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  Monday, 07 March 2022
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Dear sir,

I want to purchase a automatic car under Rs. 10 lacs.

I have shortlisted
1. Maruti Baleno- amt
2. Tata altroz- DCA
3. Hyundai i20- CVT
4. Honda Amaze- CVT

My preference is better Ride quality and easy to drive also on hills.
Not interested in Compact SUV or micro SUV.

My budget is for BH number car. I am little confuse about the highway performance of cars. My daily ride in city 20 km.

will I go with Baleno as (already booked, waiting is too long) but confused on ride quality of amt.

Shashi Shekhar
1 year ago
Dear Shashi ji,

Hi . Greetings !!

1. Altroz DCA is too early to tell as its yet to be launched and we cant comment on how this DCT gearbox will perform in turbo
Been calibration is most important thing as when Ecosport Automatic was launched with DCT in earlier batches - the biggest issue was that this DCT was not well calibrated and felt too early to change gear and jerkier response was to it. Thats the reason Ford later on changed transmission from DCT to Torque converter.

If its Altroz Dual Clutch - i suggest to wait and
> check out online media reviews as and when available
> do have test drive of yours and not once but have twice
> If possible dont be first mover but wait for few ownership reviews before finalizing

2. Honda Amaze CVT - This CVT gearbox is ideal when maximum usage going to be in city condition
Suspension is soft, Steering is light and smooth CVT response makes it ideal for buyers who like relaxed drive and have maximum use in city conditions. Adding on paddle shifters which can be used in sports mode for slight fun experience for manual over ride.
However - care to experience car on
> highway
> Hill drive

You will be slight disappointed. Tyre grip is lesser due to not as wide tyres
Steering although light for city but dont offer much feedback on higher speed
Soft suspension, handling dynamics - i wont recommend much for highways

3. Coming to Baleno AMT and Hyundai I20 CVT both are good buy for need
a) Wider Tyres with 16 Inch in R16 195/55 Tyres offers superior grip in Baleno and I20
c) Both cars offer light steering and suspension is tuned towards comfort

and Baleno comes with added advantage of Hill Hold Assist in AMT but but my recommendation would be to check out Hyundai I20 Sportz IVT or seek more fun response then I20 IMT Turbo with reasons
> IVT at any given day will feel more smooth as against AMT as when comparing a proper Automatic transmission against Automated Manual Transmission you bound to experience difference in gear shift smoothness.

> Also, when you compare IMT Turbo of I20 - although you manually have to change gear but with 1 Litre GDI Turbo Petrol Engine can find more fun to drive character in responsive Turbo Petrol

> Feels more upmarket and stylish as against Baleno

Somehow for an experienced driver - Hill Hold Assist wont make a difference but for novice yes it can be slight deal breaker.

So overall
> Choose I20 Sportz IVT or IMT Turbo as better package in refinement, styling and more responsive performance
> If slight novice driver then Maruti Baleno AMT can turn out to be slight better basis hill hold assist, mileage and higher features in lesser price.

May check out details
> I20 Sportz IVT Automatic
> I20 Sportz IMT Turbo
> Baleno Zeta AMT

Hope should help !!
1 year ago

Hyundai has lunched i20 sportz turbo DCT at exshowroom at 9.76 lacs.
Is it good to strech my budget by 1.00 lacs and go for DCT instead IVT/ AGS.
What is the pros and cons of hyundai DCT.
Is heating problem of DCT is very frequent.

1 year ago
Dear Shashi,

Hi, Hope doing all good
Yes I20 is now available in Sportz DCT but important to note that DCT has its own characterstic of driving. While gear change seamless on the go and turbo petrol engine feels fun but there is definite a lag under 2000 rpm and here the car upshifts gear

So while the performance will feel pretty impressive on highway with a fun to drive character element but for city use this may not go well for some.
I suggest you to test drive as for some drivers this lag and gear change at 2000 rpm can feel slight annpying where they may not experience the best, while for others who seek slight fun with enthusiastic mid range response and goes hard on accelerator may find TUrbo DCT a good experience.

Point is: Spending 1 Lakh higher for DCT Variants over IMT to my view basis DCT tune up in I20 do not feel worth and going ahead with I20 Sportz IMT Turbo would rather make sense.
1 year ago
Dear sir,

Kindly advise your review on Altroz DCA. Is it good car.
1 year ago

Regret we could not experience the DCA till now, so cant base comments on same

Best regds
Dear Shashi ji,

Just to let you know that Altroz DCA is the best one amongst all. Recently i had bought. At first I was also confuced between Hyundai I20 sports IVT or IMT also turbo DCT bt after i had a testdrive i was cleared coz ther driving experience I got in Altroz DCA is dar better then any AT.
When the gear change while driving in any AT vehicle the car get stuck for a second so overtaking a huge vehicle can be little bit dangerous.
Bt in Altroz you won't gonna feel such thing. Smooth and very balancing. And ofcourse 5 * rating in Global NCAP.

So Shashi ji, go for Altroz DCA. Believe me , you won't regret.

If you need any other information or if you wanna purchase then feel free to mail me. I am also a part of TATA Motors family.

Location- only ASSAM, INDIA.
8 months ago
Tata Altroz DCA:

> Immaculate Build
> High Speed Steering Feedback
> Overall Handling with Matured Suspension
> Decent Space with Wide Opening Doors
> Stylish with a Differentiating road presence

> Engine feels noisier on higher speed
> Cabin do not feel as well insulated as engine, wind, tyre noise appears to feel in cabin
> 1.2 DCA Performance feels mediocre. Although pick up is linear, but feels mid range is relative flat and takes away excitement of car
> dual clutch Automatic uses planetary gearbox - its one of its kind as never ever used in Dual Clutch Automatic transmission before.
Also, Unlike other DCT or DSG Cars Tata Altroz uses single shaft - so cant speak of reliability perspective as DCA was barely launched 6 months ago

Pls make an informed choice basis above.

Hope should help !!
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