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  1. Rahul Jain
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Saturday, October 23 2021
I am planning to buy car in 10 to 13 lakh budget in automatic segment.
Also this will be my first car.

Plase suggest car according to my requirements.
Also let me know should I wait for Slavia.
Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Rahul,

Greetings !!

There are lot of choices in Automatic Segment. I mean one need to make requirement specifics

For Instance
Scenario 1 : If you seek a Car for a small Nuclear family of 2 Adults and possibly rear seat to be less used :

A) Volkswagen Polo TSI Automatic is a great choice. You will love in
> Build Quality
> Sheer handling dynamics
> Mature SUspension
> Impressive 1 Litre TSI Petrol Engine for great power delivery
> 4 Year Warranty as standard
> Now VW India Offering 4+1 yr AMC Maintenance pack which cost Rs 40K approx and include some wear & tear components

> Cramped Rear Seat
> Low Seating on rear
> Future is uncertain of VW Polo as still running on 1st Generation

This is one among best choice we have for buyers in age segment of 25 to 35 consider a small family car for primarily 2 adults and 2 Kids

2. If Wish to choose in SUV Trend then Kia Sonet HTX DCT Automatic @ 10.99 Lakh
What a great car in terms of
> Most Stylish Compact SUV in Class, Car Looks Stunning in Design
> Loaded with Modern Age Lifestyle Features - Electric Sunroof, Stylish Alloys, Touchscreen with Wireless Android Auto, LED Lights
> All Modern Age Essential styling, convenience, infotainment features along with advanced ESP, Traction Control, Good Braking, Dual Airbags for Safety
> Kia is part of Hyundai at global level and expect top notch reliability
> Car is pretty impressive in high speed handling, mature suspension
> Scheduled Service cost are pretty competitive and can opt for 5 yr / 50K Kms which cost around Rs 23500
> 1 Litre in combination with DCT makes it super quick and seamless in response. This is a combination package for enthu driver

> Relative compact Rear Seat
> Suspension is on firm side (for city use for first time buyers may experience slight stiffness - but flip side is impressive highway handling)
> DCT Automatic is best when going to be used as mix use of city and highway. For buyers having 95%+ use in City - we dont recommend DCT as they wont unleash in real potential of this transmission

Scenario 2: If you seek a Family Car with Good All Round Space
1. Honda Jazz Zx CVT : Be assured that this car is ideal for family use when care for
> Relaxed Drive
> Very Spacious with generous headroom legroom (although rear seat has smaller headrest so if members who will sit on rear seat has height of 5'7" or below then can feel comfortable with headrest)
> Very convenient
> Honda Reliability
> Now in BS6 Model comes with Annual service interval. Opting for 5 yr Warranty and 3 Year Prepaid AMC Package both inclusive will cost in under Rs 25000
> Feature Loaded with Lifestyle Features - Sunroof, LED Lights, 7 Inch Touchscreen with very impressive Sound System
> Also where seek slight fun has paddle shifters
> Very stable car on highways with grip

> This is not a car for performance enthusiasts as what you get in Polo TSI AT or Sonet DCT. This car for relaxed drive
> Rear Seat not comfortable for taller passenger due to smaller headrest
> Somehow lack of rear AC Vent is a miss as Honda Aircon is strict average

Scenario 3 : If you seek best of both world as
> SUV Kind Ground clearance
> Space
> Features

Looks out for Maruti S Cross Zeta Automatic having ex-showroom at 11.19 Lakh. A Great Buy in terms of
> Maruti Premium Most Car
> All 4 Disc Brakes
> Impressive Cabin Space Management with recline rear seat for even superior angle
> Feature Loaded in Zeta Model
> High speed Handling is impressive
> Feels a proper Full size 4.3 Meter car in world of sub 4 meter car
> Reliable and Fuel Efficient

What this car lacks is
> Advanced Safety Features
> Although by sheet metal quality is impressive but no NCAP Safety Rating available
> Susension is on stiffer note

So depending on priorities - may make a check for best buy car for your need
Hope should help !!

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rahul kurkute Accepted Answer
Thank you for quick response.
I am looking car intern of specious.

Basic requirements is safety, automatic atleast hill assist feature,

Abd , esp and abs.

If we compare nexon XZA vs Urban Cruiser AT. Which is better for 60% city and 40% Highway.
Or it worth if extend budget for skoda Qushag AT
Please suggest.

Polo suggested by you is good but it's not specious.
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Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Rahul ji,

> Space as Important Factor
> 40% Highway Usage
> Good Braking with ABS EBD and ESP

Well of the 2 in between Nexon and Urban Cruiser

Although Legroom space is okay in both cars and Headroom space is better in Urban Cruiser - important to note that
> While Urban Cruiser has slight upright rear seats,
> Nexon has slight issue where floor is relative raised and coupe design (i mean in nexon if you have family members who are elderly may find slight issue in ingress and egress, while if have Tall member they may have to bend in there neck for ingress due to coupe like design)

Highway dynamics
Brezza high speed handling dynamics are pretty average. Nexon yes performs relative better on highway drive in terms of
> Steering Feedback
> ESP as important safety

but slight higher body roll is also there as against Brezza due to raised ground clearance

Safety Aspect and Braking
Although Brakes are good in both cars but Nexon has slight advantage of ESP which can make a difference in emergency situation on highway drive

As you can see that both cars have some issue or other, but yes if you ready to exceed in budget - Skoda Kushaq is
> Quicker in Turbo Petrol Engine as against Nexon too
> More responsive in Automatic Transmission (6 speed Vs 4 Speed AT in brezza and AMT in Nexon)
> Better Space Management
> Feels more stable on highway
> Cabin is better insulated

and if flexible on budget - be assured Skoda Kushaq Ambition AT feels definitely a lot better product proposition against Nexon and Urban Cruiser

Hope should help !!
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Tej Accepted Answer
What about Astor in simialr price super cvt?

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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Hi Rahul ji,

Hope doing great
I read your post - CVT can not be matched with

MG although offers good space, features but definite not a driver delight car

If you seek Driver delight car in terms of performamce, suspension and handling dynamics, steering feedback and superior mid range with impeccable grip on highway - Kushaq leads

However care for higher features, relaxed drive, possibly slight more upmarket car and possibly slight better fuel efficieny then yes MG Astor CVT

Hope should help !!
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rahul kurkute Accepted Answer
Thank for your response.

From Toyota, they offered me Urban cruiser 2020 Nov manufacturing model discount rs 1 lakh. Can I consider this offer.

Model O6 Urban cruiser premium AT
White and dual tone color.
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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer

Thats a 1 year Old Car
Looks like possibility usage of demo test drive car.

Pls get the car
> throughly inspected
> with reasons on why the car unsold

Do avail longest extended warranty option
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Rahu Jain Accepted Answer
Dear Gagan Ji,

Thanks for helping me to select a Car, after searching for almost 3 month period, Finally booked Skoda Kushaq AT.
Let us know if any aftermarket best quality accessories stores in Pune, Mumbai so I can install seat covers, also guide us on color coating, are required to do this on a new car.

Please suggest
Admin Accepted Answer

Great choice
Unfortunately we dont have recommendations of any local stores - may check on Google or Social Media Review

For color coating - did not get in, do you mean any Paint Protection Treatment
Pls refer different kinds of treatment plans - Car Paint Treatment Plans

Hope should help !!
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