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  1. Anurag Choudhary
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Thursday, March 10 2022
Hello Gagan Sir

I have been following your youtube channel (with subscription) for almost a year now to understand the nitty gritty in Car buying.
As I am looking forward to purchasing a car, I need your advice on the same.

Listed below are the priority pointers basis which I would like to know the best possible car options I should look for:

1.Should have good Automatic technology (No hatchbacks)

2. First time buyer/driver in India (earlier driven Honda Civic abroad for an year)

3. Spouse will also drive occasionally

4. Budget (on-road): 10-12 lacs (extendable to max 14 lacs)

5. Mostly City driving with rare highways (daily total 30kms office up-down when the office restarts)

6. More Safety features (NCAP,Airbags(>2),TPMS,ABS EBD,Traction,Hill Hold/descent etc)

7. Space & comfort (digital console,seating,ingress/egress[family including Sr Citizen Parents],boot space)

8. Performance & mileage

9. Good after sales service with minimal charges

Also, please find attached snapshot of the payment confirmation against Premium support.
Could you please help with this.

Anurag Choudhary
Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Dear Anurag ji,

Hi, Hope doing great.

As i understand you coming from background of driven impeccable sedan like Civic in past and now seek Automatic car for
> Primarily City usage
> With Focus on Cost of Ownership yet seek Performance at same time
> Family Car with Superior Ingress and Egress
> Convenient and Reliable along with Safety as important parameter too

and basis need as specified- closest bet as specified for a car for city usage would be MG Astor Super CVT Automatic with reasons for you to consider as this may exceed your upper end of bugdet

Pros of MG Astor CVT
1. CVT is super refined and with light steering, good round visibility and usage at controlled speed in city conditions - this will be like perfect proposition for a CVT Car for city usage. Adding on Suspension is tuned towards comfort side

2. With Floor placed at decent height - ingress and egress is near perfect, you do not need to jump or bend to get inside or come out of car

3. Very Stylish Car from Exteriors and almost loaded with impressive features in interiors.You get LED Headlights with DRL, 17 Inch Alloys, 10.1 Inch Touchscreen with Android Auto, All 4 Disc Brakes, ESP, Traction, Auto Climate Control with Rear AC, Camera, Rear Wash Wiper and other essentials. Can check MG Astor CVT Automatic

4. MG Astor (is what Zs from core) and Zs scored 5 star in Euro NCAP and offerd with Hill Hold Assist, Hill Descent control along with ESP, Traction, All 4 disc, ABS EBD and Dual Airbags. TPMS is something which you need to fit in as accessory.

5. MG Offering 5 yr classic service plan where scheduled service cost are very competive

6. Cabin feels pretty well insulated against wind noise and Engine NVH are lower when driven in relaxed way

1. Its also important to have expectation correct. Initial response is not great and also its CVT which is not fun - performance is at best linear

2. Steering feels light in city usage. But as you drove Civic in past - expect this car to be no where close to feel, feedback and handling

3. Poor Mileage, infact the lowest in segment

4. Although legroom space and headroom is good but shoulder room feels to be limited and at best for 2 well size adults and 1 kid in center

5. As you coming from Civic background - dont expect driving dynamics, suspension close to what you felt in Civic was - its a different car and tuned for comfort and relaxed experience as against sporty feel in Civic

But based on requirements
> Family Car
> Ease of Ingress, Egress
> Space
> Comfort
> Safety Experience
> Low Cost of Ownership

MG Astor CVT can meet in all need, requirements.
Now in terms of On road MG Astor Sharp CVT cost Rs 15 Lakh On road Delhi (presuming Delhi price as location not mentioned) but if you seek to bring down in budget - may opt for BH Bharat Series Number plate provided you are eligible if working in MNC having office in more than 4 states, UT in India as road tax would be charged on pro-rata basis and thus on road cost will fall under defined max budget.

Hope should help
But do try to experience this car at MG Showroom as is fair important before making a purchase call especially from fact that you drove Civic in past.

Feel free to connect for any further follow up queries on same.

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Anurag Choudhary Accepted Answer
Hello Sir,
Thanks for your response with detailed explanation.

Just to share few more pointers on my requirement:
1. Location is Pune and yes eligible for BH series as my organization has office spread in majority cities in India.
2. Family size is 5 including Sr Citizen parents.
3. Please do not consider Honda Civic as yardstick while figuring out the possible options. It's just that I happen to drive this car along with few others like Chevrolet Cruze outside so comfort, space, safety remains my top priority.
4. Mileage should be decent enough if not great considering the soaring fuel price.
5. Overall should be value for money car in the long run.

Could you please suggest few more options with your ranking (besides the MG Astor CVT) so that it helps me to zero down on the best one among all.

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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Dear Anurag

See apart from MG Astor, with the fact that majority of usage going to be in city conditions

1. If you speak about Honda City V CVT - it ticks most of the boxes in terms of
> Refinement
> Legroom space
> Safety Specs
> Features
> Comfort Oriented suspension

But somehow ingress and egress is not great for senior members as they need to bend to get inside the car
Additionally rear center has hard base which may not be comfortable for 5th passenger to be seated on rear center seat

2. Coming to S Cross Automatic - a great choice too
> Lacks advanaced active safety specs - no ESP, no Traction, no Hill Hold Assist
> Suspension is slight on firm note which translates to superior highway - but somehow not as comfort oriented in city as whats felt in Brezza, Urban Cruiser

3. Coming to Brezza, Urban Cruiser - where car proven with 4 star safety, comfort oriented suspension, proven after sales and yes comes in budget with
> Lacks advanaced active safety specs - no ESP, no Traction, no Hill Hold Assist
> Interiors feels oudated in present era - quiet boring

4. Nexon - its AMT which is Automated Manual Transmission - although AMT as technology is much improved by Tata Motors and even multi mode drive too, additionally this car comes with impeccable build but
> Visibility is not great
> Ingress and Egress is not great despite raised height as floor placed at relative higher height and senior members or someone with back issue or orthopaedic issue may not find comfortable.
> AMT somehow feels like having slight jerk and not as smooth as conventional Automatic

5. Mahindra XUV300 - an excellent choice provided you buy a Diesel AMT but for Petrol AMT the issue is AMT do not feel like as responsive as Nexon and rather should say feels jerk in city traffic. But with your usage running - you really do not need to spend in

6. Hyundai Creta Sx IVT or Kia Seltos IVT - a great choice and can be picked over MG Astor but somehow will exceed budget considerably

7. Skoda Kushaq / VW Taigun AT - well this car although a great pick but essentially best for 4 members as rear center seat base is hard and somehow will exceed budget significantly

8. Skoda Slavia Ambition Automatic - a great choice for fun to drive aspect, but its a Sedan and although ingress, egress not as low but still not great. Can be experienced however may cost 70K higher over MG Astor CVT

9. Honda Amaze Vx CVT - I suggest to check and test drive it out as your usage is for city conditions. There is no harm in trying in compact Sedan. CVT is refined, suspension is comfort oriented, car proven with 4 star rating, ingress and egress although slight low but not too low. Ideal for relaxed drive then can well be considered and top of all Vx CVT with fully loaded features will come in your price.
But desipite fully loaded Downside is this no advanced active and passive safetys in terms of no ESP, no Hill Assist, no Traction control, no Hill Descent control

So overall
Recommendation within budget basis Build, safety, ingress, egress, comfort
1. MG Astor CVT provided you opt for BH Series
3. Honda Amaze CVT / Urban Cruiser Automatic (lacks advanced active & passive safety specs)

Hope should help !!
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Anurag Choudhary Accepted Answer
Hello Sir

Thanks for sharing details.
On your suggestion, I have kind of researched through these plus few more which I feel meet my budget/need to an extent. Would like to know your take on these as well. Just a point that besides Automatic I am fine with iMT transmission as well (if its worth consideration).

1. Kia Sonet HTX AE Turbo DCT (10.89 Lacs ex-showroom)
2. Kia Sonet HTX+ Turbo iMT (11.89 Lacs ex-showroom)
3. Hyundai Venue SX+ DCT (11.70 Lacs ex-showroom)
4. Hyundai Verna SX(O) IVT (14.22 Lacs ex-showroom)
5. Hyundai Verna SX(O) Turbo DCT (14.27 Lacs ex-showroom)

Although Hyundai Verna price is slightly beyond my budget, but would still like to know your opinion on the models if can be considered from overall perspective.

Urban Cruiser looks promising as well, but current model is quite old. Is 2022 facelift on the cards in near future?
Recently, VW Virtus has been unveiled. Any idea if it is worth consideration?

Anurag Choudhary
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Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Anurag ji,


1. IMT IMT is not automatic. Its a Manual Transmission with only advantage to driver is that there is no clutch pedal.
Although yes they feel convenient as left foot is relaxed but be assured that Gear Shifts in terms of upshift and downshift need to be done manually by driver.

If you drive like too slow by applying brakes without changing gear - although car will not stall but yes car will enter in limp mode. Also a learning curve needs to be adopted by drivers (who drove Automatic in past) that by not following recommended gear shift change they are abusing car engine and will result in lower mileage

I suggest to refer this post on IMT Cars as posted by Sir to make a choice if this is what you looking at.

2. Hyundai Verna: Has low base seats and you sit relative lower. Additionally - ingress / egress and legroom feels challenging as against other sedan like Honda city, Maruti Ciaz, Skoda Slavia or all new VW Virtus. As you specified earlier that parents need to sit on rear and ingress, egress is an important consideration - Verna is thus not recommended

3. Venue and Sonet: Although floor is placed at decent height from ground and ingress, egrees, headroom space all is decent
But the biggest con with these compact SUV is rear seat legroom - which just feel mediocre. If you and family members are of 5'7" and lesser then yes wont complain in rear legroom by adjusting front seats. Else if someone of 5'11" is sitting on front and rear seat occupied by 5'5" then it may be slight tight in legroom space.

Also suspension is relative stiff of these cars. While they offer superior high speed dynamics, but in city drive is not as comfort oriented as like cars with relative soft suspension.

Pls refer legroom in rear when front seat adjusted to driver having 5'11" height

Venue legroom

Sonet Legroom

Hope should help !!
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