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  1. vaidy sharma
  2. Tyres & Alloy Wheels
  3. Wednesday, November 24 2021
Hi Gagan,

I am planning to upgrade my Honda city 5th gen.

1. I am looking at 205/50R16. What would u recommend? Will I have any performance issue, reduction in mileage, tyre pressure, Odometer, rpm indication or discomfort in suspension. While there are lot of recommendation in teambhp for 205/50R16 and 195/55R16.
Ive been following ur youtube videos. Since u have recommended not to go for more than 2% of deviation. I still love to have better stability while driving. I still wanted your honest opinion.

2. Sound dampening the car. I am not wanting to do this for music system. But to have lesser cabin noise while traveling. If recommended should I do it only in doors or should i do it in roof, bonnet and floor?

Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Vaidy,

Greetings !!

Tyre Upsize
Honda City comes with R16 185/55 in Vx and Zx Trim
Upsizing to R16 205/50 means
> Increase in Tyre Width by 10% - which means better stability and grip on highways with higher traction
> A Very marginal positive change in Tyre Sidewall

with all these positive effect gained in with tyres which are nearly same in circumference as changes from 75.46 Inch to 75.59 Inch - means .17%
Thus, these are the tyres which are near perfect upsize over stock tyres

Refer details on:- Car Tyre Upsize Calculator

Only thing is that due to increase in tyre width - friction area will increase and may marginally impact in Fuel efficiency.
But - R16 205/50 is better upsize against stock tyres for a superior experience.

Sound Dampening
I suggest to explore in 3M Acoustic Solution which is what done on all 4 doors
No need to go for roof, bonnet or floor. cost around rs 6000 approx

Also, if budget is not constraint - you can opt for Michelin PS4 Tyres - unarguably the best tyres money can buy for an immaculate driving dynamics. Known internationally as the best one and be assured will transform your City drive to next level.

Hope should help !!

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Vaidy Accepted Answer
Thanks For the input Gagan. Appreciate it. I had already finalised 205/50 R16 PS4 and after ur recommendation I am definitely going for it. Today I went to a car accessories shop and he recommended Dr.Artex as best product and sound damping has to be done in 2 layers and charging 16kincluding installation. Should I do Dr.Artex or 3M? He says 3M helps only in reducing the vibration, but Dr.Artex by doing 2 layers of sheet the noise level inside the cabin would reduce. I am confused.
Vaidy Accepted Answer
Will 205/50 reduce the Ground clearance against 185/55 stock tyres
Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Dear Vaidy,

Hi, Hope doing great
Michelin PS4 is a fantastic choice

As circumference of tyre going up means ground clearance will imfact marginally increase only
Still pls use this Tyre Calculator to check on impact of Ground clearance

For Dr Artex - regret no reviews available with us but 16K looks slight on steep note
Anyhow - Suggest to check on social media sites for getting review of actual users

Hope should help
Best regds
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