurbo creep mode works well in bumper to bumper city traffic specially on upslope of bridge where being a new driver i have experienced a mild distraction and your car starts rolling back , Is the Creep mode which I assume works if you put the car in first gear is a good substitute for hill assist ?

Also for long term resale value a iTurbo will be a better buy over Diesel variant specially if you live in Metro city ?
Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Austin,

Hill Assist is a separate safety feature whose purpose is to hold car for 2 seconds when a car tend to roll back
It gives time to driver to increase throttle response to accelerate and move ahead.

Creep works by driving car at speed of 7 kmph while going on 1st gear
But is not a substitute of hill drive as if incline is steep then car may actually roll back and also doesnt hold car when leaving accelerator

For Driving: If you are not from Delhi then Diesel is actually more prefereable over iTurbo with 2 sole reasons
a) Feels more powerful and engaging in Diesel
b) Certainly lower running cost, expect atleast 30% lower running cost in Diesel against iTurbo

Hope should help !!
Austin Joseph Accepted Answer
Thank you Admin for your response.

Unfortunately the Diesel variant of Altroz does not some with DCA if I have to opt for DCA then there is no other choice than NA engine as my new vehicle that will be purchased will be a family one I would think going for Automatic will be the best option in terms of family member not comfortable to use Gear. Although I have not made my mind on this wating for the new Breeza and Venue to be launched and would then post my requirement on the forum to get a expert advise on this.

I was wondering why TATA did not give automatic option for all the variant of Altroz instead of going for DCA for NA engine would rather give a refined AMT or IMT and give it across board even the new Baleno has downgraded from CVT to refined AMT.
Admin Accepted Answer
True but we dont have recommendation of Altroz DCA

Although Altroz has class leading build, handling, styling, feature loaded the biggest weakling yet remains to be noisier 1.2 Litre 3 Cylinder Engine where performance too feels pretty average. Additionally kind of premium charged over Manual Transmission.

Secondly technology where this dual clutch Automatic uses planetary gearbox - we cant vouch on reliability as planetary gearbox (in no way questioning R&D of OEM), but same is never used in Dual Clutch Automatic transmission.
Also, unlike other DCT or DSG Cars Tata Altroz uses single shaft

Like when VW introduced DSG in very first lot of DSG in range - there were DSG issues reported in score of cars
So if its Altroz - Manual Diesel or iTurbo Petrol Manual is best, if you seek Automatic - somehow exploring alternate choice can be prudent.
Austin Joseph Accepted Answer
Agree as far as Gear Box goes the DCA is a new beast from TATA but they claim they made is for Indian climatic condition and tested extensively but reliability can only be judged over years of use so its like take it or forgo it. I would have expected them they tune their AMT further to make it less jerky and offer an AMT for NA engine and keep DCA for turbo variant.

AFAIK there are no other hatchback that has proven Safety rating the i20 is still 3 with unstable and new Baleno/Glanza is still not tested although with just approx 30 kg rise in weight it does not inspire hope structrually although they claim its better than before they have other things like 6 Airbag and ESP which is good but I would still rate structural strength as basic to safety and any thing less like 4 or 5 stable post crash should be a must have.

Might have to wait a bit and jump to compact SUV to get the desired requirement and there is new Venue launched today and new Breeza to be launched need to see how they end up with GNCAP ratings
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