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  1. Suhail Khan
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Thursday, December 02 2021
Dear Modi Sir,

Firstly would like to thank you for your excellent reviews, feedback and suggestions on YouTube, I have seen many but you are unique and have been watching your every video since last 2 years without giving a miss.

My Budget : 14 Lakhs on road
Family : 2 Adults + 01 Infant sometimes my Parents join us when they come occasionally from brother's place.
Daily Average : 50 Kms daily run
Driving usage : 90% City 10% Highway
Cars : Grand I10 Nios AMT Petrol bought in 2021 January, earlier had I10 1st generation 2012 LPG recently sold.
Duration : Planning to keep at least for 8-10 years
City : Hyderabad
Payment : 60 % Payment 40 % Loan

Requirement : Since I have one Petrol planning to have a Diesel car to maintain balance and increase more Highway trips at least twice in a year.
Looking for a Diesel car (Sub compact SUV) but since BS6 Diesel cars are having lot of DPF issues now a days little skeptical to choose diesel or switch t Petrol variant. Planning for a Automatic car (Torque converter transmission). Need a car with decent mileage, safety is also a concern but that also depends on driving dynamics, looking for a car which gives good maintenance, reliability, good after sales service and resale value.

Rejected : XUV 300 because of it's over pricing and deduction of features
Synopsis : Earlier planned XUV 300 W8 (0) AMT in 2020 but since it was lockdown and Jobs were uncertain and salaries were not 100% postponed for 2021 wherein the price of XUV which was 14.45 lakhs on road increased to 16 lakhs right now.

Since Car prices are going to increase again in 2022 January onwards in all brands planning to take delivery in December month 2021 only, also watched your recent video on the same subject.

Choices : 1. Sonet HTX Automatic Diesel (Torque Converter) which is 13.7 lakhs on road - Will get this car within a week since booking is done.(Silver / White)
2. S Cross Petrol Manual which is 11.5 lakhs on road (Automatic has only 4 gears so not opting it)- Will get within 10-15 days, Dealer is
ready to give.(White)
3. Tata Nexon XZ plus Diesel, Manual. (Have after sales doubts on this selection)- Need to check delivery time, it's just short-listed (White)
4. Hyundai Creta E Diesel (Manual) - Dealer is ready to give within a week (White)

Preference - My Preference is Automatic only, but if Sonet is not a right car for me I am ready to switch to other options which are all Manual since there is no proper Automatic variant choice in Diesel.

Hope the same is clear to your appreciate your feedback and suggestion in taking the new car.


Suhail Khan
Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Suhail,

Greetings !!

DPF Issue

As i understand you have an apprehension towards DPF Clogging Issue
See - its important to understand in BS6 that DPF Diesel Particulate filter role is to trap NOX Pollutants as important emission change guideline in BS6 Diesel Car.

However, DPF can get blocked over a period of time due to higher diesel soot formed and way to clear is regeneration which essentially means
> Driving car at around 2000+ rpm for close to 30 minutes or so
> Driving at speed of 80+ speed in top gear for 30 minutes+

When one use car for majorly city drive and like in city drive at low speed or at continuous low speed - then is higher probability of DPF to get blocked. Like if you drive at restricted speed of just 20 to 50 Kmph at most of times - there is a possibility that soot can form too early and DPF can even be clogged within 1000 Kms and thus regeneration is required to clear same.

Also, this is like 3 step process
> First would be DPF warning light
> If same not cleared over period of time then soot will continue to form in leading DPF to complete clogged giving warning 'filter at limit' - which means that one should not delay and attain regen technique
> If still not cleared then final warning will come and you wont be able to drive car, and same then needs to be taken to service center

I suggest that whenever DPF warning light comes (And you dont have plan to take for long trip on highway in next 1 to 2 weeks) - can consider for driving in morning hours to drive at higher rpm / speed for 30 miniutes or so as to burn the soot as regen technique .

Best Car for Need
Kia Sonet Diesel Automatic certainly - no second doubts
> 1.5 Diesel Engine refinement is best in class. That refinement of Diesel Engine as in Hyundai / Kia range in NVH levels is better than any other Diesel Car of Mass Market Segment
> Very Impressive Performance with 115 PS Power and 250 NM Torque - will love in performance on higher speed. WIth Firm Suspension and Impressive Steering Dynamics - high speed dynamics are fair stable
> Torque Converter is fair reliable and Automatic makes it convenient. In Diesel Automatic can expect 14 to 15 Kmpl Mileage in city and may go to 18 to 19 Kmpl on 100 Kmph Speed in Cruise
> Kia also selling 5 Year AMC Maintenance pack which is like 5 yr / 50K kms (whichever earlier) at Rs 27500 all inclusive. Even though say you cover in 50K Kms in 3 yr - its still advisable to lock in by going with AMC plan as not only include :- Scheduled servicing but also include Wheel Alignment and Balancing every 10K Kms and one time interior cleaning and exterior cleaning

Adding on
> Impressive Lifestyle Features
> Most Stylish Compact SUV Car
> Good throw LED Headligjyts
> Now with ESP, Brake Assist, Stability Control

Am sure will love in experience

Last but not least - if concerned for safety aspect. While shortlisting a car to view what matters the most in descending order as
> Speed Limit
> Driver Skills
> Active Safety Features
> Build Quality
> Passive Safety

Be assured if you follow controlled speed drive - Sonet would prove to offer in good safe drive experience
Hope should help !!

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suhail khan Accepted Answer
Dear Sir,

Thank you so much for your instant revert and appreciate your mail in detail answering all my queries in crystal clear manner.

I have finalized Sonet HTX Automatic Diesel and expecting the delivery next week sometime soon.

Here I am making part payment and rest in loan. I have two options SBI & Federal Bank.

SBI is 7.35% (Fixed) Interest rate and Federal Bank is 7.45% (Floating) In both options I can make the extra deposit from Day 01,
only the preclosure i can do after 1 year in SBI whereas in Federal Bank I can close anytime without any charges.

After watching your recent video I am opting for SBI since it's fixed interest but however would like to take your opinion.

There is no AMC option it seems which I have checked with the dealer in regards to 27 k which was mentioned in your last mail.

They are asking to take extended warranty for 5 years.

Also there is no option of taking Insurance from outside nor any discount is being given by KIA Dealer.

Please advise will proceed accordingly.


Suhail Khan
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Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Suhail,

Pls find inputs

1. Yes SBI is better in current scenario if taking car long for 5 yr or longer
But if going to take car loan for 3 yrs - i think PNB is offering finance from 6.75% (floating rate) and can be considered to take loan basis fact 50 bps differential is higher, else for longer term - 5 yr to 7 yr SBI is worth a consideration.

2. For AMC: Pls check this official post from Kia and avail

3. For Extended Warranty: Recommended but Kia has 2 Options in EW
a) 5 Yr / 1 Lakh Kms
b) 5 Yr / Unlimited Kms
Somehow Unlimited Kms plan cost 25% higher but as no one drives in Unlimited KMs, so better to save money by opting for 5 Yr / 1 Lakh Kms

4. For Car Insurance : Its 100% customer discretion
Although Kia Insurance has some additional USP - referred here on Kia Insurance but is 100% customer discretion to choose and buy Insurance online or at dealer end. Given is live example (pls refer video from 6 Minute onwards)

Hope should help !!
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Vishnu Accepted Answer
Planning to buy a disel a
sub 4m car. Wanted to get diesel because of milege and ride quality and planning to keep car for 8-10 years. But my ride will be 100% in city ( That too Bangalore traffic). Daily 25-30km will be max travel daily.

Eventhough the price difference between petrol and diesel model is around 1.5 lacs. If i go on loan, it's hardly 2.2k incremental EMI which will get set off by the difference in fuel prices and milege gap between petrol and diesel engine.

Should I still go with diesel engine ? Will I be under trouble because of bad traffic in my city ?

Will DPF issues and other maintenance issues trouble me ?
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