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  1. Gautham Katpally
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Monday, October 04 2021
Hello team

Confused between city 4th and 5th generation vmt model's.
City 4th generation is costing 1180000.00 and 5th generation is costing 1325000.00
A price difference of 140000.00 between both the variants

I drive about 5000 kms every month and self drive mode
Please suggest me in terms of value for money of the 2 variants

What are the added futures or difference in both the variants and I want to use the car for 3 years

I'm also little confused between VW Taiguan Comfort line that's costing 12.75 on road as per Telangana state taxes or should I stick with City 5th generation V MT Model that's costing about 1320000.00

Considering that I would be driving around 5000 KMs PM and I self drive the car which is more comfortable and affordable both in terms of maintenance and fuel economy.

I'm considering to keep my car for 3 years and then buy a proper SUV .

Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Gautham,

Greetings !!

Honda City
Honda City 4th Generation although yes
> Feels more stylish in terms of Front Grille, alloy wheels which are diamond cut as against silver alloys of 5th Gen
> Chrome Door Handles
> Touch Panel on AC Vents
> Suspension is on stiffened side so highway dynamics are superior
> Proven and Time tested in 4th Generation Model

But as product with
> Improved safety of ESP, Side Airbags, Vehicle Stability Control
> Latest Generation Series as product from Honda with improved dual overhead cam shaft engine
> Better Touchscreen as against 4th Gen City (although 5th Gen city touchscreen is not class leading, still marginally better than 4th Gen)
> Suspension on Soft note which offers more comfort and luxury experience on good city roads
> 5th Gen City has annual service schedule as against 4th Gen city having bi-annual service interval

With difference which just account under 1.5 Lakh - Honda City 5th Generation V Model basis fact of Superior Safety, After Sales, More Comfort Oriented Ride and Lower Service cost - if budget is not an issue then City 5th Gen is a better pick over 4th Gen and recommended buy

VW Taigun
There are considerable differences in between Taigun and Honda city. Pls test drive
1. Clutch travel range is longer and feels more stiffer
2. Suspension is exact opposite. While Taigun suspension is on stiff side which offer superior highway dynamics, Honda city suspension is on soft side which offer comfort in city - so depending on usage preference - if maximum on city then City is better and on highway Taigun is pick
3. Headroom space front and Ingress, Egress front - where Taigun Leads but in legroom space - City leads (both cars are essentially 4 seater)
4. Power Delivery. Taigun has Turbo Charged Petrol engine as against City which comes naturally aspirated. Superior Mid range of Taigun is differentiating
5. Interior aesthetics where Honda city feels more premium against Taigun
6. Somehow in resale market - Honda commands a lot more premium and demand as against VW Cars

Although both City 5th Gen and Taigun as sold in India are not specific crash tested but with fine engineering expect build comparable, but additional side airbags makes city more superior

Overall Taigun can be pick for Highway and Fun to drive experience
But Honda city for comfort, plush experience and resale

Basis requirement as specified: Honda City 5th Gen V MT Model is what recommended buy for need requirement
Hope should help !!

Gautham Accepted Answer
Thank You team

I have watched loads of yours videos and short listed the New Taiguan and Honda City... My requirement is more of Highway Drive so looks Taiguan is a better pick but in terms of 4 airbags safety and other features include VMT City is a better pick instead of the Taiguan Comfort Line... But in terms of ground clearance taiguan has an edge and what the other things that put city V MT Model a better value for money
Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Gautham ji,

Hi - Basis updated information where in you going to have maximum highway use, Important to note that
> Firm suspension ensures much lesser body roll and more firm side as against Honda city which despite of sedan has soft suspension and may rather encounter higher body roll

> Wider Tyres in Taigun will ensure superior grip

> Steering Dynamics are rather superior. Will find handling character of Taigun a notch better

Although yes Honda city offers additional side airbag but VW Taigun Build Quality is impressive and on highway usage - even in worst case scenario probability of side impact is much lower as against frontal impact

Having said same - Taigun Comfortline lacks many features and recommended if can exceed budget for Highline would be a better bet basis
> Cruise control - which makes it more convenient for people with higher highway use
> Fog Light and Defogger - which are missing in Comfortline but are in highline
> More Bright LED Headlights for night drive

and many more features too
We all buy car for long term and should not compromise on essential features too.

If can exceed in budget then VW Taigun Highline can be a great pick.

Hope should help !!
Gautham Accepted Answer
Hello Team

After careful consideration I have decided to stick to VW Brand and I have narrowed down couple of models

Taiguan Comfort Line Variant costing 1275000 on road price

Vento High Line Variant AT Limited Edition Matte version costing 1398000.00 on road price

As I mentioned earlier I drive around 5000kms every month on SPL on highways

Can you list the pros and cons of both the Variant and narrow down the best of the 2 considering the following factors
Fuel Milage..
Service Cost
And other factors that I should consider in picking up the one over the other.

Please help me with taking a good decision


Gautham Accepted Answer
Hello team

Having had a good experience with VW after having the VW Brand Vechile
I have decided to stick to VW Brand New Taiguan Comfort Line Variant costing around 1275 onroad price
I have also had a look at the newly released VW Vento High Line AT Limited Edition Matte version costing around 1398000 after the necessary discount.

Can you please let me know the pro's and cons of each of the models and also the Better pick among the two cars.

I want the following factors that should be taken into consideration

Annual Maintenance of each of the vehicle and also considering that I drive around 5000 KMs per month and mostly on the highways I want to pick up the good one

Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Dear Gautham Sahab,

Regret delay as concerned team member had to take sudden travel plan
With respect to Vento - Important to know that Vento as a brand will be discontinued in 2022 and be replaced by a new sedan based on new platform.

> Vento Automatic Transmission vis a vis Manual Transmission of Taigun
> Added Features List in Matte Edition
> Proven and reliable as existing vento been time tested

makes Vento AT a better value product against
In terms of Service pack - VW Offers 5 yr Service Pack for Vento at Rs 40K and for Taigun Manual at Rs 42K - recommended to opt for same too as same include 5 year scheduled service along with brake pads, battery and wiper blade and is recommended package

If not care much for resale and looking to own car for long lasting basis - Vento Automatic would be a better pick in value perspective

Hope should help !!
Gautham Reddy Accepted Answer
Thank You Sir

I will go ahead with Taiguan Comfort Line Variant sir considering my budget to be at around 13lk and don't want to stretch my finances any further.

What's this with regards to the service pack? What are the other things that I should take into consideration while booking the vechile.

Thank you once again
Admin Accepted Answer

Volkswagen India offers Service Value Package essentially called as SVP
They have an extended Hi5 Package which includes
> 5 Year Scheduled Service - all scheduled service including labor charges as per VW Owner Manual
> 1 Pair Front Brake Pads replacement - if worn out in first 5 yrs
> 1 Pair of Front Wipers - if worn out in first 5 yrs
> Battery - if replacement needed due to low charge in first 5 yrs

It does not include Warranty repairs and accidental repairs
The same cost in Rs 36,440 + 18% GST = Rs 43,000

Recommended to opt for same.
Gautam Reddy Accepted Answer
Hello team...

I was been informed that Taiguan Comfort line Variant has a waiting period of over 6 months as the company is focusing more on High Line and Top line Variant.

Now Im left with choosing Honda City 5th generation V manual transmission or Verna SX Petrol. Can you please list the pros and cons of each of the models so I can pick the best one among the options available.

My drive is Upto 3000kms to 5000kms mostly on Highways and I drive by myself.

Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Gautam,

Verna biggest downside is
> Rear Seat Space where seats are placed relative lower
> Legroom Space is compact
> Interiors which to view do not feel as plush as in Honda city (opinion may vary)

and thats the reason why Honda city sells a lot more against Verna

But, from
> Engine Performance aspect - Expect verna 1.5 Litre engine in performance, refinement at par with city
> Suspension feels even better sorted against City which has relative soft suspension
> After sales maintenance cost would likely be more competitve
> Although Steering yes feels light but overall handling character of Verna feels more stable and planted

But from
> Styling Perspective
> A Car with higher up sales
> Possibly better resale

Honda city has its edge.

Hope should help !!
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