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  1. Rajkumar S
  2. New Cars, Reviews
  3. Saturday, September 18 2021
Hi Gagan Ji,

First of all I would like to start with your videos on Youtube. There are many Youtube channels who make car reviews, but the content (knowledge) you share is very valuable and unique for people like me who have very little knowledge on cars and the automotive industry. Great effort and honest content on youtube related to buying cars.

Now about my query related to buying a new car.

I'm buying a car for the first time and I have very little car driving experience. That's the reason why I wanted to take your advice on this. I'm looking for a car that is safe, reliable with decent resale value.

I'm pretty confused to choose between the available cars in the market. First I have shortlisted the following cars
Hyundai i20
Kia Sonet
Hyundai Venue
Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza/Toyota Urban Cruiser
Tata Nexon
Out of these cars, I've rejected Hyundai and Kia cars as I'm not very sure about their safety. I've also rejected Vitara Brezza as the look of the car feels outdated. I was about to book Tata Nexon as I was convinced that it meets my requirements (almost) until I saw your video about value for money cars where you have mentioned Honda City 4th generation and Skoda Rapid Rider. That's when all the confusion started. You are the reason for my confusion :P. I never thought C-segment would fit in my budget. I love the looks of a sedan car, especially Honda City. Heart says sedan, mind says SUV (crossover to be precise). Below I have mentioned my requirements and confusions. Please help me pick the right car.

Fuel type: Petrol
Transmission: Manual
Seating Capacity: 5 (It's going to be a family car, so comfort and space are important)
Mileage: Average mileage would do for me. But it should not be very low in that segment.
Budget: I'm buying this car through my company car lease policy and I have set my budget to be 10 lacs (Ex-showroom price)
Car usage: 30% City, 40% Highway and 30% Town and Village. Also we'll be going for frequent family outings primarily to hill stations.

Tata Nexon:
1. I don't have many major concerns on this car except the after sales service quality.

Honda City 4th Gen:
1. My major worry about this car is that it's an old model (on-paper). Since I'm buying the car through my company car lease, I'll be (most probably) selling this car after 3-4 years. So I'm concerned about the resale value of this car.
2. Second major concern is Ground clearance. As I said earlier, I don't have experience in car driving. Hence I'm not able to decide on this factor. Given my car usage in various terrains, please given valuable inputs on this.
3. Front head-lights not having projector setup. Would it be major concern for night driving? I have a honda bike on which the front light is almost useless.

Skoda Rapid:
1. Outdated looks
2. Rear seat space
3. Resale value

Please give your valuable inputs to help me make an informed decision. Also suggest me know if it is worth to stretch the budget a little to consider cars like Verna (or some other car) or if there is any better alternate in this budget.

I hope I've detailed out my requirements and expectations clearly. Let me know if you need more information.

Gagan Modi Accepted Answer
Hi Rajkumar ji,

Greetings !!
Will try best to remove in all confusions :)

Honda City
a) Resale See if concern is on resale perspective as its city 4th gen in consideration and city 5th gen already in market
Be assured that car resale would actually be better than 5th gen with reasons

1. Honda cars India slashed city 4th gen prices when they launched 5th gen last year and car on road prices are near to extent of 1 lakh lesser than was around 15 months back

2. When you go in second hand car market - no one cares as city 5th gen or 4th gen - they care for honda city.
For an end buyer - its a 2021 make BS6 Compliant car and is Honda city at its core with all modern age features like push ignition, cruise control, touchscreen with android auto, rear view camera, defogger, auto climate control with rear ac, alloys etc.

Also - been engine almost similar (except dual overhead cam shaft in 5th gen) - with similar performance, space and actually looks better in city 4th Gen V as against 5th Gen V with more stylish front profile, diamond cut alloys (as against silver alloys in 5th gen city V), chrome door handles and all.
So dont worry on resale - you will get a good price whenever wish to sell in same

b) Ground clearance : See Honda city 4th Gen ground clearance is 165 mm
Now its not very raised one so as to clear in large potholes, but still 165 mm ground clearance is sufficient for most of Indian roads and when driving on extreme bad or broken one - just ensure to drive extreme slow to prevent underbody to scrape in

Secondly, suspension of City 4th gen is on stiffened note - so your car wont jump too much to scrape in
I can tell you highway stability, ride experience is fair compliant with this car

c) Headlights: Yes is pretty average headlights
Somehow not only city but most other cars too offer basic halogen bulbs. City 5th Gen V although has projectors but has standard 55W Halogen bulbs. My suggestion would be to opt for Philips xtreme vision plus or Osram night breaker unlimited bulbs. Direct plug and play and definite improve in headlight visibility or may choose a step ahead with LED Bulbs in low beam setup

Issue with city 4th Gen is
> Bi-Annual service interval where every 6 month have to get car service
> Touchscreen which is very average in resolution
> Lacks advanced safety of ESP which is like biggest miss with this car

Skoda Rapid: Yes Rapid as a brand would cease to exist by Mid 2022 in Indian market and if care from resale factor - somehow car resale would be highly impacted

Tata Nexon: A great and much improved product now . Tata in last 4 yrs almost ironed out all initial niggles and sorted most of them with
> Superior performance
> Unmatched Safety
> Immaculate Build
> City Mode is now much improved in BS6 and Sports mode feels lot tempting in power delivery

But with respect to
> Noise levels which enter in cabin on higher speed
> Tata After sales service
> Bi-Annual service
> Ingress and egress which is not great for taller passenger due to floating roof and neither for short passenger as floor is slight raised
> Resale where brand yet to make a mark on superior resale value

My suggestion is :- Honda City 4th Gen V Model (Although bi-annual paid service will increase cost) but can offer a superior value proposition of
> Space
> Upmarket Interiors
> Stylish Car
> No concern on Resale
> Loaded with all modern age features
> Relative Silent Cabin
> Reliability Perspective

But only concern is village roads , what kind of roads are there. Are there raised speed breakers as there in some villages (i have seen in Haryana with speed breaker build with good height). If thats not an issue and is not extreme slushy or muddy roads then Honda city 4th Gen V Model can be great all round pick for need.

Hope should help !!

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Rajkumar S Accepted Answer
Hi Gagan Ji,
Thanks a lot for your inputs. I have few comments and follow-up questions about Honda City.

1. Regarding your question on roads, I'll be majorly driving in Tamilnadu and Karnataka. There were few raised speed breakers, but not many. Also it's not going to be extremely slushy or muddy roads.

2. About the missing ESP feature in Honda City, is it going to be a big compromise in safety?

3. If I change the stock front lights, would it affect the warranty, insurance etc?

4. When I recently visited a Honda Showroom, the sales representative mentioned that Honda has changed the service interval to Annual. I'll have to recheck this again.

5. Would you suggest any other car (if it is better)?

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Gagan Modi Accepted Answer

Pls find point wise reply

1. Suggest to take test drive and drive car on those speed breakers as suggested
If due to any reason 4th gen city drive not available - take 5th gen city drive and drive on same roads but in low speed. Although suspension is on fost note in 5th Gen but ground clearance is same - you can still get an idea if able to clear those raised speed breakers or not

2. Well - ESP i truely feel should be what standard in the same way we ABS and Dual Airbags as its eventually a sensor to ensure that car do not lose control on sudden emergency brakes on high speed, rain. But - unfortunately same is still only reserved a few model
Having said same for a car without ESP - i will still suggest that controlled speed drive on highway and ensuring to follow lane driving with a gap of 50 meters from vehicle ahead on highway will ensure safety for you without need of ESP

3. Nop as long as plug and play. Specific to OSram which are what OEM bulbs too - upgrading with Osram nigh breaker as carries same 55Watt bulbs as stock bulb wont impact warranty and if required may go ahead with LED too for better brightness (but same not very effective in rains)

4. Annual Service interval is for 5th Gen city. For 4th Gen its still bi-annual

5. Alternative - well if you seek SUV Mahindra XUV300 W6 Petrol (Except boot space and interior aesthetics) or may keep an eye towards upcoming MG Astor Base Petrol Model

Hope should help !!
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Rajkumar S Accepted Answer
Hi Gagan Ji,
Thanks again for your inputs.

I think I've got answers for all my queries.

I've seen your latest video on Youtube and you seem to be unwell. Wishing you to get well soon.

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