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  1. Dibyojyoti Das
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Friday, October 01 2021
I hope you are well, healthy and safe.
I am from Silchar City in Assam State ( PIN 788006) .
I am looking to buy my first car.
I am a salaried person working in a PSU, so I'll buy with finance, not cash.
My budget is 8 lac maximum.
The roads I'll mostly travel are two lane highway, narrow city roads and some bad and broken roads in that order. Mostly rural areas and some urban areas.
My top requirements are:
1. Smaller size car, to handle traffic jams.
2. Good Ground Clearance, for broken roads and off roads.
3. Good safety (good NCAP rating, at least 2 star).
4. Good after sales service and easy maintenance.
Please suggest a suitable car.
I would also like to know the best value for money insurance for the suggested car at my city.
Also I'd like to know if opting for BH number plates will lower RTO cost.
And lastly, is it better to buy the top model of a car, or to buy the second to base model and adding things like fog light, touchscreen etc from local shop?
Your suggestion and advice is much appreciated.
Thank you.
Admin Accepted Answer
Dear Mr Das,

Greetings !!

Silchar has beautful landscape too and possibly polliution free environment.
Yes roads are broken and infra needs complete overhaul.

Anyhow the best car basis
> Narrow roads
> Broken Roads
> Car with High ground clearance
> Car with Low Turning radius
> Reliability and after sales service experience is

Maruti Ignis Zeta Model or Upcoming Tata Punch which can consider to buy and is a great choice basis
> Fact that ground clearance is impressive at 180 mm
> Suspension is on stiffened note so that car do not feel like jumping on broken roads
> Turning Radius of 4.7 Meter makes it absolute ease on cornering
> Narrow Width of 1690 mm makes it easy to park
> 1.2 Litre 4 Cylinder Petrol Engine makes it decent in engine NVH, Pickup
> 15 Inch Wheels will ensure good stability
> 3 Star Safety Rated Model from Maruti Suzuki
> Impressive Lifestyle Features - you get 7 Inch Touchscreen with Android Auto, Alloy Wheels, Push Ignition, Front Fog Light, Rear Defogger along with ABS, Dual Airbags and other standard of Power Steering, All 4 Power Window and remote central Lock. You can also add in rear view camera from Maruti Suzuki dealership as accessory with display in infotainment which will cost another rs 5500. No need of any after-market modification

Its a great all round buy and considering exshowroom price of Rs 6.22 Lakh - you can well have car in around 7 Lakh rs including warranty

Alternate is to wait for Upcoming Tata Punch which is due for launch next week where Tata Motors
> 187 mm Ground Clearance
> Tyres are even wider at 16 Inch
> In safety element feels better - with Tiago scoring 4 star, expect Punch to also in minimum 4 star
> SUV Character with even better suspension dynamics and also to have Traction Pro mode which will help in better stability during monsoon and poor road conditions

To disclaim car not been driven yet but may experience soon.
The only downside which is expected is 1.2 Litre 3 cylinder petrol engine for which we are having low expectations,
Prices to be announced on 4th

Suggest to wait for a week more so as to give you more details on the car

But as per given preference
> Maruti Ignis Zeta
> Upcoming Tata Punch in second from top of line model - although anticipated pricing would be likely 60K to 70K higher than Ignis Zeta with similar features.

would just be best buy basis requirement.

BH Number Plate
Well Petrol Cars will attract 10% road tax under BH Registration
Even if its calculated on price before GST - still road tax will be relative higher as against existing road tax in Silchar at 7%
So BH Number plate wont cost lesser, but can opt for same if you think that yours going to be transferrable job to other states, as will give flexibility of moving car easily without going in any complexities of NOC and RC Transfer to other state

Hope should help !!

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Dibyojyoti Das Accepted Answer
Dear Gagan ji,

Thank you so much for the response.

Indeed Ignis and Punch are two best options.

But I have two queries in requirement of your kind and expert opinion :

1. I have observed from maruti website that the major difference between ignis zeta and delta is in the infotainment system. If i disregard the infotainment system, then delta comes as value for money variant. And the price difference between delta and alpha is about 1.3 lacs. I asked a local mechanic and he gave a budget of 31k for touch screen, fog light and several other things (I'll include the list as attachment ). Now having these installed aftermarket seems really low cost option. But my query is that will installing aftermarket be a safe option?

2. What is your opinion about the Renault Kwid top model? Top model is about 5.67 lacs. And it seems to fit my requirements, although its only 2 star NCAP. But I'd like to know your expert opinion before I make a decision.

Your reply is much appreciated.
Thank you.
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Admin Accepted Answer

Nop differences are considerable to extent in between Ignis Zeta and Delta with additional

> Front Fog Light, Rear Defogger
> 15 Inch Alloy Wheel as against Steel Wheel in Delta
> Push Button Ignition, Power Fold ORVM, Rear Wash & Wiper
> 7 Inch Smart Play Studio Touchscreen with Android Auto, Apple Car Play and Additional 2 Speaker and 2 Tweeter for Better Sound Clarity

Considering location perspective - front fog light, defogger and rear wash wiper is something important
Also - defogger and rear wash wiper is something which cant be installed from after-market

In terms of price difference - its just 50K in between Delta and Zeta Model
Yes - alpha wont recommend due to steep price difference and feature differences not that extensive.

Hence - Ignis Zeta is what recommended.
Also - installing too many accessories from after-market is not recommended unless aware personally of brands with due research done including about retro fit center so that he may not slice wire during fitment

Suggest to refer this video

2. For Kwid - its a budget model but to view
> Neither the fit and finish
> nor the plastic quality
> nor the after sales service experience
and lastly from engine transmission and drive response

Kwid just lags behind against Tata Tiago / Punch and Maruti Ignis to an extent
I wont recommend unless having strict budget of 5 lakh to 5.5 Lakh

Hope should help !!
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Dibyojyoti Das Accepted Answer
Dwar Gagan ji,

I was waiting for the price declaration of Tata Punch. And now that it is declared, I would like to know your expert opinion as to which is better between Ignis and Punch, and also, which variant.
Your response is much appreciated.
Thank you.

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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Dear Dibyojyoti ji,

Although Tata Punch looks
> More Stylish
> Has slight better in cabin seating space
> Bigger Boot Space
> Superior Handling Character of car

> Steering has relative weight to it and in areas which are narrow will definite experience this heaviness as slight an issue
> Engine feels noisier and has vibrations
> Top of it - Priced premium. Were expecting Punch Adventure to be priced at 5.99 Lakh and this could have made it value - but prices are slight higher
> Tata After sales service experience is very average

My recommendation yet for Ignis Zeta Model
Hope should help !!
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Dibyojyoti Das Accepted Answer
Thank you so much Gagan ji.

I'll surely go for the Ignis Zeta MT. With rear cam as you suggested earlier.

However, I'm thinking to change the headlight unit of zeta to the DRL, projector headlight unit of Alpha from showroom at the time of buying. Could you be so kind so as to tell me the cost? Also, is the headlight upgrade worth the money?
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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer

If you seek DRL and Projector set up -
1. First it wont be available as accessory - rather a spare part and entire headlight assembly need to be replaced
2. That would end up quiet expensive - dont have exact price but may range in around Rs 40K or so

If you seek same - better to choose Alpha Trim fully loaded as factory fitted DRL and Projector setup
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