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  1. Tapas Nayak
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Friday, January 07 2022
Dear Sir,

I want a Safe, Petrol, Manual car with stable highway dyanamics. I am from Tamilnadu. My usage is 60% city and 40% Long drives of 200 to 300 Kms with monthly total running of 1000 Kms. My budget is Max 10 Lakhs on Road and I want to retain the car for 8 to 10 yrs. I am 48 yrs old and 5 Feet and 6 Inches tall and I love smooth driving. I never drive at speed beyond 90 -100 kmph.
My first car was Maruti Alto which I had purchased in 2010 and in 2019 I upgraded to Swift ZXi. The comfort which I was getting in my Alto was never there in my New Swift. Long drives in Swift was more painful as compared to Alto, may be due to lower body weight of Swift. Owing to these reasons, now I have sold out my Swift car and now planning to buy my next car. This time I should not face similar issues and hence I am seeking your expert advice.

I have THREE cars in my mind i.e. Brezza(VXI)/Urban Cruiser(Base), Nexon(XM) and Punch (Accomplished). I have test Driven Nexon and Brezza and I am yet to test drive Punch.
Nexon is better equipped with Hill hold, ESP and 5 Star Safety rating, whereas NVH and Gear shifts in Nexon are not comparable to Brezza. About Steering response and Stability/Body roll, I am unable to differentiate. Social media groups many times boasts of 20+ mileage in Nexon (Is it possible?) and some complain about poor paint quality and rattling noise in Nexon. Tata has the worst customer support service in the market as I feel.

Brezza/Urban Cruiser has better Ingress/Egress, better driver visibility and spacious cabin as compared to Nexon. LED projector headlamps are also a plus. Naturally Aspirated engine, Lower maintenance, reliability and Excellent after sales service of Maruti is definitely worth to consider. Again Brezza is a 4 star Safety rated car.

Punch is definitely a value for money car. But it has lots of plastic cladding all around and it looks very cheap and I feel these plastics will be discolored within years of use. Another issue I faced that my left knee was fouling with its dash board. I tried many different seating positions, but could not avoid it (Is it an issue for others also ?). The interior plastics are hard and looks cheap. The only positive thing in Punch is its % star safety rating. I have not test driven it.

Based upon my requirement and observations, pl advice me a better car. Please consider the Steering dynamics, Stability and Body roll as the prime factors. Safety also should not be below 4 star. I don’t want to go for Skoda, VW, Nissan, Renault, Kia, MG or Citroin. You may suggest any car from Honda or Hyundai.

My last query is about BH series registration. It has not yet started in Tamilnadu. Is there any provision to get BH registration Online ? In other case, I am a native of Odisha and in Odisha BH registration has started. Can I buy a car in TN with Temp Reg and get the BH registration done in Odisha ? In such a scenariao is it must to move the car physically to Odisha to get the registration ?

Sorry for being too lengthy on my issues, kindly bear with and advice.

Tapas Nayak
Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Dear Tapas ji,

Greetings !!
Thats sad to hear your experience with Swift and booking loss on sale of 2 year old car

As i read in complete mail - some direct pointers

1. Punch will disappoint you . After Alto and Swift - its not the best pick
> Higher Engine Noise & Wind Noise
> Pickup turns pretty mediocre after speed of 60 Kmph
> Higher vibrations felt on idling
> Stiffer suspension - not the best for comfort

2. 20+ Mileage although possible in Nexon Petrol - but would be like just once in blue moon
Its like an example - i got 22 Kmpl in Honda city recently when was cruising at speed of 80 Kmph without AC at 6.30 am all alone, with low winds, cruse activated and non stop movement or even brake applied in 40 Km journey - but its once in bluemoon as such condition

In general - Nexon comes in Multi Mode, expectation for fuel efficiency should be
> For commute within city Nexon petrol Mileage in City Mode is 11 to 12 Kmpl
> For commute on highway Nexon petrol in Mileage in Eco Mode is 16 to 17 Kmpl

However if you drive in Sports mode - mileage can drop in further by 1 to 1.5 kmpl

3. Yes you are spot on with Urban Cruiser / Brezza - although if you wished to increase budget to close to 11.5 Lakh then XUV300 W6 is a great product else in 10 Lakh - Brezza or Urban Cruiser is great product, Lxi is a decent value buy Pick. Only thing is that
> Plastic Quality
> Interior Aesthetics
all feels like Alto type - you may find upgrade feel from interiors. Also rear seat are placed slight upright - so not the best comfort on rear seat and in Lxi trim rear seat headrest is missing - which feels like worst thing from Manufacturer.

However from
> Engine Performance
> Comfort
> All Round Visibility
> Bigger Engine Feel feedback
> 4 Cylinder Engine refinement

Brezza is a great value product at the price offered

However, do note that next Gen Brezza is due for launch in coming months - ofcourse prices will be higher too and no discount offers on inital batch of cars. But existing Brezza at prices available is a good deal too.

4. BH Series although looks like can be done, but am unsure if there's any caveat or rule which may deny BH Series number plate if temporary registration done in other state, You should get this checked from MLO (Motor Licensing Officer) at local RTO in Odisha on same,
Ideally should not be an issue but still advisable to get same checked before hand in RTO

Hope should help !!

Tapas Nayak Accepted Answer
Dear Sir,

Thank u for your quick response.

Well, i am happy that you recommended for Brezza. I too have some more inclination towards Brezza. About XUV 300 as you told, I dont want to go for it because of 3 main reasons
> Very low sales numbers. I cant see any better future in it as there are so many new comact SUVs coming to market.
> Small boot space.
> Practical mileage as low as 11 to 12 Kmpl.

About Brezza, please clarify the following
> How is the Steering dynamics of Brezza when compared with Swift ? As per my experience, Swift has a better and accurate steering with suitable heaviness at high speeds.
> What about suspension setup and body roll in Brezza as it is a tall car with high ground clearance. I have driven a Nexon for more than 50 Kms on highway and I found Nexon to be very stable. How is Brezza in this regard ?
> I observed lot of wind noise in Swift at speed above 70 KMPH. How Brezza Behaves in this field ?

I have called for another test drive in Brezza. Pl tell me what should I focus during my next test drive.

Thanks and Regards.

Tapas Nayak

Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Dear Tapas ji,

1. Steering dymamics of Brezza are more Swift like,

2. Suspension is strength of Brezza, tuned towards comfort oriented side.

3. Body roll will be there if cornering, but be assured its not a concern area - car feels pretty well stable and performance is pretty impressive in 1.5 Litre Petrol Engine

4. Cabin will rate better insulated against Nexon and XUV300

For Test Drive
1. Tell Dealer pre hand to Take a longer test drive, experience car at both 80 Kmph speed, brakes, steering feedback, visibility and comfort when drive on bad roads.

2. Pls have your family seated on rear seat to experience body roll and comfort when driving on poor build road

3. Last but not least - do not get carried away with interiors and plastic quality - yes it may feel average but focus more on drive experience part .

Hope should help !!

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