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  1. Manohar S
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  3. Saturday, October 23 2021
Dear Sir /Madam,

This is Manohar S from Hyderabad, Telangana State.

I'm planning to purchase a brand new SUV 5 seater car for my office and house/family purpose. I give top priority for safety, build quality and performance of the car, looks secondary. Budget would be around 15-17 lakhs.

I'm very new to car driving and automobile industry so, please guide me the following,

1.on what parameters the price to be negotiated with the dealer.
2. What are the mandatory things to be asked with the dealer.
3.What all things to be taken care of before taking delivery of the vehicle.

In view of the above, please suggest me the best car based on my requirements along with the replies to the above 1,2 3.

Thanking you

With Regards
Manohar S
Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Maohar ji,

Greetings !!

> Safety Aspect
> Build
> Performance Aspect

as sole criteria in a car in 15 Lakh to 17 Lakh Budget - here are top 3 Picks

If you seek an EV Car: With changing trends - Nexon EV Delivers a range of 200 Kms to 220 Kms in full charge and be assured that
> 5 STar Build Quality
> Impressive Advanced Safety with ESP
> EV Car Performance. I can assure you one thing that none of the Internal Combustion Petrol or Diesel Cars in 25 Lakh can match the performance and thrill of EV Car. They are scintillating to drive and the kind of pickup with entire 245 NM Torque right at first speed. Once you experience same - its like no other car will excite you

and top of it -
> Go Green with running cost of less than Rs 2 per Km
> 100% road tax waiver
Nexon EV XZ Plus at 15.65 Lakh exshowroom will cost On road under 16.5 Lakh and is a great choice if you seek Safety, Build and Performanvce and comes with a car which beat rising fuel prices

However the biggest challenge to EV
> Limited Charging Infra
> Limited Range of 200 Kms to 220 Kms in real world conditions

However if you seek Conventional Internal Combustion Engine Cars
Mahindra XUV300 W8 Option Diesel will cost On road under 15 Lakh but basis
> Another 5 Star Rated Car with Advanced Passive Safety of 7 Airbags and fully loaded active and passive safety specs
> Performance oriented Diesel Engine with 300 NM Torque - a car with immaculate performance. Have test drive - will love feel feedback
> Suspension is not excessive stiff as otherwise seen in SUV Cars. You will love in sheer comfort
> Space Wise - been the SUV Initially designed to be as full size 4.3 Meter one but later on been chopped to under 4 Meter for taxation norms as in India (3 average size adults can sit on rear seat)
> Fully Loaded Lifestyle, safety, convenience features

What you wont like in
> Possibly Interiors which feels plain and dated
> Smaller Boot Space of 265 Litres
> Cabin is not as well insulated on higher speed. can experience in wind noise, broken road noise if driven in cabin

Another Alternate Choice: If you seek Automatic Car then Skoda Kushaq Ambition TSI Automatic
> This 1 Litre TSI Engine has lot of grunt to offer impeccable performance
> Will love in impressive handling and mature suspension makes it a great all rounder to drive in
> Space Management is pretty impressive. 4 Members can comfortable sit in car, however for 5th Member if a kid of average physique although can sit in but wont be as comfortable as rear seat base is slight hard
> Care for a car which offers convenience to drive, handling dynamics, build quality, performance as combination - Skoda Kushaq Ambition AT is a great pick
> Offered with 4 Year Warranty as standard and Skoda Offering 4 Year AMC and additional 2 yr warranty at all inclusive price of Rs 50K approx - which will ensure peace of mind ownership as no expenditure on after sales service cost for 4 yr and OEM Warranty is for longest duration across for 6 yrs

> Slight uncomfortable for 5th occupant sitting on rear middle seat
> Slight Noisier Car in terms of wind noise & engine noise prevailing (although insulation levels are better than XUV300)
> Skoda had some EPC error in initial lot batches. Although same claimed to be resolved - best bet if going ahead with Kushaq would be to buy car of October'21 batch and later

For other part of your Question
1.on what parameters the price to be negotiated with the dealer.
2. What are the mandatory things to be asked with the dealer.
3.What all things to be taken care of before taking delivery of the vehicle.

Suggest to shortlist car first and share quotation from dealer. We will let you know on what parameters can
> save money
> discounts tacts if possible
> Delivery checklist

But first and foremost remains on which car are you shortlisting as deal negotiation will go on accordingly

My recommendation : Pls have
> test drive and choose car
> Share dealer quote as they send you - then we will move to 2nd part of your query on negotiations and saving aspect

Hope should help !!

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Manohar S Accepted Answer
Dear Sir / Madam,

Thank you so much for your response.

Based on your suggestions, I'd like to inform as under:

1. I'm not looking for an Electric Vehicle.
2. I prefer petrol and manual vehicle based on my usage.
3. After so much of recce, I've finalised creta SX and XUV 300 ** top end.

** I came to know that some features are being removed in XUV 300 top end. Please I need clarity iny this.

So, finally suggest me which to purchase creta or xuv 300.

Will visit both showrooms down the week and will upload the quotations for the clarifications on rest of my queries.
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Admin Accepted Answer

As you specified preferences as
> safety
> build quality
> performance

i can assure you that Mahindra XUV300 W8 Option offers
> More Sturdy Build with proven 5 star rating (in a car which was crash tested with just dual airbags)'
> Much Higher Safety Features as 6 Airbags, ESP, All 4 Disc Brake
> 1.2 Litre Turbo Petrol Engine with 200 NM Torque is much more exciting to drive as against 1.5 Litre Naturally aspirated Petorl Engine as in Creta.

For Features removed -
1· Knee air bag removed·
2· Door Ajar light removed and in place it was reflector·
3· Keyless entry request sensor removed from passenger front door
4· Remote Key fob will change to the Universal Key fob design
5· Back side fog lamps removed·
6· Back seat belt warning removed·- it was unnecessary

But still XUv300 W8 Option remains top pick even without these features.
Hope should help !!
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Manohar S Accepted Answer
Dear Sir /Madam,

With regard to your response, nearly 6 features have been removed from the top end, then how good is it to go with the top end.

The 6 features which are removed, are really not necesary or a big reasons to worry?

I'm attaching the quotation for XUV 300 w8 o petrol maual, please go through and suggest me parameters on which I can negotiate with the dealer.

As per the information from the delaer, the model which im looking for is available so please inform me what all to be taken care of before taking delivery.

With Regards
Manohar S
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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Dear Manohar ji,

Hi. Hope doing all great !!

As i read your queries - here are some pointers to assist you on your need

1. Reducing features dont do any good. Every small feature only adds a bit to superior experience in terms of convenience and safety
Like -
a) Rear Fog Lamp could prove to be an important safety in extreme fog conditions
b) Keyless sensor on co-passenger side if there is definite been used by many while entering from co-passenger side
c) Knee Airbag - higher the number of airbag can make a difference in emergency situation

Similar for other features too - its like a cost cutting without reducing the price
I can tell you that although Value proposition of Top end XUV300 is definite taken a hit where Mahindra
> increased car prices to a considerable extent since last year September'20 to present day
> Reducing prices of the car

But even despite same - i can still recommend that XUV300 W8 Option remains an excellent purchase basis package offering of
> Performance
> In cabin Seating Space
> Impressive Active and Passive Safety
> Comfort Oriented Suspension
> Initial Niggles in car been resolved
> Best in class Build Quality

and can well be considered basis need, requirement

2. In terms of given quote
a) VAS - Whats that Rs 6900 for . Is it for accessories front ?
b) Insurance - gross overpriced even after insurance discount. Check out Online quote from HDFc Ergo and Tata AIG - can save atleast 40% on same. Do note that given Insurance premium is without OD discount. Insurance companies offer OD Discount and same can well make a substantial reduction in Car Insurance premium
c) Do you work with any PSU or Corporate. Theres corporate discount of Rs 4000
d) Last but not the least in terms of discounts
> Rs 12,500 cash discount + Rs 4000 Corporate + Rs 20,000 Exchange - official scheme of XUV300 W8 Option Petrol
> Rs 13,000 cash discount + Rs 4000 Corporate + Rs 20,000 Exchange - official scheme of XUV300 W8 Option Diesel

I truely believe if negotiate well can save in Rs 10K to 12K more as dealer level offers on given model as further scope

Hope should help !!
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