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  1. Kranthi Vanni
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Wednesday, September 22 2021
Hi Team,

How are you!

I've told the car dealer to change my booking from Jazz (V) to Honda City (V) 4th generation. But the dealer is suggesting Jazz very strongly based on following grounds.
1. City consumes extremely more fuel in reality than it's shown on paper (compared to Jazz)
2. City will take minimum 3 months for delivery and may even extend till 5 months or more. While Jazz can be delivered by end of the week.
3. Though I use the car very less, I still need to get City serviced every six months irrespective of number of KM. But Jazz servicing is based on number of KM
4. Jazz will have more resale value compared to City 4th generation since City 5th gen is already out there in market.
5. Jazz is more agile in city roads because of it's size. And Jazz is suitable for new drivers compared to big Honda City.
6. Jazz Manual produces best power in it's segment, for normal usage, and no need to worry about it (I mentioned this as reason for switching)
7. Jazz is being sold in many countries and no need to worry about it getting discontinued in near future (I mentioned this as another reason for switching)

But I'm interested in Honda City based on friends suggestions, various reviews, and blog posts. Also, since childhood I know Honda City as a good car. It will be really helpful if you can provide your inputs on which one is the best for a simple and new user looking for no nonsense car for long term use (for me or my parents).
Also please let me know any other factors I need to consider in this decision making.
Kranthi Accepted Answer
Also, please consider Jazz CVT along with Jazz MT and City 4th generation in evaluation and recommendations.

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Kranthi Vanni Accepted Answer
Can someone please respond to the above. Thank you.

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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Dear Kranthi,

Regret delay, looks like our core team missed.
My Apologies !!

Pls find below details

1. City 4th Gen Mileage at best is 1 Kmpl lower against Jazz in similar conditions.
Stating as driven both cars extensively and own both within family

2. Reason is dealer do not have stock of city 4th gen but Jazz stock is lying unsold
Important to note that Honda Jazz average sales is mere 600 cars a month which is been sold by close to 250 Showroom
So you can estimate the sales of car and stock lying unsold

With respect to city - pls check with other dealers in vicinity

3. Yes thats right - Jazz will be economical to maintain on longer term. Expect service cost of City 4th Gen during paid service to be close to Rs 10,000 a year while Jazz will be like 4500 to 5000 a year

4. Incorrect. Infact City is city with similar road presence
Infact 4th Gen got price cut in 2020 where car on road prices are reduced by a lakh
considering close similar space, almost similar engine performance (minimal difference in Single overhead and double overhead) in real world , more stylish against 5th gen city, suspension on slight firm note to offer superior ride on highway

5. Incorrect, it all depends on driver skill and absolute no issues on driving City
Its like dealer pursuading to sell Jazz as he has many units unsold

6. Jazz feels underpowered with full load. No such issues with Honda city
Theres lot difference in 1.2 Litre 90 PS and 1.5 Litre 118 PS. Larger capacity, more power and higher torque
Again stating that dealer consultant is crook as hes seeing his personal interest by sharing wrong advice
Theres considerable power performance difference in Jazz and city and no comparisons

7. Well - no need to worry about any model been discontinued
Honda will continue to provide spares and service support

Be assured Honda city 4th Gen is
> superior value.
> Lot better social presence
> More spacious
> More Powerful
> More Stylish

and post price cut is an excellent value proposition
Infact prices of City BS4 in 2018 was 9.99 Lakh and in last 3 years prices of cars increased to tune of 20% but Honda city now in BS6 with improved infotainment as earlier was offering digipad 1.0 and now with digipad 2.0 carries lot more value

Although yes
> 1 Kmpl Mileage difference
> Rs 5000 to 6000 higher yearly service cost

But owning a city is lot more premium and superior experience.

Hope should help !!

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